Nail fungus treatment Nail

More than 70% of the world population is suffering from nail fungus.Some therefore lose aesthetic feet and hands.However, there are ways to get rid of the problem quickly and easily.To this end, special drugs are available, and even nail polish from a fungus ( "Biopokrov athlete's foot", "Lamisil" "Batrafen", "clearance").If you do not kill all the spores, people can once again be faced with this disease.How to cure nail fungus on the feet or hands with a special preparation, you will learn from the review presented below.

Lac as an effective remedy for nail fungus on the feet and hands

fungi on the planet more than people, a million times.This fact has caused to mankind is constantly coming up with new antifungal nail.A strong healthy body alone suppresses the infection, but it remains in the incubation state.Immunocompromised or trauma contribute to the development of the disease.

There are drugs with different structures: oil, with the addition of alcohol and other substances for t

he drying of the nail plate.Effective agent after application, penetrating deep into the plate.It is worth noting that the fungal spores multiply very quickly, but easily eliminated under the action of the active components.Nail polish from the mold they are burned efficiently, thanks to the liquid texture.Therapeutic solution penetrates deep into the skin, exfoliating flakes, cuticle microcracks.

When the varnish dries against the fungus, disputes the air flow stops.Due to this, the livelihoods of infection becomes impossible.There oily nail polish from a fungus that does not dry out, but it did not reduce their effectiveness.After increasing acrylic it is very useful to use this tool to prevent the development of diseases.

How to use the antifungal nail lacquer

Other antifungal agents ( "Fluconazole", "Irunine", "Exoderil") are not able to get deep into the plate as a special preparation.However, this method of treatment actually applied when the initial stage of the disease.It is worth noting that the protective film formed on the surface, does not penetrate new pathogens.

before performing the processing, it is necessary to consult with your doctor and read the instructions.Tips for use as follows:

  1. Cut, sawed the affected areas.
  2. To recover fully, the drug should be applied every other day for months.In the second month, repeat the procedure twice a week.In the third month treatment is carried out on a weekly basis.However it is necessary to read the annotation to a particular drug, may be changing.
  3. to apply the tool again, you must delete the previous layer and cut the affected area.
  4. can not be applied on top of the usual special varnish.
  5. Before starting treatment, you need to find a list of contraindications.

Types of coatings by fungus on the nails

most famous fungal disease that can hit the nail - onychomycosis.After its development, they start to look bad and collapse.For the treatment facility should be directional.Sometimes further prescribers capsules, ointments, solutions.In order to bring the result of therapy, you should first consult your doctor.

most famous Russian and foreign funds:

  1. «Lotseril" effective even in advanced forms of the disease.After the application disappears irritation, redness, inflammation eliminated.The composition of smells and is very often used for the treatment, prevention of infections.Lotseril not recommended during pregnancy and feeding of a baby.Should one vial around 1400-1600 rubles.
  2. «Neil Expert" has a unique composition.Its ingredients help stop the spread of the disease.Apply the product on the affected area twice a day.Through forming part of a silicone oil, a protective layer is created on the plates to prevent the penetration of liquids and microorganisms to the affected areas.The bottle of this tool costs about 400 rubles.
  3. «Demikten" is a low-cost effective way with a significant defeat.Recommended therapy to replenish drugs and creams, such as "Mikozolonom"."Demikten" - an excellent option for those who found the baby nail fungus.The bottle costs about 300-380 rubles.

reviews about the best means

Natalya, 33 years : once found at the problem and went to the doctor.He recommended me a cheap analogue "Lotseril" - "Oflomil".Judging by the description, the drug is concentrated and very effective.The problem with a fungus eliminated this week.

Svetlana, 33 years : I've been searching for a suitable tool until it tried to "Batrafen".Very good and fast help me, is relatively inexpensive.

Artyom, 45 years : I am working all his life on construction sites.It is possible that infection got after using public showers, three years ago.I tried a huge number of ointments and solutions, and then bought a "Lotseril".This tool has helped me very quickly.