Names of B vitamins

Even if your city - not a huge metropolis, urban lifestyle is not canceled.The abundance of technology, long hours of work and stress have a negative impact on health.The complex of B vitamins - a storehouse that makes up for the lack of nutrients in the body.These elements are based health, beauty, proper metabolism and energy exchange.Learn about the necessity of specific products in the diet and the complex preparations containing the body B vitamins, as well as problems in their deficit.

benefits of vitamins B

Are you sure you have already heard about the enormous benefits of this complex group of vitamins.Each element performs its function, which is responsible for vital processes.They can not replace each other in the complex, therefore, one type of vitamin deficiency leads to destruction of the whole system.The group - 6 components that are included in a variety of metabolic mechanisms.Let's get acquainted more with each element of the complex and the daily norm.

B1 is known under the name "thiamine" or "thiamine".Vitamin participates in the metabolism of fats, salts, carbohydrates and proteins in the body.The main element of the system - the brain - fully works only when it is providing thiamine.Vitamin B1 is responsible for the normalization of the digestive system, stimulation of appetite, leading to increased working capacity.The daily rate for adult substance - 1.3 mg for pregnant women - 1.6 mg for children up to 3 years - 0.8 mg.The lack of thiamine leads to disruption of coordination, sleep, calmness, endurance of your nervous system.

Riboflavin (B2) is responsible for the normalization of energy reactions.The main processes that take place with the help of this vitamin - the development, creation, regeneration of body tissues, the association of antibodies and blood cells.Norm B2 riboflavin in the body contributes to the well-coordinated work of the skeleton, muscles, immune system, digestive system and blood formation.It is necessary for the hair, skin, nails, so when they lack vitamin port (characterized by brittle, lethargy).The daily rate of adults - 1.2 mg for a child 4 years old - 0.6 mg for pregnant women - 1.6 mg.

Nicotinic acid, vitamin PP or B3 - guard the epidermis.His work - stimulation of cutaneous breathing.Niacin regulates blood circulation, normalizes the process of blood vessels, lowers cholesterol indices and defending against atherosclerosis.In group B vitamin "nicotine" series prevents the development of pellagra.The daily rate of niacin for adult - 15 mg, for kid 5 years - 8 mg, for pregnant women - 18 mg.

Pantothenic acid or B5, is responsible for the normal muscle tone, body temperature regulation, heart.Vitamin participates to synthesize the hormones of the adrenal glands and blood antibodies to protect the body against infectious diseases, toxic substances and cancer.With a lack of B5 appear dizziness, nausea, headaches, insomnia.Daily intake of vitamin for adult per day - 6 mg for a child 5 years - 4 mg for a pregnant - 8 mg.

pyridoxine or B6, involved in amino acid coupling reactions of the organism.Vitamin helps produce enzymes and hormones that break down fats, lowering cholesterol levels.Lack of pyridoxine may cause anemia, the regression process of the cardiovascular system.If your body is the lack of vitamin B6, it is easy to lead to dermatitis, depression, nausea, vomiting, worsening in skin tissues.The daily rate for adult - 2.1 mg for a child 5 years - 1.2 mg for pregnant - 2.5 mg.

Folic acid, or B9, - is vital during pregnancy.Vitamin is responsible for creating a normal nervous system, circulatory, timely fetal growth.If folic acid the body missing, then menstruation in adolescents painless, menopause in women - with no complications, and in pregnant women reduces to a minimum the risk of premature birth.Hypovitaminosis B9 leads to anemia, leukemia organism, irritability, apathy, insomnia.Daily folic acid standard for Adults and Children - 0.2 mg for pregnant and lactating women - 0.3 mg.

cyanocobalamin or B12 is, is important in the processes of creation of red blood cells and hemoglobin synthesizing.Vitamin contributes to the development of antibodies in the body, opposed to viruses and infections.The flow of processes in the male reproductive system requires B12 cells.Daily intake of vitamin for an adult - 3 mg, for children 5 years - 1.6 micrograms for pregnant women - 4 mg.

