The way to a man's heart

a man's heart is through his stomach.Of course, this is a figurative expression meaning;to win the way to a man's heart, it should be an ideal wife - to cook, take care of yourself, be interesting for men to create comfort and warmth in the house, raise children ... In general, the woman - the keeper of the hearth as a whole, rather than a plate withborscht.

It was then, and there are questions ... How a woman should be a "good cook", that is not bogged down with family problems?How to calculate the degree is ideal to keep up all around the house and do not run their own personal preferences?When the stay in their ministry to the man that you do not sit on the neck, dangling his legs?In short, it does not go too far with "borscht"?

Understand yourself

First, a woman must understand what she really needed, what she wants in this life?And cultivate the qualities that will help it achieve this goal.Then she has to find a man with whom she on the way.Yes, it is a woman finds a man and create family.More

over, not any particular man, who suddenly liked her eye color or the ability to drive a Bentley.A person with certain psychological qualities.

Understand man

woman - the keeper of the energy, it will feed your man only if he agrees with the direction of his beliefs and actions.Therefore, the second step - to understand a man.If you really feel that this is your man that you are willing to work with him to pass all levels of harmony:

- keep house, to share food and shelter, educate their children;

- receive co-pleasure (not just sex, it can be a joint travel, leisure);

- be it "fighting friend" to help the self-affirmation of each other;

- give joy, love, open the creative abilities of each other;

- be a muse for his men, the inspiration of ideas, and when he finds these ideas, ways of further development, to systematize this knowledge to future generations;

you can be sure that this is the one you were looking for.If some level of doubt, look closely - Is this the man.

effect magnet

Well, and thirdly, the man himself tries to find his woman.Levels of harmony these are the psycho-energetic centers, which need to cultivate.Then there is no way to search is not necessary - the heart itself be attracted.Theoretically, the ideal woman - the perfect man.

practice a little harder.All of us are imperfect.Among these can be in the process of life, postpenno, step by step, hand in hand.But at least the prerequisites, the beginnings of these centers must be present.To then not turned out that "only thought".Happy will be the family, where the path of development, the passage of all levels of harmony comes together.Each performs its functions and develops.

Answers Now on to the questions posed at the beginning of this article.

degree his ideal, the "golden mean" woman should define itself by studying himself and that it wants to get from this life.

If it feels its purpose in raising their children, want a big family and sonorous children's laughter, then it must give it all his time and effort.If she wants to make art, paint, go to exhibitions or to succeed in a career, it will cultivate these qualities.And look for a man, to whom it its purpose to help grow spiritually.You could even say, to bring her man.Do not point, do not chastise, but to help and inspire, to push forward.

As you know, in different examples of women will be looking for a completely different men.Even if they "will cook soup," will be ideal to present the chosen men, all their talk, joint business and leisure will indicate the priorities of women.Well, as if the ingredients are the same, but combines them each "cook" in its own way.So, to "soup" - that is, set their own values ​​to subdue her man.

wise woman will skillfully use all the qualities of an ideal wife.It will find its way to the heart of the elect.Therefore, correct, perhaps, to say that this is not so much the way "through the stomach" as "through the brain" through spiritual center.