Down with stereotypes : that you wanted to know about men , but did not dare to ask

How do you want to understand the person who is next to him to feel the mood to see the logic in the actions, to empathize troubles and enjoy good luck.But it is very important to know as much as possible about his life partner, not to build a relationship based on commonplaces stereotypes that it is not clear who is proclaimed.

Yes, often at odds, in frustration, mad, we exclaim: "They are all the same," But, cooled down and dried her tears, at heart understand that different and they do not ever hungry sloppy and horny being on the otherplanets, which are also not willing to even talk to us in plain language.

on stereotypes of happiness can not be built - it has long since been proved by experience and a lot of divorces.Therefore, if you want to be loved and happy, not labeled as men - both close and at all the others and try to understand with whom you have brought fortune.Without stereotypes and myths about men!

try to understand how and why there were some myths and stereotypes in women's thinki

ng and whether they have a real ground beneath them.Let's start with the most, perhaps, popular.

to a man's heart is through his stomach

course, some truth in this statement is present, but that the share!Men appreciate a good and nourishing food, but that does not mean that everyone is ready to marry the cook, even with the highest qualifications!Moreover, among the reasons why men marry, the ability to cook is not in the first place.And cooking talents somewhere in the bottom of the list among the list of female virtues.Therefore, do not expect that only the knowledge of the culinary secrets to help you win the heart of a man, but remember that if the other advantages, the ability to cook may be the one drop that will tip the scales in your favor.

Men always talk about sex

Yes, indeed, in the company of men sex theme is more often than others.But they rarely go to the person and are convinced that the details and triumphs tell just losers, sexually unsatisfied and insecure characters who seek such boasting about their "achievements" to increase their self-esteem.But men who have a personal life full of harmony, discussing intimate details with friends will never be.

Men are afraid to marry

This myth probably came up with those women who are unable to take a loved one to the registrar.But that's the reason for this reason they are looking for it in the male and to popular stereotype, not in itself.Yes, men, unlike women, do not get married just because "all girlfriends married," or fear that "it's too late", and "the years go."Yet men do not like to change the "status quo", if they are satisfied.But this does not mean that they do not want to have a family, a house, children.You just need to be exactly the woman next to which man wants to spend all his life, then he sees the mother of his children.A light-hearted girlfriend, which even do not need to win, on the proposal of the men fit for adventure, and not to live together.However, with mock seriousness it is not necessary to go to far, and the next stereotype also untrue.

Men like Impatiens?

In all should be the measure.Touchy and modest, immediate and cheeky - it's extreme.It is unlikely that a man like the girl shy away from touching or innocent is an insult kiss on the cheek.But just as it is unlikely to think of a serious relationship with that she hung around the neck and from the first minutes of the meeting states that it is ready "at all."Most men like it when they see and feel the naturalness and spontaneity in the behavior of the girl, not bad acting.