Old men and children : the generation gap or a happy world

live with a sense of

So, there are three causes harm our elders: the fear of death, the absence of a future in which it is possible to achieve the desire, and the crystallization of the main qualities of the person.When you think about this - longing takes!Sam begins to be impregnated with hopelessness.Subconsciously, every one of us tries to abstract from an elderly relative it is because of these three reasons, because they remind us of our future.

But you can change it, add a ray of light in this gloomy swamp.First of all, you need to give an older person the meaning of life.Yes Yes Yes!It should not just live out what he left.Every minute of his life to be filled with meaning.For example, my mother, having retired, to be creative.She took a fabulous palace layouts, Cossack hut with fairy glade hut of Baba Yaga, the mill.Now it makes the church (!), She said she would not die until he will make even a mosque.

Every day she starts a new life, she has a lot of plans, all day - at work.She was 85 ye

ars old, it almost does not get sick, do exercises, eats right.And she lives alone, she likes it, because it's no one bothers her to carry out their own plans.

And the most amazing thing: it is not even a hint on senile dementia.The same sharpness of perception, clarity of thought, and even ... work on yourself, on your personality!She did not crystallize, it lives and develops.She sums up life, namely living.However, the fear of death.But all this we are similar.

recipe for eternal youth

I look at my mother, and I see my future.She made me the greatest gift - shown by example the recipe for eternal youth.Therefore, if you want to change the lives of grandparent - give them a sense of their existence.Give something for which they want to wake up in the morning than distracted by nagging, harm and mischief.That is, the same as with children - Keep them something.But it should be interesting just to them, and therefore you have to penetrate into the inner world of his grandmother, and see what she wants.Give it to her!In this - your guarantee of a quiet family life.

Never, under any circumstances, do not take to her elderly parents from their home.This is - a blow for them, and it may never for anyone not end well.Walk every day, hire an assistant to inspect, neighbors, but do not take.Their home - is their universe, meaning everything!Take them out of the house, it's like a small child to get into the children's home, only worse - this implies severe depression and impending death.

Some practical advice

If grandparents live with you, in addition to searching for them the meaning of life, you can make the following:

- talk with your elderly often on various abstract topics (politics, religion, history) - this givesthey feel like a life partner;

- ask them for any reason, the Board;Of course, you will do everything in its own way, but it will give an older person the feeling that he needed, but not yet buried before his death;

- suppress any attempts of vampirism, whims strictly and specifically by simply refusing to respond to them;as well as with the child, transfer to another topic;

- do not limit the elderly in the "joy of life": do not make a diet and so on, let them get out of life what they want.In the end, not drugs prolong his life, and a positive attitude.Man has the right to happiness;

- no one has ever let the rude and impolite to treat the elderly, but also to prevent any attempt to create a scandal of an old man;Make it through the distractions.

So the meaning of life, complicity in it, being wanted - three prescription of happiness for your elderly parents.

And remember: if you make an effort to get your old men were happy, be happy, and your whole family.