Disease autism - what is it

Autism fixed doctors much more often than in the past century.The disease affects all people, regardless of gender, age and social status.According to the research of scientists from the US, from 2013 to 2015, 88 children account for one child with autism.Presumably, the disease is more common among men.The problem is compounded by the fact that the number of specialists with expertise in this area is very limited.Find out more about autism, what kind of disease.

What is Autism

What is autism and how does it manifest itself?The illness is associated with the development of brain pathologies observed changes in the cortex of the frontal lobes of the brain.Characterized by a pronounced lack of social communication, autistic sphere of interest is limited to regularly repeat the same monotonous motion.There are famous people with autism that does not prevent them to achieve success in their business.It is believed that an atypical autism - lighter kind of disease, in comparison with the cl

assical, but this view is erroneous.


Some sources reckon autism Asperger's syndrome, but the specifics have different diseases.Today, experts distinguish such stage manifestations of autism in humans:

  1. not go to the contact with the outside world.
  2. turn in on themselves, may be engaged for a long time favorite hobby.
  3. not perceived norms of behavior in society.
  4. not able to cope with the problems.Touchy, childish.
  5. Among many autistic genius, mental development of mathematicians, physicists, talented musicians, writers, poets and artists.

At what age appears

Children with autism, what is this disease?Affliction is formed in the womb and begins to manifest itself even in infancy.Early autism in children modern doctors diagnosed before 3 years, because the sooner detect the problem, the sooner you can begin treatment.There are the first signs that indicate the symptoms of the disease.This includes, for example, do not get used to the mother's arms, the baby does not capture the view of the people, does not express attachment to the mother.

test for autism

How to identify autism at an early age?In order to determine whether it is true or false syndrome, the doctor conducts a series of specialized screening tests.In these patient describes the state of his feelings, emotions of others, trying to put myself in their place with the aim to describe the mental state of another.This high performance method is extremely effective.Assessment and subjected to physical condition, hearing, conducted additional studies (chromosome analysis, the EEG, magnetic resonance imaging).

causes of disease

Scientists can not accurately answer the question about the reasons of occurrence of this disease.The true cause is unknown, to indirectly include:

  • genetic factor;
  • heredity;
  • combination of harmful effects on the mother's body during pregnancy and childbirth;
  • diseases: meningitis, phenylketonuria, encephalitis;
  • mercury / lead poisoning;
  • combination vaccines.


the first time about the children's form of the disease from the United States said the psychiatrist Leo Kanner in the 30-ies of the last century.Why children are born with autism?According to statistics, in the earliest period of human life - such as infancy, in the development of the disease genes are to blame.Diagnosing a child is complicated by the fact that some of the facts of the baby's behavior can be attributed to the characteristics of the character, attributed to an early age.When the first symptoms are advised to contact your pediatrician.Practice shows that local doctors are not always able to make the correct diagnosis.

Acquired autism in adults

people with this disease can not only born, but also to buy it for life.This is associated with neurological and psychiatric problems, autism develops due to long running and depression.Autism in adults is extremely dangerous, as there is sharp and goes unnoticed.The disease has no manifestation, however, is developing rapidly.With such a phenotype, a man locked in his own world, ceases to be socially active, he wants to run away from reality.

Symptoms of autism

first signs and symptoms for the diagnosis of this disease:

  • Difficulties of social interaction, accompanied by certain specific behavior noticeable to others.
  • social communication difficulties, difficulties in verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Repeating certain, monotonous action.
  • Focusing on the details of the same, is not enough autistic thinking in circumscribing the object as a whole.
  • The thorny question, autistic difficult to lay down words into sentences.


What are the signs of autism in children 2 years and in part in the first year of life can be seen parents to identify the disease?The classification of this:

  • In newborns there is no attachment to family members.
  • There is mental retardation in the child's development.
  • Love for one toy / subject, others are not interested.
  • inadequate response to sharp sounds and other external stimuli.
  • Children with autism hardly distinguish animate and inanimate objects.
  • prefer solitude.
  • are not able to copy the behavior of adults.


  • meager vocabulary, repetition of certain words and phrases.
  • monotonous speech, like a robot.
  • lack of intonation.
  • unexpressed social interest.There
  • attachment to any particular subjects.
  • man is in his own world.
  • patient ignores the rules of conduct and ethical norms accepted in society.
  • not drawn to someone first.
  • person may suffer seizures.
  • not feel emotions and state of another person.
  • not in need of love, romance, friendship.

Autism Treatment

whether autism is treated in children and adults?Unfortunately, this disease is cured completely impossible, regardless of whether it is congenital or acquired.However, there are a number of developments that help autistic if not cured completely, then learn how to self-care, work skills.Attention is paid to the social adaptation, behavioral therapy.Practiced correction of social interactions, disease progress made prevention.As prescribed by a doctor used dietary supplements, special diets.

Video: Dr. Komarovsky about autism

competent and adequate view of one of the most well-known pediatricians CIS Dr. Komarovsky see in the video.It is popularly tells about autism, what is this disease, how to deal with it.The doctor will explain intelligibly what the early signs of the disease, describe the challenges that may face parents will tell where to go for help and will answer questions from the audience.Raises an important theme of the emergence of acquired disease in children after an event (vaccination, serious illness, etc..), Describe symptoms.