A desperate situation ( letter to the editor )

When we Svetka decided to get married, I brought her acquainted with her.I have only my mother and father I did not know.And my sister is, six years younger.My mother worked a lot - without a father raised us with Nastya, I consider myself educated sister.

And my mother and sister, I love very much and I understand that, except for me, they have no support and support.My mother is old and his sister is still at institute to study for four years.And Svetka I love very much, she is kind and affectionate and very fair.For me it was very important that they all liked each other and live peacefully.

Sveta really wanted to please my mother, because I knew that even if I accept their own solutions, but it is very important for me to view my mother.Well, still, it is not a stupid girl, thinks that it is better to coexist peacefully than to be at war, the more that we have to live together - a great apartment, all fit and there and at their homes can gather up the money.

we won back the wedding, even Svetka w

ent to Turkey for a honeymoon.Everything was good, the World moved in with us.In our "three rubles," everyone was in the room, but in my Sveta and settled.Her parents live far from Moscow, I saw them only at the wedding.

I could not foresee what all this will result later.Moreover, still I did not understand why suddenly soured relations.At first, his wife began to avoid common evening gatherings at tea, in front of TV - under various pretexts, to sit in our room.Mom with Nastia pretended that everything is fine.

Then one day I came back early from the hallway and heard the screams - Nastya and Sveta swore, and they insulted each other.When I walked into the room, everything stopped, Sveta ran into the bathroom, and her daughter to him.I began to ask my mother and she calmed, said that the girls because of trifles women argued.

I tried to ask Svetka, and she was silent, but suddenly asked, they say, let's go away for privacy, though small room take off, but that lived alone.And so plaintively I asked, I'm just surprised.But we also need to have the money digging, and with private apartments do not know for how long postponed.Well, I tried to persuade her and to suffer, say, all smoothed out, she will get used to, but, well, my love it.Well, and so on ...

And then I began to notice that without me even trying to Light does not stay at home: what greets me at the door, the job goes straight for me, though it far.A house is sitting in my room and not come out, and if they'll get it to the common table, it is silent and looks at the plate.

Actually, it was the kind of twitches, nervous.I decided to talk with my mother, and she calms down, that's all right, they are great to Svetochka, just maybe, her family life seems to be not the same as she imagined, or perhaps longing for a carefree life.

I do not know, no matter how it went and what the outcome, but my eyes opened neighbor Aunt Galya.It is in our house was often almost a relative, a mother, they, as I can remember, friends.She caught me at the door, dragged to his home and simply stunned with questions and stories.She asked point-blank, so I soulless or blind, I do not see how my mother with sister plague wife ?!

And then she told me that the ones I have at home is not Svetku pecking constantly.Sister tells her what I had a girl, she was not like, and that it did not heal for a long time with them, calls her in every one, the passage does not.A mother just watches and does not stop, on the contrary, encourages Nastya.When the light with her tried to talk, she told her that such women may be many, but the mother and sister - and the only home.Here is Sveta and silent, trying to endure in order to not upset me.

neighbor tried to shame them, but finally fell out with my mom, even though they had always been friends.And Aunt Galya said that she asks all the house without me trying not to go, and her daughter stood on the street scene ugly suit, dishonor Svetku, call and tell people that she and whore was, and drinks, and her brother out of pity tookand a slob, and whatnot.

I waited for my wife and asked point-blank if this is true all, and she burst into tears.She cries and says he did not want to talk, because he understands how I love mom of Nastya, hoping that things will get better.I took her hand, brought home and asked what is going on in the house that his wife spends the day on the street and spend the night, and neighbors know more than I do ?!

Well, they spoke ... I'm not going to repeat - it is very nasty.I only expressed my favorite relatives that before I gave them all the money, doing all sorts of gifts, nothing refused, and as a wife I had, so for them the purse shut.This is despite the fact that I'm still paying for Nastya's study, paid all fees, he gave money for food, and so on, all requests responded.

But yeah, just like married, we started with Sveta money to postpone the sale, and costs become higher.And I really began to pay his wife to give, not as before, but this is natural - we have a family, and it is the hostess.I am a mother - can it be true, as can be, and she pursed her lips only, he says he does not expect that its native son on some ... will exchange.And that this "some" - my favorite wife, no one cares!

Never would have thought that my mother and sister are out of the money deliberately destroy my family, and even so to harass innocent man.How can I Svetku felt sorry and ashamed in front of her!It turned out that I brought her into the house and threw in the lurch, and even could not protect ...

In short, we moved out to a private and now live alone.My wife immediately cheered, happy household is engaged, the former became.For I have a mother, of course, I go - because you need to know how they are doing, health, money transfer.And there is all bad.How come, my mother is always sick, complaining that dies, and I threw it on the first counter traded.My sister did not speak, but takes money, and all her little.

back there, she asks warily looks like trouble waiting - afraid that the relatives of me against her screwed.Aunt Galya calms, says that it is impossible that I was destroying their lives because of the mother's whims, and not as it is the patient, like trying to show.

But restless and hard, for some reason I feel guilty at heart - and in front of my mother, and for his wife, even though I'm no one has done nothing wrong.And contrary to that for the money this way they come to me ... And what to do - I do not know!