How to make friends with a man , if he is Capricorn , Taurus, Virgo

Men patrons which is the element of earth, born under the zodiac signs - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.They are not as easy as with a man who ruled the Fire or Water.Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are too pragmatic, thoughtful and quick to take offense.Therefore, if there was a conflict with one of them, make up is not so easy.

man Taurus

woman who used to have fun in life and take everything easy, it will be difficult with such a person.Male Taurus - a family man, a homebody, always "in itself".As a rule, these men phlegmatic temperament.

He was used to save money do not know everything, and not accustomed to spend on stylish clothes and gifts for your favorite.Not a woman might like.But for those who are in a relationship is important, not romance, and a strong family man Taurus is just perfect.

Despite it not conflict, quarrel, however, can happen, because the male Taurus is not accustomed to concede.And, if it so happened that he offended, hurt his self-esteem, then you need to be prepared for what

will have to wipe out their guilt for a long time.The path to the truce will not be smooth.

man Taurus one of those men, the path to which the heart is through the stomach.So, if your intention is to make peace with his stubborn Taurus, you need to cook some delicious dishes.

Male Taurus pragmatic person, and therefore they can not "take" the romance and affection, you simply looking into the eyes, to admit his mistake, and, tasty feed.Immediately the heart of Taurus has thawed, it will need to examine how you were sincere in their words.So, it will have to endure a couple of days, while communicating with them should have as well as to the quarrel.

Male Virgin

This man, too, which need a special approach.They pedantic, like the procedure not only at home but also in the relationship, so any argument remove them from the balance.They are generally gentle people can hardly be called, and after conflict, they will remain silent for long.But most importantly - it is necessary to enable you to make peace with.

Man Deva dominant by nature, even if the woman is guilty, does not want to, so she asked for forgiveness, because he understands that the conflict there, and his guilt.All that is needed - to give him a few days to assess the situation.

If you live together, you declare a silent war is not worth it.Invite him to dinner, the interest of his mood and actions at work.So the man Deva thaw much faster and he will go to the contact.

He likes to discuss the situation, so the cost to be prepared for what will have to talk about how right or wrong in the conflict, and how to avoid it in the future.

Male Capricorns

most complex sign of the zodiac.Male Capricorn - a man in a case, it is closed borders with total love of self.Such a man thinks that he is the only one, his thoughts and acts are flawless.It was he who condescend to the people, and would pass by and if you want to.

absolutely not a romantic man, strict and serious.You do not have to fool around with him, but, alas, do not fall in love with him almost impossible.His power is so strong that it pulls to it like a magnet.And girls like guys mysterious, and it puzzles otgadok longer.

Quarrels with the Capricorn man can occur on any occasion - not put the dinner, the soup is not hot enough, things are not in place, not that look in his direction.The reasons can be a thousand.He conducts himself in the conflicts in different ways: it can withdraw into themselves, and to be silent, and can enter into a furious debate and take it out on a shout.

with male Capricorn must be careful.To re-establish relations with the stubborn, but so loved chosen, you need to show him how you are suffering, and are worried about the situation.But to climb into the soul in any case it is impossible, he, like the man-Virgin, we must consider the situation, "make" it in himself for a while.

main thing in these moments - do not turn away from him, always be on guard, because at any time he wants to make peace, and if he sees that you do not have the frame of mind, the silence can take a long time.To take Capricorn for what it is, you need to love him very much, and remember - in a relationship with him must always balance the stupid fool, that a second without it can not live, and arrogant bitch.The main thing - do not play too long.

These are complex people element of the Earth.But, as is known, the approach can be found for each, would desire and strong feelings.