How to clean silver at home

In each house we can find the silverware.It can be jewelry or silverware.But this beautiful precious metal tends to blacken and covered by patina.In the process of socks jewelry or silver service, products lose their original luster, so they need to be cleaned periodically.Time to carry the product to clean the jewelry shop, is not always enough, and do not want to wait long to return the favorite decoration, so we tell you how to clean silver at home.Choice of silver cleaning depends on the following factors:

  • sample products
  • Pollution degree
  • presence of gilding
  • Availability gems
  • size products

Silver is a very soft metal, so it is resistant to scratches and use rough brush or cloth can not.By choosing cleaning products, we also approached very carefully so as not to spoil the product.

Shoe silver special means

cleaning fluid you can find in any jewelry store.They are often used to clean silver jewelry.The consultant will advise you the best option

for your product and make recommendations.The most popular means of Silver Quick Johnson.Return the decoration shine through special cleaning fluids is fairly easy: you spray on a tissue or cotton ball and wipe the product.Choosing liquid for cleaning silver, ask the seller if you can use it for jewelry with precious stones, or at the wrong choice, the stones can lose their shine and covered with a layer of plaque.

Silver Shoe soda

But not everyone has the opportunity to purchase the cleaning fluid, so show you how to clean silver at home with improvised means.One of the oldest ways - it is cleaning silver soda.It is very well dissolves plaque and dirt.For jewelry cook the mixture in the form of a slurry of water and soda, apply the product and wipe with a soft cloth, then rinse.The result will surprise you very much.To clean silverware, place all the objects in a bowl, pour baking soda and pour warm water, let it brew for 30-40 minutes.Then wipe each piece of cloth and rinse with water.

Silver Shoe ammonia

Prepare a solution for cleaning very easy.Making the solution ratio of 1 to 10, that is, one part of ammonia or ammonia to 10 parts water.We lower the product into the solution for several hours, then washed with water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.The product will be like new.Such a method used by some jewelers.For regular use of silver soap cleansing solution to which is added several drops of ammonia.

Cleaning toothpaste silver

Toothpaste is an excellent tool for cleaning not too contaminated jewelry.You can use a soft cloth, and for applications in which many small details, use a soft toothbrush.Apply toothpaste on the decoration, just remember, the paste should be plain white, no different impurities that can damage the silver, after the application of a little wait and carefully proceed with the cleaning.With soft lint toothbrush, you can easily clean the fine details on a product, then rinse thoroughly with water, or may be left white patches.Wipe dry with a cloth and your jewelry will shine like new.Also, using a toothbrush handy to clean delicate chain with small links.

Shoe silver salt

Salt perfectly dissolves grease and dirt.Its good to use for jewelry with pearls, because it easily loses its natural color.To do this, wrap the jewelry in a soft cloth with salt and keep under water until the salt leaching.However, for products with pearls better not to use extreme methods of cleansing and care for jewelry every day.To silverware returned the original form, place it in a boiling solution of 25 g of salt, 10 g of cream of tartar, and 400 g of water.

Other ways to clean silver at home

considered a good means of citric acid.In just a few minutes of concentrated solution of water and citric acid will return silverware shine.

hydrogen peroxide mixed with a few drops of alcohol is good for cleaning jewelry.

If you put money in Coca-Cola after a few hours it will shine like new.

Get rid of the mold easily, placing the money in 6% vinegar solution.

How to clean silver at home

For silver-gilt, always use the special funds from the jewelry stores.Otherwise the layer of gold quickly erased.

Always use a soft cloth that does not appear on the product scratches.

¬ęBeauty requires victims and regularity" - this also applies to products made of silver.

Carefully use cleaners jewelry with stones.

Collection and expensive products, better to give in to clean the jewelry shops.Do not experiment with them at home.

After cleaning, be sure to dry the product.You can do a hairdryer or putting the clock in paper napkins.

Store silver in a special box, do not drop it next to chemicals, particularly with medicines, as well as in conditions of high humidity.This will result in staining and mold.

If you go in the shower or do housework, always remove the decorations.Cleaning products contain many harmful substances that are bad for the product, and soapy water creates plaque.

Gently wear their silver and regularly look after them, if not to lose the original appearance.In addition, watch the video on how to clean silver at home.