I am also mother in law

appeal to all who communicate here and share your opinion!Read the letter Olga Ivanovna (Editor's note: the article "For what? I love her" and also now decided to write her a letter

I am also mother in law Although children are not painted I have a very interesting story I have two children - a daughter and a son!!!!! For my mother-I was lucky not very good, and I always thought that I would try to be a good in-law and mother-in! But life in its place put everything myself!

his daughter I know when she was a little girl! when the son asked years10, whether they be friends, of course I said "yes", because Nadia was modest and a good girl. they were friends as a child!

and then Nadia has deteriorated. and was not the modest girl, and coarse, boorishand gullivoy and I said to her son: "! Let her go, do not spoil life neither himself nor her" He did not listen, and Nadia every day secretly came to our home at 12 at night and 6 am secretly went up untilnot a baby

Now I say to them: "Go and live in it

!" she has a separate apartment!But her son strongly attracted to me.I explained to him that we had different people, that the total we have nothing, and do not have to, do not I chose it!He chose, and live, and I what I can - help!But no, the third year they rent their apartment, while they themselves live with me!

What I during this time did not hear and did not see - only God knows!And my bed was covered in blood, and I heard moaning in the bathroom of their sweet minutes, and rudeness on her part and on the part of her family.The son became angry.I said that I was the root of evil.

And she, when only went into the house, said: "I did not hire a cleaning lady here!", That is, me.I told her: You came to my house, and I do not to you, and be good, perform some of my rules.And if you do not want to go himself.

But her son did not want to go because it is his kicks out when a quarrel, and I have lived it as if willing me out of the house to survive.Coming home from work, and go home because she did not want to.No matter what I asked, he does everything anyhow.That's the situation.

means to be a good mother in law, I must silence all clean, silent at her rudeness, have it then at the same table when the food to become a stake - then I'll be good !?That is, find a piece of the barn and live there, and then you're good ?!

How many tried to talk to her, explain that it is also a mother and her son, too.Which is not to destroy the relationship and sharing a wife and mother.She does not understand me!

And the worst thing is that my good son, who always told me that I am his best friend, became aggressive, evil and greedy it.It seems that this Nadia his eyes to stick plasticine.

And until yesterday, I was at work, a daughter called me: "Mom, I could hardly stand it, not to say anything, but Nadia came and said, that if your mother rotok its closed, all was well."That is, in my home as I need to cover your mouth and not her daughter with rudeness ?!

This is my story.I look forward to tips!All peace and good!