" Thin " world or "good " quarrel ?

you often quarrel?And tried not to look at ourselves?Generally, at odds all behave differently.There are lucky that by releasing steam, feel just fine.And scandals delightful, inspiration, I would say, artistically.The most interesting is that they are less offended than others, seeing in it more acting talent, a certain sign of femininity than the usual nonsensical and hysterical in nature.

There are "victims", they in any quarrel prevail tears. ... Just as much self pity show deadly insult, and weep!Make it so selflessly, that you begin to wonder how so many tears-is taken.Naturally, all immediately begin to feel sorry for crying, and no one immediately do not care about that scandal, quarrel, it is organized, that it is wrong.She cries - so it needs to be pitied, and the abuser find fault!

worst has to those who know how to keep yourself, do not stoop to cry and tears, to the dismantling of a raised voice or unparliamentary language.

Experts have proven that approximately 60-65% of women quarrel p

rovoked by "reasons": the husband does not help around the house, more time to friends than family, wife's mother does not like, do not earn much, drinks, etc., andetc.

But husbands often accuse their wives in the lack of attention to him, the beloved, in extravagance, in excessive chatter on the phone in the mismanagement ... And what now?We bring each other through on every occasion?

Most family conflicts begin without a declaration of war.Strikes were unexpected and the most painful point.But even the most "luxurious" scandal, comes to an end, and life goes on.And you have to be with all that is in the heat of the moment, in the grievance was to splash into the eyes of a man, with whom he lived and will live on.

To avoid quarrels or be able to suppress them at the outset, you need experience.The main thing in family relationships - is the ability to not bring themselves to blindness and anger to heart attacks.That is why you need to learn ... to quarrel and strife to do creative, trying not to indulge in hysterics, discuss its causes.No matter how inflated the nerves, it is necessary to quarrel with the mind.You do not want to start with a scandal and ended in divorce, right?And most importantly - our children!You know what they see and hear, all feel and understand, often in their own way!And parental incontinence can leave a heavy imprint on the child's soul.

It's amazing how out of place at times we decide to find out the relationship: his wife is late for work, she had to have time to feed the baby and raise it to school, and the husband suddenly starts to scream and demand something.Or, on the contrary, her husband took with him the urgent work home and his wife occurred to sort things out.Well, at least someone has to stay in that case ?!

But a quarrel broke out ... What now ?!Even for the quarrels and scandal, there are certain rules.It is not necessary to resort to the words "always" and "never."Reproaches and accusations should be concrete and not theatrical phrases, like: "You're my whole life ruined because of you I become so!"or "Mom told me - do not marry!ยป

And, of course, despite the outbursts of rage and anger, should have enough common sense to ensure that does not offend each other, do not overstep certain bounds.It is better to break a couple of dishes than to tell her husband that he is a loser.A better husband hold her mouth than to express dissatisfaction with his wife and regret about marriage in general.

And what are the consequences of the scandal usually for a family?Sometimes positive, if both play the game - emotional discharge.But more scandals have severe consequences for the family in all respects.

German scientists from the University of Berlin found that violent scandals shouting and smashing crockery women relieve stress and reduce the risk of premature death from heart attacks and strokes.In men, the opposite is true - the external manifestations of aggression worsen the well-being and increase the likelihood of various diseases:

- 20% increased risk of myocardial infarction

- 30% - the risk of cardiac arrhythmias, including hazardous tachycardia

- 10%- the risk of blood clots.

only unlikely we ranging scandal, think about it, but it would not hurt.

Ultimately, everyone builds his family, assigns roles and solve the problem on its own.Yet patience in relationships, the desire to understand and to meet, the rejection of abuse and humiliation of each other, the search for the real causes of conflicts that arise - the basis of harmony and family happiness.