is your child ready for school?

started last month of summer, and soon will ring the school bell.For some it will be the first, marking a new period of a child's life.It is understandable concern of parents of first-graders of the future, because who knows how to take hold a child in school, how it will cope with schoolwork - yes there is a little problem on the way to meet the baby, and of course, his parents too.

Before the beginning of the school year there is a question, and whether the child is ready for school?To understand this, it is necessary to listen to opinion of child psychologists who have identified a number of basic criteria of readiness of children to school.

One of the primary criteria - physical readiness of the child, and it is no coincidence, since in school - really big load.To see how your baby is healthy, and whether he will be able to withstand all that awaits him in the first class, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician.And, if your child will show up serious health problems, it is best to use special f

orms of training.

Intellectual readiness for school is from the knowledge and the availability of special skills that your child has managed to get to the first class.We are talking about the child's ability to summarize, compare, classify, and so on.. Many parents think that if their child to the top in school can read and write, it is evidence of his willingness to learn.But this is not true, because for the learning process is much more important to be able to correctly recite the text, as well as to reason and think logically.Assessing these skills your child, be objective: do not try to exaggerate the capabilities of the child, but just do not be discouraged, downplay them.

very important social readiness of the child to education, which is expressed in the need to communicate with other children, the child's attitude to work and to working with the children and the teacher.Just imagine: your child come to school, and the first thing he will do is to establish relationships with other children.He should be able to fit into a group of children, and for this you need to teach him to communicate, make friends, and it is likely that he will not only yield, but also to defend themselves.

Parents are often upset by the fact that the child does not seek to school, and after motivational readiness - is very important.How to determine whether a sufficient motivation for your child?If the child's school attracts not external attributes: books, briefcase, notebook, new backpack and beautiful shape, and the ability to learn something new, learn what he does not know, and, for example, can an older brother or sister, the motivationalthe readiness of the child there.

In this regard, of course, the presence of older school children in the family, plays a big role, because, watching the older study, kids are also seeking to join the school of life.They like and school supplies, and then how attentively parents belong to the organization places for cooking lessons, and the ratio of fathers and mothers to school pupils duties.

If your child is ready for school, then you can be congratulated.However, this does not mean that a school kid's life be without difficulties and obstacles, but to overcome them will be easier, and you'll always be there and help him.

But if you suddenly discovered that missed a lot, then do not panic.Some parents in such a situation, trying to catch up for the time remaining before the occupation.They hire tutors, apply to services proliferated in recent strange firms promise to guarantee to prepare children for school.As a result, on the eve of the first of September the child receives such a powerful flow of information, which can not keep in his head, he can not afford to digest and consolidate the acquired skills.Moreover, such a massive training - it is too big psychological burden.

And still think that after such a massive pressure that's your child may decide that all the 10 years it will be the same torment.It is easy to imagine with what disgust and reluctance he will go to school, and hopes that these feelings he held fast, quite a bit.

What do parents who understand that the child is not ready for school?For starters try not to worry more than they should.Your baby from birth receives information about family life, in kindergarten, from the surrounding environment.And to top school this information is enough.

If the child attended kindergarten, so teachers taught him everything there is to know and be able to school: usually kindergartners know how to count to ten, know letters, read by syllables, and may even in some degree to demonstrate logical thinking.

For its part, you can help your child if you do not fence off from the surrounding his life, and, on the other hand, details (of course, with regard to age) have answered all his questions, and will spare no time to chat.It is important to teach your child consistently and calmly talk about their affairs and concerns, as well as highlight the main and secondary, and to using logical reasoning to find answers to many of their own questions.That is, it is important to teach a child to navigate the situation, think and express their thoughts.