My adult son

"What are you bothering me ?! I'm an adult! I'm sick of your morals, I want to live the way I want!"- These words more often says my son grew up, in response to my attempts to talk to him.

And Dima grew a remarkable boy, open, trusting.He helped me through the house, shared secrets - we lived in perfect harmony to a single case in the school.I think it was 5 or 6th grade, Dima came out of school and went on to tell how the teacher berating them for something that has become a curse, and the parents and the children rebelled and foiled lessons.I did not blame his son, but at the parents' meeting expressed that one can not blame the parents in front of children, and that if there is a claim, you will need to apply directly.

The next day, the teacher at the whole class had called my son, sissy, sneak, and so on.Son came to tears because his classmates began to tease.I wanted to go to school, but the son begged me not to do it.And since then, the boy seemed to have changed - it is no longer with me to sha

re their problems, to tell something.He began to be rude, all spend more time outdoors.At first I thought he just wanted to be grown up and more time with friends, and then I realized how painfully injured his teachers words and taunts of classmates.Of course, I am trying to explain something, but to no avail.I decided to wait and see what will grow, change, will begin to understand more ...

None of this happened.He was getting farther and farther away, I did not hear me or my husband.Although his father had in the past a bit of dialogue was because my husband all the time at work and in all affairs.Then Dima graduated from high school, went to study and took off with the first course.With a little work in one place or the other, he entered again.But he is not suited to and deceived, the idea is, the desire to eat, and perseverance to achieve the goal is not enough.So I'm not sure at this institute, he studied up to the end, and after a smart guy and capable!

I worried for him, for his future, trying to reach out to an adult, and in response to one: "Leave me alone, I'll know how to live!" And I do not know now, that the soul of my son than helive, dream about and think.Like a stranger living in the house - my heart bleeds.When things start to explain, like nods, does not argue (when the mood he is good), but do not understand !!

Do not think that I blame the teacher, although it professional, made a grave mistake.I regret that I did not go to school then, Dimka not transferred to another school away from such teachers.But now that late.What to do now?