The lift immune adult

almost everyone worries about their health in the modern world.But from what it depends on, which helps fight disease?health and life expectancy fortress directly dependent on the immune system, which is responsible for the body's ability to resist the harmful effects of the environment.What is it for?That is less than or does not get sick.It is therefore important to know how to boost immunity to an adult and when this should be done.For example, rooting about 3 times a year - allowed rate and worry about the weakness of the body is not necessary.

Causes and symptoms of weak immunity

The fact that the body needs to be strengthened, indicate the following symptoms:

  • frequent colds (more than 5 illnesses per year);
  • depression;
  • cold sores or abrasions;
  • constant discomfort for several weeks;
  • presence of fungal infections;
  • loss of appetite;
  • insomnia;
  • reduction or weight gain.

find yourself such signs, do not panic.In many cases, before you raise immunity of an adult,

you need to revise your lifestyle, make adjustments.For an accurate assessment of the state of the body can be to see a doctor who will do immunogram.During the examination, determined the presence of antibodies to infections, the behavior of the organism to the invasion of foreign cells.Immunogram - fun is not cheap, but worth it to know exactly about the state of the system and, if necessary, in time to reinsure themselves from unwanted diseases.

The lift immune adult

Health requires constant support.Immunity should always work: without interruptions and failures, but sometimes, under the influence of various factors tend to weaken him, at this moment, more than ever, need help.It is especially important to support the body during the period of seasonal diseases, frequent stress, climate change, after taking antibiotics, surgery or chemotherapy.At such times, we must act quickly and effectively.What will solve the problem of increasing the immunity?

Food, enhance immunity

proved that 70% of immune cells located in the liver and its work is directly linked to the stability of the whole organism.If you always eat right, the body will function smoothly.Before deciding how to boost immunity to an adult diet, you must remember that there is a need to regularly: be sure to eat breakfast, lunch and do not forget about the low-calorie dinner, it is desirable to include in the mode even lunch, and afternoon tea.When the immune system does not forget that there should be good, but not much overeat.

To enhance immunity should be included in the usual diet of foods rich in the proteins, fruits and vegetables.Particular attention should be paid to products such as:

  • wheat germ;
  • honey;
  • lemon;
  • ginger;
  • garlic.

Not the last role to enhance immunity plays a procedure for the use of products.In the morning, you need to saturate the body with protein food, but do not eat breakfast large portions of red meat, dairy products fit in the morning.Such a great start to the day to support the body during the day, raise immunity.This will give the opportunity to gain the necessary amount of amino acids that are in the process of synthesis form a strong component to combat viruses - interferon.Dine better light vegetable soups, salads, fruit, so as not to overload the stomach at night.


There are several types of medical devices, helping to increase the body's immunity.Among them are such immunopovyshayuschie drugs:

  • natural plant-based: tincture of ginseng, Chinese magnolia vine, echinacea, Dr. Tice, "Immunal";
  • means consisting of bacterial enzymes "Imudon" "Ribomunal" "Bronhomunal";
  • to interferon-based drugs to improve immunity, "Anaferon", "Arbidol", "Amiksin", "Grippferon", "Viferon";
  • means on the basis of nucleic acid - sodium nukleinat;
  • bio-stimulating drugs: vitreous plamazol, aloe;
  • combined and synthetic agents - vitamin complexes to enhance immunity.

Vitamins for immunity

under reduced immunity of some fruits and vegetables is not enough.Here, help vitamins and their complexes.Taking the following, it is possible to quickly increase the overall performance of the organism:

  • vitamin E - is involved in the synthesis of proteins, important cell metabolism;
  • fish oil;
  • magnesium and zinc - improve the functioning of the nervous system and stimulates the functioning of the brain;
  • beta-carotene - resists infection;
  • vitamin C - is very important to strengthen the body, but in large quantities only weakens it (homeopathic).

Effective folk remedies and herbs

injections, tablets, drops do not trust anything, even if the drugs are plant-based.Older generations have more confidence in herbs, recipes of traditional medicine.Increasing immunity in adults folk remedies - a long process, but the result is more stable.Reviews say that the well established plants such as:

  • Aralia - has anti-inflammatory, preventive properties;
  • ginseng - strengthens the body, improves circulation, brain function;
  • zamaniha - restores the body with loss of strength, a beneficial effect on the nervous system;
  • lemongrass - rich in vitamin E and ascorbic acid;
  • golden root (Rhodiola rosea) - activates metabolic processes in the body;
  • chilibuha - effective for chronic fatigue, reduced appetite, metabolic deterioration of the body.

Traditional medicine knows many recipes for increasing the resistance of the organism.So how to raise the immunity of adults in the home?The most common are such methods:

  1. Gathering herbs mint, willow-herb, inflorescence chestnut, lemon balm poured boiling water, insist 2 hours.Take, compotes and adding 200 ml of juice per day.The components are taken in equal proportions, to 0.5 liters of boiling water according to need 3 tablespoons.l.each.
  2. means honey, garlic and lemon.Prepared as follows: head of garlic is cleared, and then crushed, milled to it is added 1 lemon, 200 grams of honey.The components need to be mixed thoroughly, store in airtight container.You will take 2 tablespoons before eating once a day, can be added to tea.
  3. during pregnancy and lactation to strengthen the body after illness to help Echinacea, garlic and ginger.

recommendations to strengthen the body's immune system

Strong, healthy body - it is really very simple.To strengthen the immune system in adults was faster, it is important to observe the following recommendations:

  1. Observe the mode of the day, alternate load with rest, sleep.
  2. Eat right, do not forget about the meals, eat healthy foods low in preservatives.Do not forget about the liquid used in the form of water, stewed fruit, herbal teas.
  3. Physical activity can help strengthen the body and keep it in good shape.
  4. hardening, suit douche.
  5. give up bad habits.
  6. Spending time in the fresh air, ventilate the room.
  7. during cold autumn take extra vitamins and drugs for immune adults.
  8. constantly monitor the health - maintaining the body easier than its treatment.

Video: how to raise the immunity of adults without pills

frequently ill people often wonder why some people get cold by the blow of the wind, while others even during quarantine remain healthy?Some know that the blame for weak body, but not all rush to correct the situation, thinking that the immunity given from birth, and affect people here can not.But it is not so.How to make good health, strengthen the immune system without the tablets for an adult, explains in the video below.