Men , money and economy of the family budget

Men are so often criticized women for tranzhirstvo that gives the impression that it is the quality peculiar to the female, and all members of the stronger sex - thrifty, prudent and know how to spend money wisely and sparingly.

But women's letters coming to the editor, saying that men breadth of nature, turning into extravagance, characterized by no less than women.Olga M. from Murmansk, says: "My husband gets every three months at the hands of large sums.And then it begins ... He brings me flowers armfuls, invite friends to a restaurant, buys everything in sight - that is, demonstrates the scale, if the money had added every day.

All my exhortations, he just waves his hand and says - "odnova live"!I sadly think that a week later, another run out of money, and I have to get out how to hang on to pay, money to buy new clothes and what to defer rental.What I did not propose to postpone money on large purchases, to rest on something else, he does not agree and says he wants to get from earned pleasure.B

ut he was a pleasure, and I'm better then, no one cares.I do not need these gifts and his broad gestures.He should have thought about family than about the pleasure. "

Olga can understand.Apparently, accustomed to the economy, to the prudent spending and allocation of funds, the woman can not understand how it is possible to throw large amounts of wind, when the house to buy a lot more important things.And who knows what will happen tomorrow, but live without lazy, at least a small amount to the "black" day "scary, because the child in the family.

Tatiana from St. Petersburg the situation is different.In the family, what is called a split family budget.Tatiana writes: "My husband earns much more than me.Honestly, I do not even know how many, because he never said that.He found all of my income and gives money every week, to a total sum was equally away from me.The rest of the spending.I see his expensive clothes, all sorts of stuff.He goes to rest, somewhere fun on the weekends, going to restaurants.

And me all the money is barely enough to farm, because the child grows, the prices too.In addition, you know - there are always unexpected expenses for a child to school, for all sorts of household things, but the extra money the husband does not, so you have to save myself.To buy some large thing or even his clothes, I have to beg for money.When I began to say that it is unfair, it is one answer - I earn, earn, and you, then you will spend on themselves. "

In this case, rather than man's extravagance and selfishness.The man is convinced that his contribution and his wife should be equal, but the fact that it does not remain on your personal expenses while he allows himself to luxuriate, it does not seem unfair.After all, however, he earns!But who decides the contribution to the family, women and men in full - no pay, and work, nerves, time, effort?After all, this selfish husband also serves wife - wash, cook, clean and provides the comfort of home, raising children, etc. How to evaluate this its work.?

But what if the husband drinks?Karina Petrenko from Krasnoyarsk writes: "At first he asked me for money for beer and pay in advance.Then he stopped to ask, and began to spend as much as he wanted.Now he brings from the pay barely half and then when the end of his nest egg begins to beg for money from me.And if I do not give, stealing quietly out of the bag, or from deferred.I have noticed several times, and it excuses.He does not want to be treated, and on the booze costs are rising.How to live, I'll never know! »

are nothing new wife waiting husbands pay day at the entrance.Namayalis with male irresponsibility, they prefer to withdraw salary and distribute it so that enough until your next payday.The same pattern can be observed in the days and salaries from banks or ATMs.Some wives have gone further - they simply take a salary card and manage their money themselves.

not all go to such a move, knowing that these men put in an awkward position.But calls to her husband with requests not to linger, and quickly go to a payday home does not always succeed.So until the next step - withdrawal cards or money, there are very few.

But there are situations in which even it is not clear what to do.Here's what we wrote Irina from Kharkiv: "My husband saves money - he wants to buy a car.Our problem with his daughter do not care.When she broke the sofa, he somehow knocked it, and said the new buy no matter what.But the couch falls, sleep on it uncomfortable.As I asked, he did not give money.I had to go into debt to buy a sofa.And I have another six months to give money, and he reacted with indifference.But said that once I found the money on the sofa, so I have plenty of them, and you can still save.What we need to dress like something, because the daughter is grown up, and I need to work on the look decent, he is not interested.And so he says that it is our problem.And I'm starting to think that our biggest problem - this is it!After all, almost all his money, he puts, and I feed him at his own expense! »

According to our laws, husband and wife have equal rights to marital property, whatever wage.But every family has its own laws, and often those in which it was adversely affected by women's rights.It is no secret that even with equal labor wage is lower in women than in men.The percentage of highly paid specialists among women, too low, and this is understandable, because in addition to working women are engaged in child rearing, household chores, that is, can not spend an equal number of male strength and time on his career.And it is very sad that men enjoy this.

pity that the marriage contract, which detailed painted rights and obligations of spouses in marriage, we are still wary, and such contracts is very relations experts say that family quarrels over money - the most common, while there is no difference, what is the level of material well-being of the family.

Apparently, keeping the family budget should be taught from an early age.This science is necessarily useful in life.And you should start without delay.Why?Tell your kids know how to build a family budget in your family?