Son of Man brought into the house

Correctly say that the big kids - big bedki!I'm so glad that my son grew up, went to study.But it turns out, sooner rejoiced.I never thought that our only child ceases to be considered by us and even communicate.And I do not understand what we are with her husband to blame?

all started with a girl that one day came a son.This is not the first girl child brought to our house.When he first came home not alone, I was glad - thought that, finally, he had a steady girlfriend.I thought that introduce, communicate, that is, for all human beings.But it was the beginning, then the girls have changed, I have not even memorized - noted that the hair color is different.

And then they came together, slipped past me, though, the girl said hello yet.And then they were in The Son's Room, closed from the inside, including music and .. What are they doing there, I do not know, but she left late at night when we went to bed for a long time, and, perhaps, in the morning.

morning I told the son that we have a family home

, not a brothel, which leads here all in a row, my father is strictly prohibited.He received the answer that the apartment belongs to him and that is why he has the right to live as he pleases.

Yes, privatized apartment at all equally, but he is still learning, not earning a penny, completely on our contentment.Is it worth it to say this, because in response to the threat to leave the house, we just feed him hard.

A girl he did not like me categorically.He is now a regular in her house leads, and she is with us, at best, say hello in passing.But walking calmly to the bathroom, the kitchen, the coffee itself is preparing the products takes.And when there is found with me, it is silent and only smiles.I tried to talk to her, but she barely short answers to questions, and all trying to get away.

Categorically I do not like this girl!The piercing, tattoos, forever chews the cud.And she looks - no good words!But the son said that he would marry her, and in general, they will live in our home.And to live on?She too, like studying, he has 2 years of study.This is my husband to feed and contain both ?!The husband said that he was categorically opposed to any marriage before graduation, a son just chuckled.

general, what to do, I do not know.My husband said that if the son marries in spite of our prohibition, both of them, he put up the house, they say, let them go where they want.And let there they are fed and contain.And this girl, too, all told - that we are against the wedding, that will not help them if they are to our desires are not considered.And she just grunted and said nothing.And I feel sorry for his son ... mother after all!

Houses tense.The son of us hardly talking.Her husband stopped giving him money, but he's somewhere they appear.I'm anxious, as if in that bad not to plunge.But like all change, even if he does not want to talk, not to listen?