Preparation of the first-grader to school

When the children in the family - the students, the first of September - a special day.And what to say, if you have a family first grader ?!This is a real celebration, and excitement, and anxiety, and a lot of hassle.But behind all the worries and anxieties do not forget about the originator of the event - a first grader future.It begins a new and very important page of life for him.

It is clear that the future first-grader was nervous, waiting for changes in his life, not only with curiosity, but also with some fear, because the unknown is always scary.If there are children in the family, which is already in school, you find it easier, because there is greatly influenced by an example of older sisters or brothers.But if the kid - the only child, the parents have to worry about anything.

about the psychological preparation of the future first-graders, we have been told and still tell, but today I would like to talk about what things need a child in school, the best way to choose them and how to make a

holiday for the first-grader first of September.

Typically, in each city school bazaars opened before the start of the school year, and the media are full of school supplies at prices from which thrill begins with parents.But do not be afraid - we are talking about a first grader, and so you should try to ensure that it is thus necessary well.

So, what are the things you need to buy a future first-graders?Of course, first of all, the portfolio.Of course, you will choose what you like, and affordable, but pay attention to two things: the portfolio should be comfortable to wear and very durable.At a convenient backpack wide adjustable handles that do not squeeze the shoulders and easy to put on.In addition, they must be firmly attached, otherwise the first days you will have to repair the pack.So do not skimp - should be enough for the first portfolio, at least for a year of study.

Also note here what thing: getting into an unfamiliar world, to school, for a first grader portfolio - it is his personal property, a thing brought from home.So try to, in addition to the necessary things for the school, from the first-grader in the knapsack lay something home, native, for example mother's picture, a small toy, etc.This is especially important in the early days.

not do first-grader and without foam.The shops sold a lot of different canisters in which pens, pencils and markers are inserted into holders-gum.This pencil case is especially beautiful when full, but if the lesson a first grader took at least half of the contents of the canister for laying all the property back he will take 5-10 minutes.Naturally, pens, pencils, erasers, etc., will be poured into the bag, get lost and break.Therefore, it is obvious that it will be enough for a first grader small canister in the form of a screw or a tight-fitting boxes.

Handles ball first graders are required.Choose handles with wide ribbed rubber ring from the shaft.This non-slip grip in children inept fingers - hold the child and write it will be much more convenient.Also, younger students are very fond of, to all were many: the best pencils - range, Best pen - set of handles, the best eraser - a series of erasers with pictures of the same type.

general in the selection of office supplies, there are two extremes: parents purchase or the cheapest - say, all the same all will lose, break, can dirty, etc., and will have to change;.or the most expensive - to your first-grader was all very, very best!It makes more sense to choose the "golden" middle!For example, cheap notebooks are made from poor newsprint, and the bright snow-white glossy paper in high-end notebooks blind eye, especially under artificial light.It makes more sense to choose a matte tone calm, but let it be cover with a calm and a good figure.And do not forget the plastic covers for books and notebooks!

As for uniforms, if it is required, you will tell this to the parents' meeting.If the form is not necessary, then ask, what better to go to school first grader.It is important that he did not stand out in any way, then the child will feel more comfortable.

Do not forget about the physical shape!Most likely, the first graders need two sets: for employment in the hall and outside in the warmer months.You will need comfortable shoes and sports, and in addition, some schools need to shape and choreography lessons.

In each school, usually at the first parents' meeting issued a list of what is required first-grader at school.Ensure that all items on the list - it is a must!But the fact that you prepare your child over this list - this presents.You can take the future first-grader with a school in the marketplace, but the first stipulate the house that he would like to receive as a gift, or how much money you can allocate to it.This will save you from the vagaries of children or irrepressible desire to buy the whole market.

And, of course, time to think about the holiday.What did you come up with the holiday have to be on that day is up to you and your family, but the first-grader!And decide how to spend the day, it is desirable to entrust the main event participant.Once a year - the holiday school.Then have a first grader begin working life - lessons, observations, two, dictations.But it is very important that the threshold of the school your child is happy and stepped in a festive mood.

On September free of other cases and from work, buy flowers, with joy and a smile accompany the first-grader at school, spend the day with your family, go to the zoo, to the rides, all dined together in the children's cafe or have a picnic - but fewDo options ?!The main thing that holiday feeling and was a first grader, and you!