One in the apartment when a child can be left home alone , and how to organize it?

Many moms wonder with skolkix years you can leave a small child alone at home.This question is particularly relevant today, when most families both parents work, which means that mother should start to his duties not only at home.Not everyone has a grandmother, and babysitting is expensive.Let's try to figure out when the baby becomes independent enough to sit in an apartment without an adult.

Age restrictions

universal age at which a child can already be alone - does not exist.All depends on the individual child.For some children can not be afraid in the 4-5-6 years, and others, and 8 are non-self.Analyze the behavior of their child and make your own conclusions.

Do not forget about the neighbors.

Some individuals may be overly concerned with your affairs and resent due to the fact that the baby alone at home.They may apply to the guardianship.Of course, you are unlikely to be deprived of parental rights, but even checking take a lot of nerves.By the way, in some US states, children under 8 years

old can not be left alone by the law.


Before leaving a baby at home for a period longer than it takes to take out the trash, you need to hold several preparatory talks and teach him to be alone.Carefully check that all items are completed successfully.

● Teach your child to stay in a room alone and play alone and find themselves safe occupation.If you have a studio apartment, leave the kitchen or the bathroom.The child does not want to play yourself?You are almost guaranteed to run into problems when you want to leave it at home.

● Work out with your phone and make sure that your child knows how to call you, and the next of kin.If possible, set up speed dialing, or voice dialing.

● talked for safety rules and make sure that their child is well to remember.Among them should be prohibited to open the door to anyone.Explain to your child that he is alone at home, everyone who can come, have the keys, and they will open the door yourself.The rest will have to wait for you, even if they are friends, that the child knows.

● Teach your child to take care of themselves at the minimum level.He should know, where there is water, it is possible to take a bite, and so on.

What to do with the child until he is one

If all the previous items are made, you can begin to teach your child to stay home without your supervision.Do not just go for the day.Start with a half-hour interval and gradually increase the time.Every time you go on business, negotiate with your baby, how much time do you go, when you return, and what he will do.Never be late.If there is something you delay - call and warn about it.

Children left without parents, often starting to make what is normally prohibited.It is therefore important not only to check that there is nothing dangerous in the house there, and come up with an interesting kid hobby.For example:

● drawing, coloring, reading new books (if the child already knows how to read).You can also pick up interesting magazines or comics.Choose what you prefer a daze;

● watching cartoons.Even if you do not really approve of cartoons and the fact that the child is watching TV, this occupation will protect the baby from the great excess of curiosity and trying to do something that absolutely can not do.The main thing - pre-download or buy a cartoon (children's film), do not just include a children's channel, it does not always show the good things;

● simulation or puzzles (including volumetric).They are time-consuming and quite exciting.If your child already knows how to play with puzzles, then you should offer them to him for the duration of the absence;

● computer games.For computer time flies even for adults, not to mention the children.Put a few training programs, or ask your child online flash drive.For example, in multoigri there are sections for girls and boys, and a theme - for every taste.

Some believe that one can not leave the child even in 6-7 years, but this is misleading.The earlier a baby gets used to the independence, the better.Today, there is not only a lot of fun activities, but also a huge amount of hardware that will help ensure the safety of your baby.Use a baby monitor or a web camera to make sure that nothing happened at home, and feel free to go about their business.