How to get rid of Tiffany ?

How to get rid of Tiffany?No, I do not criminal mean!In a sense, my mother-in-law - a very decent person and a lot of us to help.But her participation in the affairs of our family are so comprehensive that my wife and I together just in the bedroom.And that, to me sometimes and there imagining the ghost of Tiffany's, giving instructions.

First, we all lived together in one apartment.Why not live - large apartment, we first have a relationship quite decent - without quarrels, normally communicated.Mother-in-law was helping his wife with the housework, but what's there - it just all things took on himself.However, we always had time on their interests, somewhere to go, to go on vacation.It seems to be all right?

But over time I began to pay attention to that as we had not told his wife always takes into account the opinion of his mom."But my mom said ...." - This sounds frazochka constantly, no matter what was discussed.I told her about my job tell, about the problem, and she: "But mother says ..." and

followed by the presentation Mamochkin principles and views on this issue.And so the time: where to go, what to buy, how to dress ... To the extent that the request to fry meat, and in response I hear, they say, mom says that fried is bad!

Well she just voiced that her mother said - she listens to her.It seems to have agreed to a wife agreed, and then see all done in his own way, or rather, in my mother's, because his opinion she almost never there.

tried to talk to his wife, that bothered me on the instructions of her mother to live, we have our own family, to be independent.Quarrel, his wife in tears, saying, I do not like his mother.I talked with the mother - she is also in tears, saying that just wants us only good.Relations became strained, but I still managed to convince his wife to move out to the apartment, however, for a long time argued and came up to the divorce.That is, between divorce and a separate apartment wife chose this time siding with mom, and I am sure that without the mother-in Board and there has not been!

But now it hangs on the phone constantly.What do not start the conversation, it quickly to another room, will consult with her mother and then will speak on this topic.I look at my wife and I think where my eyes were when he married ?!

is true, then I was moved that she is a home girl, and the mother-in-law stayed loyal and kind to the side, not slipped to us.At least, it did not stop me.

And now mother-in-law, we do not appear, at least when I'm home.On the phone a couple of times talking, but at the level of "hello - so far."Her voice hurt - can not forgive me that we are on the apartment moved out.And I, at last, in his home felt himself the master!

wife grumbles that a lot of home affairs was, she did not have time to do everything and also because the works.When I ask how other women have time, it says that it is not interested in the other, and from good only fools refuse.

But lately I notice that dinner is not cooked wife and mother-in-law.Oh, I know how she can!All, of course, tasty, but it means that the wife takes her mom, when I do not have to own or run.He began to ask - she was lying, that all she was doing!But that is not all.A couple of times when we had a falling out, the wife has given: "That's right my mother said!" This means that the mother-in-law is not settled down, and the wife of our agreements, we live without my mother's pointers, ignored.

I am going again to talk with her, and if she was not her kill and does not give us to live their lives, prigrozhu that will leave another town.But I start to fear that, choosing between me and my mom, my wife would prefer it!