Prepare your child for school

beginning of school life - a very serious challenge for the child, and his parents.It is up to adults and depends largely on the success of the child in school, and its successful adaptation to the new team.Begin to prepare the child for school in advance, for example, share with them stories and memories of his last school.Pleasant memories, anecdotes, stories of childhood friends will be interested in the child and help him tune in a positive way.

In no case do not frighten the child's possible upcoming difficulties and setbacks, it can completely discourage his desire to learn, to form in his mistrust of the school, or even the fear of it.Just to teach a child to order, so he got used to it over the summer.Advance with him, prepare his workplace and portfolio.The child must be your desk, their notebooks, pencils and pens.

When your child will go to the first class, from the first days generates in him the desire for independence.It is not necessary at the outset to do homework with your child and e

ven, especially for him.Explain that doing homework - his duty.And do not check homework regularly, unless the child did not ask.Sometimes, of course, you may need your help, but this should not become a system.

Try not to bore the child's constant inquiries about his evaluations.Otherwise, he had the feeling that you are interested in not so much he himself, as his success in school.But the day happens to him a lot of interesting and very important things for him that he longs to share!It is better to ask what was interesting in the school that it seemed difficult that was given lighter, like that - no.So you show your child that you are with him at the same time, always ready to help.And this support is much easier to learn.

Try to refrain from criticism when the child is doing homework.The phrase, "You listened attentively teacher, that you can not solve the problem", could seriously undermine a child's self-confidence self-confidence.

To prepare homework, choose a convenient time with the child, because equal participation in the establishment of the rules is very disciplined.The regime should be the best for your baby.For example, in the warm season, immediately after school is better to walk, and then sit down for lessons.In winter, on the contrary, better to work out, and then relax and play.

prepare the child for the school year as possible and with the help of power.If your baby restless, gets tired quickly, and is in despair at the first failures, enter into the diet as much as possible products containing vitamin C. Especially in the summer, it is much easier to do than in the winter.

on the table must be present fruits, berries, especially blackcurrant and buckthorn, salads, sweet pepper.And as the child delights serves raisins, dried apricots, prunes and nuts.

help improve memory: the potatoes (it contains glucose), milk (a source of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iodine), spinach, green beans (rich in folic acid), fish and seafood (vitamin B12), cheese (protein).Enter the child's menu and more of these products, and it will be easier to teach the poetry!

inattentive children need to feast on nuts and bananas.The diet must be eggs, rice and bread from wheat flour.All of these products will help the child to concentrate in class.

It often happens that a child becomes whiny, moody and depressed before the start of the school year, and in the first days of September.It is sad that the holidays are over, and the prospect of school everyday life is quite grim.From the viewpoint of cooking such products help cases where there are vitamin B6.These primarily include meat, milk, cheese, beans, peppers.

And as a "first aid" in a bad mood are the chocolate, bananas and tomatoes.These products affect the production of the body's serotonin and endorphin, which are responsible for good mood.

Scientists have found that brain work best promotes daily use of five "cherished products": salmon (or trout), coffee, green tea, cocoa (or, in extreme cases, bitter chocolate), blueberries, or blueberry.A habit of constantly chewing gum dulls the mind does not allow a person to focus and weakens the process of thinking.

How will your child cope with schoolwork largely laid now and you, so Treat carefully to the child prepare for school and start right now!