How to find a common language with the teacher ?

If you care about to your kid - a first grader quickly adapted to the school with interest and pleasure studied, the role of the teacher in this can not be overestimated.This means that you must pay attention to how and what relations develop your child with the teacher since the early days.

And if you heard about someone from a lot of good teachers, have the child was to her in class.But the teacher may not be lucky, and if so, you gave a child to school, do not forget that you are his ally.Your help is not to drive the grader additional tasks and endless sitting on the lessons and to firmly believe that your child succeed, to convince this kid, and maybe the teacher as well.

All children are different: one child, for example, can not convey the shape of the figure - it is impossible to draw a similar, proportioning, another bad oriented in the plane: execute commands left, right, up, down is difficult.The third can not classify objects, reveal a sign by which to carry out the classification of, for

example, to separate the fruit from vegetables.None of these problems is not a contraindication schooling, but only under one condition: if a benevolent teacher will start from the beginning to work individually with a child.

Many parents believe that to intervene in a conflict situation first-graders and teachers are not worth it.Some believe that it will only increase the antagonism between teacher and student.Others are convinced that the child itself should resolve the conflict.However, psychologists believe that such a passive position is wrong.

First, suffering from conflict, the child may find that by refusing help you betrayed.This would undermine its credibility and perhaps the next time he did not ask for help in a difficult situation.

Second, a child needs to learn how to resolve conflicts, and someone has to show him how to do it in a civilized way.

Third, clashing with the teacher, the child is in a very difficult situation.For him, the teacher - the same thing for you boss.How calm and protected do you feel when fall under the blows official grandeur of anger?Is not it hard for you to solve this situation than a quarrel with a friend or who occupies the same social niche that you?

As a rule, parents are beginning to sound the alarm when the child conflict with the teacher came to the extreme, that is, the child developed a school neurosis.Is it possible to not communicate?Of course, all the more so in the early stages to resolve the misunderstanding is much easier than when the student and the teacher already angry at the sight of each other.

Unfortunately, many children do not tell their parents about conflicts at school.Some are afraid of parental anger, others simply can not formulate the problem: they feel that something is wrong, but to talk about their everyday concerns can not be - this is especially true of first-graders and students of junior classes.

Recommended necessarily go to parent-teacher conferences, even if there are afraid to hear unpleasant things for themselves.After the meeting, you can stay and alone with the teacher to discuss the pressing issue.

Avoid accusations, estimates, aggression, engaged in friendly exchanges of views, discuss common challenges with respect to the child's interests.

We must not forget that the teacher - a living man with his weaknesses, which has its own likes and dislikes, which, fortunately, does not remain unchanged.Sometimes it is enough to talk with the teacher on the souls - genuinely, favorably - to his attitude toward your child has changed for the better.Ideally, you want to treat the teachers and especially the class teacher to the child as to the important business partners: to have a strategy and tactics

ideal judge in conflicts with the teacher can be a specialist with the skills of psychological help, for example, competent school psychologist.Unfortunately, far away they are not all schools have a staff member, no less regrettable and that often holds this position not by professionals or forced to stand on the side of the teacher, as rescue official authority.

If you have the opportunity to refer to a specialist, so he consulted you and the baby.This will be a big help, even if communication with the teacher you conduct yourself.However, the child must be sure that this conversation will not be the reason for the notations that you do not abuse the trust of his.

If you want to talk to a teacher, first discuss it with your child.If the child does not want to know that your visit classmates follow his request - come to school after school, communicate privately with the teacher.

Be that as it may, there are no such conflicts, which can not be solved in a peaceful way, unless there is a desire and patience.And we must do everything possible to prevent the conflict to grow, because it is, first and foremost, in the interests of the child!