Letter to My mother

I really love you, my daughter.But you and I have a problem - we have ceased to understand each other.I always tried to be first and foremost a friend for you.But now you always pulls away from me, and each of our conversation ends at best - nothing.I can not convey to you what is in my heart.

You know, mothers fear for their own child is born, probably, at the same time by the child.And it never ends.You're so young and inexperienced, beautiful, and many dangers lie in wait for you at every step.This is not fiction, not a sick fantasy.This - the life that I know little more than you.And the only thing I want - is to protect you.Protect from the pain, from the mistakes of irreversible actions that can greatly affect your life.In your life I was already a man who greatly loved you.And just for that I liked him.It makes you happy and what else is needed?And I'm trying to do anything to restore your relationship, because it is sure that you yourself want it, but you're afraid of defeat.

I now understand that, probably, badly taught you to analyze, draw conclusions - that is, the experience of not only his, but also other people.You somehow refuse to learn from their mistakes, and I have sometimes created the impression that you step on the same rake solely to annoy me.Understand, I do not reproach you errors, I just want you to draw a conclusion, and more of them are not repeated.And I also want you to take life both positively and carefully, so that you find a balance.

How are our conversations?You start telling me about some events.I, as an experienced and indifferent to you people instantly grabs the essence, and I try to teach you yourself understand the essence and meaning of what is happening, find a way to solve the problem.I'm trying to teach you to think and make decisions.I really want you to be independent, strong, clever, because only in this case, I can be calm for you.

But for some reason you perceive it as a pressure on my part.At some point in the conversation necessarily float past threads.You begin to defend themselves, accusing me that I do not love you and do not respect, that I think you're a loser.But it is not so!If I had not loved you, I would be interested in your life?Moreover, I really want you to be learned to understand itself, its desires, learned to understand the feelings of others.

I'm trying to share my experience - this is the best dowry that a mother can pass the daughter.I respect the way you bravely cope with the difficulties, but that they can be reduced if only to discuss the situation and find a way out together.After all, with friends you discuss it, but somehow with me - refuse.You probably hear what you are advised to strangers than follow out my advice.Is this true?

I understand, you want to find yourself, your way, your purpose in life.Believe me, I do it really, really want.We have one desire, we want the same, and I do not want you to have lived exactly the same life as me.I want you to live better than I do.I so want to be near, be required to be a support for you.But you always sit in social networks, in endless empty talk with people you barely know, and our rare conversations end so sad.I know that you and all right, I believe in you unconditionally.But please do not push me!We need each other!