bride price scenario

Wedding - it's always an exciting event.Bride full preparing for the holiday, and the task of the bridesmaids - to make sure that everything went well.One of the important tasks for the bridesmaids - to do a good script bride price, because this begins with such a solemn day.We give some examples of interesting foreclosure scenarios.Let's start with the fact that you need to choose very individual.First, the script will depend on where the bride is taken Apartment in apartment buildings, villa, etc. Secondly - of course the wedding theme...For example, if the bride and groom informal, probably a ransom with hearts and pink balls they do not fit.

script quickly bride price 15 minutes

If time is limited or the ransom is the usual formality, offering quick script bride price.It is very simple and takes about 10-15 minutes.This redemption is usually chosen by those who takes a bride from the apartment.

redemption Scenario 1

At each rung of the ladder are arranged one letter.Wh

en the groom rises, he should call the one kind word addressed to the bride that begins with that letter.Just do not get carried away, 15-20 steps will be more than enough.

redemption Scenario 2

At each rung of the ladder laid out questions about the bride and her family.The groom must either answer a question correctly or pay a penalty for a wrong answer.To use this scenario, it is better to know in advance whether the groom will be able to answer these questions.No need to invent too complicated, it should be easy and fun, it's a wedding, not a game of "what, where, when?".

Scenario 3 redemption

At each rung of the ladder can expand Hearts with the tasks for the groom.All interested in the fact that the groom is allowed to step over them and perform only those that he will come.Tasks should not be complicated, so they can be performed quickly.

script redemption quest

If the couple decided to make the wedding an original and no hurry, the groom can offer to pass an adventure,before he would see his beloved.Redemption quest is to groom performed various tasks and find clues about where his bride.If you have a small town, you can post hints throughout the city, and if you live in the city, it is better to hide them in the yard.In any case, expect that the redemption will take more than an hour.Advantages are that visitors will not forget the original idea, and if you need to go to the registry office in the afternoon, it will be a great way to take some time.The list of disadvantages include the expectation of the bride, it will be very boring to sit and wait for a loved one, dependent on the weather, it's not very pleasant to run on the street, if there is rain or too cold, and not everyone will want to go through the city, so it is best to discuss all in advance,not to get an unpleasant surprise, and the mood was not spoiled.Bridesmaids must be remembered that such a scenario come to ransom must be very creative: think of tasks and puzzles.The quest should be interesting.

foreclosure scenario - a fairy tale

for romantics and those who takes the bride of a country house, is a good option in the form of redemption tale.The groom wears a suit the hero, and the participants in costumes Baba Yaga, Goblin and other fairy tale characters.For the city, you will need to make a scenery that scene was fabulous.The words and the script can write yourself, the only condition - should be a lot of words from Russian folk tales.Such a scenario is not too fast and takes 30-40 minutes.

Tips scenario bride price

The most important rule - all the jokes have to be good and without hidden meaning, otherwise, the whole holiday can be spoiled from the start.

Before compile the script, talk to the bride and groom about what that pleasant events in their life, let them remember how to get to know how to develop relationships, and delicately specify topics that are not worth mentioning.

Find out how long the bride and groom are ready to take on the ransom left should remain for about 20 minutes, so as not to be late to the registrar.

not invent contests in which someone may be injured.

dowry-activity fun, do not take it too seriously and get upset if the groom can not do what the job is, just take from it for this fine example treats.

Try to have bridesmaids and groomsmen also participated in the redemption, and not just standing and bored all the time.

Think of an interesting ending, for example freeze a few keys in the ice cubes, and the groom has to guess which key fits, then melt the ice and pick your favorite.Also, the keys can be placed inside balloons.

whole scenario has to be very well thought out and should be options for the extreme cases, as can happen anything.

Example cheerful bride price to the video.