How to take vitamin B tablets

If you notice any signs of vitamin deficiencies, you need to include an additional source of B vitamins in pharmacies often you meet B1, B2,B6 and B12 in preparations, because the other components is enough food.Why the need for a complex of vitamins of this group in the tablets?You do not just hear about chronic fatigue syndrome.The main reason for this is the lack of well-being complex vitamins B.

instructions for each drug will explain in detail how to take, when to take pills.The main action of this group - the release of the body's energy for the processing of carbohydrates into glucose.Before embarking on a course of vitamins, talk about it with a therapist to find out the rules of admission and how often to use the B-complexes.Learn the contraindications and then compare the symptoms of his body with the use of the drug.If there is the slightest uncertainty, hand over a blood test to determine a possible allergy to vitamin.


This multivitamin (B1, B2, B6, B12), which is used in diseases of the nervous system, various neuralgia, liver, paresthesia, nausea at 1 and 3 trimester of pregnancy, lumbago, the lack of these elements during lactation.Unbalanced diet, frequent alcohol and nicotine, exhaustion - another reason to take B-complex vitamins.Course - 2-4 weeks, to determine the daily rate according to the instructions.Adverse effects on allergy vitamins B - in the form of dermatitis.Do not take in case of hypersensitivity of the body, combined with alcohol.


Pharmacology offers a range of water-soluble vitamins B1 group, B6, B12.For maximum effect it is recommended to use vitamin pills Group B after a meal with water or tea.The course and the daily norm - for your doctor.Among the rare side effects of the drug on the body of this group: itchy skin, nausea, tachycardia development.Neyromultivit is contraindicated in pregnant women, children up to 12 years, people who can not tolerate vitamin complex components.Suitable "Neyromultivit" at:

  • lumbago;
  • neuritis;
  • neuralgia;
  • epilepsy;
  • sciatica;
  • pleksite;
  • paresis of the facial nerve.

Doppelgerts asset magnesium plus: B vitamins

pharmacological classification - BAA.The combination of magnesium, folic acid, B1, B6, B12.Possible compatibility with other drugs.Before taking consult your doctor to find out where, how often you can drink and at what time to take pills.Overdose is not observed, contra - idiosyncrasy vitamins.Indications for use of B vitamins:

  • increased fatigue;
  • exercise;
  • body's need for additional energy;
  • constant stress;
  • fatigue after a serious illness.

complex vitamins b - B Complex

This complex includes B1, B2, B3, B4, B6, B8, B9, B12, and ancillary components.Vitamins this group improve immunity, improve and strengthen hair and nails.The complex drink with impaired metabolism, CNS disorders, skin rashes.Vitamins in the diet does not always satisfy the needs of the organism, so for such a complex is taken with food.Complex preparation of B is limited to individuals with individual intolerance, for children up to 12 years for women during pregnancy and lactation.

Vitamins Superum

If you are looking for a cheap vitamin B complex group, BAA Superum just for your body.It contains B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, B9.The body needs complex Superum if you need an additional source of vitamins, alcoholism and diabetes, for the resistance of the nervous system, for a set of weight with maximum efficiency.Contraindications - idiosyncrasy.For data on the daily rate of the complex and the date of application, contact the therapist.

Table foods containing vitamin B in the table

vitamins List


Which foods contain

Thiamine (B1)

Energy production of proteins, fats, carbohydrates.

buckwheat, oatmeal, peas, flour products from wheat flour.

Riboflavin (B2)

stimulates the metabolic processes in the body, it supports the normal state of the epidermis, the view of the mucous membranes.

buckwheat, pasta, milk and all derivatives, yeast, whole cabbage.

Niacin (B3)

Connects proteins and fats in the body, stimulates the skin oxygenation.

Nuts, liver, fish, green vegetables, buckwheat, egg yolk, milk, yeast, beans.

