How to help your child to tune in to the school after the holidays

Holidays are over, a celebration of life, as they say, came to an end, it is necessary to return to the heavy school weekdays.And it is equally difficult to return to second-graders and a tenth, because no one has no illusions about the school life.

Usually the new school year begins for each student that is given a vow to start life with a clean slate, "Here, in this year, I'll show you all!".What exactly is "show" - it depends on the life guidelines.Someone from troechnikov wish to break out honors.Some people become a class leader.Someone has to learn martial arts, begin to participate in the intellectual competitions.

word, September 1 is very similar to Monday, from which life begins anew.After Monday comes Tuesday, which somehow dissipates all rosy dreams, like smoke.Familiar?Of course, we are in childhood and youth passed through it.And time passed, it means that there is an experience that can be useful for your own child.

Eternal Monday

It is clear that the assistance should be to good und

ertakings not dissipated and transformed into something else.To do this, we must remember that it hurt you in those days.You have decided to start a new life, and then there is Marya, and says: "Hello, my dear Losers!Proceed? "What were the beginnings, when you're reminded that you're a loser, dropping to the mistakes of the past ?!And everything begins Tuesday, and with it comes the return to familiar patterns of behavior.Therefore

September 1 drop all claims from the past for her child.Aims it to a new level of achievements, regardless of the obstacles that he has to overcome.This is an important lesson for a child - to learn to let go of the past, forgive yourself your mistakes, to liberate themselves for a new life.Although Marya Ivanovna.Or even because of it, the one "firmly believes" that your child can get something.Well, to your child is imbued with optimism, it is you have to be genuine.

Short Course adaptation

1. In order to be helpful to your child at the beginning of the school year, find out what he expects from the upcoming cycle, any hope for it puts what he wants.The child probably have an idea, what he wanted to do.Discuss with him, you need to do, and what exactly you can help it.This will be your common cause for the whole academic year.

2. Do not just put pressure on performance.You remember how it depress you at the time?If a child in the beginning of the year underachievement, then this is precisely the psychological reasons related to the reluctance to go to school.In fact, the first few weeks of study is not difficult, the teachers pay more attention to repetition.Doubles in the first weeks of school - school is the resistance, its negation.You should not scold the child and find out the cause of psychological conflict and resolve it.So you will help pave the way to new developments, which we discussed in paragraph 1.

3. Try to eliminate from communicating with your child slightest nervousness.Wake him in the morning a little earlier than necessary, so that he could "come to life", without haste to come to school, and do not be late.After high school, do not ask the child about the estimates, please inquire about him.It restores a break in relations with classmates and teachers.This is a difficult time psychologically, a lot has changed over the summer, including, and in himself.Therefore, he needs a comfortable psychological environment at home, so he could easily understand the change.

4. Do everything possible, that the school did not cause any negativity in the child.And this will never scold the school and the teachers in front of him.Even Marya can be regarded as an excellent training for personal development.The school not only provides knowledge on the subjects, but also teaches great life lessons.But any lesson can be solved only if the optimism is the main instrument.Here is a optimistic and start.