Homework grader

Do you have a family first grader?Congratulations on such a joyous occasion.But it happens and so that to the delight of the fact that your kid grew up and became a disciple, mixed with sorrow because of the problems.Sometimes a child happily going to school, a month do not want to take classes, and homework agrees to do only under the supervision of parents.

thirst for knowledge, the desire and the desire to learn is laid in the first school year.And then a lot depends not only on the teacher, but also the behavior of the parents.Do not get discouraged and do not scold a first grader, and try to understand why the kid does not want to learn.Child psychologists say that the reluctance of children to parents often blame themselves!It is they who, acting with the best intentions, discourage the child's desire for knowledge.

most common parental mistake - this is an irresistible desire to immediately from the first day to ensure that your child has been the best student, the desire to grow prodigy.Such p

arents long before they start school child develops a large part of the first class of the program, and he was just not interested in school.The child wants to learn something new, ready to move forward, and the curriculum does not allow.

course, parents too can be understood - they are trying for a baby, wishing to facilitate his life.By this, of course, mixed and parental ambition - we want the child to be the most-most, so they try their best.But if the child really has outstanding abilities, he is without your help manifest itself, and ordinary child too much to learn, too bad.

Parenting a child desire and ability to learn should be in the development of cognitive processes - attention, memory, thinking and perception.Do not try, by all means, get ahead and take the child to the school curriculum in advance, because he will not be interested in the lessons.The main task of the parents - to maintain interest in knowledge in general.

In no case do not forget that children 6ystro tired, so during cooking homework take breaks so that the child could have a rest.Do not sit down to homework excited child's play - it will be difficult to concentrate and switch from game to work.

Do not attempt to bring the preparation of homework to perfection, so that each letter has been written by all the rules, and oral assignment to memorize by heart before the decimal point.The more you encourage your child to sit at the books, the worse.In this case, the baby perceives as an unpleasant duty to study and agree to do homework only under duress.

Many parents are trying to teach your baby to self-sufficiency, not help him to do his homework, and just check already completed task.But not every child is able to independently do even a simple task.It will take several months, so that the child understand that homework - it is his duty, which should be carried out.So the first time you have to gently remind your child that it's time to get behind the book and help him even with his presence.

At the same patience and do not do for their children to work.Many parents, trying to quickly finish the preparation of homework, or having lost the patience to explain in detail strange child, themselves make him lessons.A child very quickly get used to this and each time it will strive to ensure that you perform over and over again for him homework.

Help your child cope with difficulties, and not subject it to them.From the first days of the child should be taught that the study - that's his business, and most importantly, with which parents help him to deal with, but will not do for him.

Do not scold the baby for bad grades, and with it every time, try to figure out what he did wrong, did not understand, did not succeed, did not have time.The child should not be afraid of bad evaluations and subsequent punishment for them, or else he will learn to hide them and deceive you.Every day talk to first-graders about everything that happens in the school.Listen carefully and give its assessment of what is happening.So the child will learn to properly navigate in the events and relationships.

If you feel that unwillingness to learn is caused by something that happens in a school, contact the teacher, find out what happened at once, without allowing the school to the child caused permanent stress.

grader in the family is a joy and great care!Right now raise children is especially important, because it is laid not only related to the school, but also to the ability to work and learn at all.And your error, negligence, haste and unwillingness to help may result in serious problems later.