Choline (B4)

Lowers blood sugar, calms nerve cells, promotes weight loss.

Dairy products, beans, spinach, egg yolk, liver, kidneys.

Pantothenic acid (B5)

Lowers cholesterol in the body, stimulates the production of energy from food.

peas, buckwheat and oat cereals, green vegetables, fish roe, liver, hazelnuts, poultry.

pyridoxine (B6)

stimulates the formation of antibodies in the body against infections, reactions of carbohydrate metabolism, hemoglobin compound.

potatoes, various cereals, citrus fruits, dairy products, fish, meat, liver, cabbage, walnuts, hazelnuts.

Biotin (B7)

promotes the health of the dermis, hair, strengthens the nervous tissue and brain cells.

liver, kidney, egg yolk, spinach, yeast, tomatoes, mushrooms.

Inositol (B8)

Lowers cholesterol indicators, stimulates reactions in the brain, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

Wheat germ and bran, beef heart, brains, oranges, flour products.

Folic acid (B9)

cell division, nucleic acids and formation of new red blood cells, the healthy development of the fetus in the womb.

honey, citrus fruits, beans, yeast, liver, meal.

Cobalamin (B12)

to the nervous system, for growth of the organism.

Products of animal origin.

Vitamins in capsules

your hair dull, lost power and color, constantly fall?You do not have to go to expensive medical procedures or to buy luxury shampoos, to regain their status.Take vitamin ampoules with components B1, B6, B9.They perform an important role for hair - oppose their excessive hair loss, used in complex treatment against baldness, skin - prevent rapid aging, relieve itching.How to use vitamins in ampoules for hair?A few important rules of complex products:

  • sawed off the head of the ampoule should be special nail file in order to avoid cuts and splinters loss.Containers marked break off hand.
  • ampoule is intended for single use.If specified in the recipe to take fewer vitamins, then a longer time will be useful liquid in an open vessel.
  • agent concentration in the vial so much that you need to avoid excess.Dosage should be clear and precise.
  • Apply the contents of the vial must be on the scalp.It reached a maximum useful effect, this group of vitamins are absorbed into the blood vessels in the epidermis layers are faster metabolism.

As stabbing vitamins B

Doctors prescribe injections intravenously or intramuscularly to patients who have limited power or disease (osteochondrosis, diabetes).Can I mix vitamin B?No.If you have written a few ingredients, you pricks injection alternately - Today B1, B6, tomorrow and beyond.Intramuscular injections you can do yourself in the buttock, after washing his hands, rubbed with alcohol injection site.Intravenous - only to the nurse if you or family members do not have the appropriate medical education.

Video tips: Symptoms of a lack of vitamins B

From the video, you will learn about the first signs of a lack of vitamins in this group.Do not expect obvious symptoms, which obviously would have to see a doctor.Small lack of nutrients easily fill a rapid rate of tablets, capsules, if you know that the food you will not get the required daily quota of vitamins of the group.Information and tips from the video, which is placed below will be useful to you, even if you only suspect why you constantly fall hair or skin color fades.

feedback on the results of the reception of B vitamins b

Alena, 32 years : I, after the second pregnancy had terrible problems with hair.When born the first baby, I have not watched, though.And suddenly hair began to fall out tufts of which would be gathered cap.I went to the doctor for a prescription.Among the list mask approached me most hair with vitamin B12 hair loss.Strands became stronger and stronger, the result I was impressed.

Marina, 26 years : frequent stress due to change of work led to the fact that the nervous system was just shattered.I went to a neurologist for soothing.He said that the grass is not the problem solve, and recommended me to replenish vitamin balance in the body.I studied all the information than is contained thiamine and folic acid.I helped complex vitamins.

Katerina, 23 years : I was also worried about the problem of hair loss.I wanted to get yourself a shiny, strong hair, so I decided that that a single package in order to achieve the positive effect will not work.After consulting with the doctor, he helped to carry out a long course of vitamin ampoules intermittently to hair looked healthy.