The symptoms of appendicitis in women

The disease to humans - a very serious problem that requires a quick diagnosis and prompt treatment.There are acute and chronic disease.The symptoms of appendicitis in women do not know everything.For this reason, the patient's untimely visit doctors or can do self-medicate.To avoid errors in diagnosis and get rid of this problem permanently, you need to know its first signs.Which side hurts appendicitis, as the disease determine the right and take, you will learn from the presented review.

What are the symptoms of appendicitis in women

The causes of the inflammatory process may be a violation of the following in the body:

  1. activity of intestinal microflora.
  2. Frequent constipation (fecal stones partially block the passage of harmful substances from the intestines).
  3. inflamed lymphoid tissue in one of the organs of the abdominal cavity.
  4. shifted process and disrupt the blood supply (symptoms of appendicitis in pregnant women).

signs of appendicitis in adult men and women differ beca

use of different anatomical locations of the internal organs.The fair sex often do not pay attention to abdominal pain, and this is the first sign of the disease.Symptoms depend on where the appendix (appendix, appendix, which becomes inflamed), age of onset, and other features.

In addition, there is a probability of occurrence of specific symptoms in women.This is due to different types of appendicitis.Timely detection of the disease can help doctors make the right decision and start treatment immediately.It is important to pay attention to all the symptoms and tell you about their observations to the surgeon.Signs of inflammation of appendicitis in women can talk about different disorders intensity.

first signs of an attack of acute appendicitis

Symptoms of acute appendicitis worse as the disease progresses from mild to intense pain.The discomfort is felt at every movement of the body (posture changes, coughing, walking).Sometimes there retching up to two times a day, and loose stools.The body temperature rises sharply to 37 degrees, and if the process is compounded by suppuration, then to 38.

very dangerous for a person becomes a situation where the process of losing the nervous system, because the pain is not felt, and the inflammation progresses.As a rule, an acute form requires immediate surgical intervention.Doctors detected by measuring the presence of the disease in body temperature (in conventional manner and rectally).Indicators should differ by about 1 degree.

Symptoms of authors

Some signs were named after the authors who have found them:

  1. According to Aaron, pain, feeling of tension in the right side (pericardial region) during pressing.
  2. By Shchetkina Blumberg: pain on palpation.
  3. By Zhendrinskogo (characteristic of the female body) while pressing just below the navel pain occurs in a horizontal position.

Chronic inflammation of the appendix

In the chronic form of the disease in women have pain in the umbilical region.Sometimes it pays to the groin, intercostal, lumbar region.In pregnancy, the fetus increases the pressure of the symptoms of chronic diseases.Physical activity, constipation, cough - provoke the appearance of pain.During an exacerbation may be concerned about vomiting.

Video: how and where it hurts appendicitis

timely detect the disease and begin to treat it - is very important.This will help to prevent many complications, while possible illness, including rupture Appendicitis.Female body has its own characteristics, which complicates the diagnosis process.What is accompanied by inflammation, and how to determine the appendix to distinguish the disease from another, can be found after reviewing submitted video.