Reasons for the right eye swelling

Every person at least once in his life seen such unpleasant phenomenon when the mobile eyelid twitching.The event would pass unnoticed if was of an episodic and brief nature of time.However, for some people, this fact is a frequent or continuous, and the problem of hyperkinesis (twitching eyelids) is extremely relevant.It is also a condition in the medical literature as myokymia, a nervous tic.Why the right eye twitches?The answers to this and other related questions about the phenomenon, see below.

reasons twitching of the upper or lower eyelid

What are the preconditions of hyperkinetic exists in humans and why the right eye twitches?The list of the most common causes twitches century includes:

  • Wrong way of life.Lack of proper rest, sleep, stress and fatigue, chronic fatigue, nervous work, long stay on the computer are the cause of a nervous tic.May occur and accumulate gradually.
  • Allergic reactions.Possible when using cosmetics for age, ophthalmic medicines.
  • eye injuries, if the
    cheek or other related fields face was damaged.
  • Unexpected fear and stress lead to the development of neurosis, and as a consequence, hyperkinesia.
  • Surgery, the nerve may not grow together.
  • presence of various diseases.Diseases such as central nervous system, chalazion, increased intracranial pressure, inflammation of the tissue transferred SARS, infectious diseases may be the cause of myokymia.
  • Vision problems during pregnancy.

The indirect reasons that do not directly influence the development of this disease, however, can serve as additional aggravating factor in the emergence myokymia doctors include:

  • unbalanced diet.Fatty foods, alcohol, lack of vitamins, trace elements (magnesium / potassium), lead to poor health in general, and is one of the reasons myokymia.
  • nervous excitability, tendency to psychological disorders.

to what expert to address

myokymia If you have symptoms, if twitches lower eyelid of the right eye, the circular muscle, is first and foremost address to the therapist.The doctor will examine the situation and, if necessary, send you to a specialist:

  1. In the case where the eye twitches a few days, were injured eye, conjunctivitis, the treatment of this disease will take the ophthalmologists.
  2. Neurologist help if constantly twitching eyes, have symptoms of stress, diseases of the nervous system.

In any case, even if the disease is periodic, the person should see a doctor.Determining the cause jerking century becomes the first objective, followed by a set of actions to alleviate the situation.Office workers are losing efficiency, and all other such a change in eye strain and makes nervous.It is necessary to treat the eye to return to normal life.

What to do and how to eliminate discomfort

What right eye twitches?By itself, a nervous tic is not a disease, the lid can not be ill, but nevertheless, it is the body's signal that this body should pay attention.Recognize the true cause of this phenomenon, and then assign the appropriate treatment, it can only be experienced doctor.The following tips will only help relieve the discomfort, if any hyperkinesis or twitches upper eyelid of the right eye:

  1. tea, herbal compresses - national treatment for these ailments.
  2. sleep and complete rest - a universal remedy.
  3. transition to a balanced diet, rich in magnesium and potassium.
  4. Gymnastics (strong squinting, blinking, eyes circular rotation / counter-clockwise).
  5. pauses when working with a computer, a TV, tablet.
  6. Massage the area around the patient's eyes (in a circular motion gently massage the eyelid twitching middle finger).
  7. Receiving light sedation (motherwort, valerian) or special herbal bedtime.

Video about the causes and treatment of nervous tic eyes

Watch an interesting video to find out what to do when the eye twitches.Questions answered by an experienced psychologist.From the video, you will learn why twitches upper eyelid, why twitching right eye, what psychological background of this phenomenon can be.In addition, the specialist will talk about possible solutions and treatment of nervous tic.View video, you will get acquainted with the most unexpected and innovative ways to treat hyperkinetic children.