New contests for corporate parties

To a holiday really successful, you need to thoroughly prepare for it.In any group there must exist a person or group of people who will take the organizational problems, come up with New Year's competitions for corporate parties and prepare the necessary props.They will be leading the event.About the prizes to the winners shall take care of the company's management.

best scenario contests for corporate Christmas 2016


Props: paper strips 10 cm long and 1 cm wide, the glue.

Each participant is issued strips from which each of them has to glue a garland.The winner is the participant who will stick together very long garland.Garlands can be used to decorate the Christmas tree.

«rallied collective»

Props: two elongated balloons or a pair of plastic bottles.

The game involved the whole team, which is divided into two teams, which are built in rows.The task of members of each team - to pass as quickly as possible to each other a ball or a bottle."Chip" is tha

t you can only transfer the object down.

«dress up the Christmas tree»

Props: Christmas tree, Christmas decorations, blindfolds.

task of the participants of the New Year contest for the corporate party - dress up a Christmas tree.Participate in it only a part of the present, they are bred in different corners of the room, blindfolded and unwind.Who will hang the toy, he is a winner.The rest of the guests can be an obstacle for the players.

«Guess prize»

props: blindfold, insulating gloves, prizes.

All guests of the event in turn got the prize from the box.The difficulty is that they are blindfolded, and their hands - insulating gloves.If a player manages to guess the prize, he receives it as a gift.

«Fight Kremlin chimes»

Props: several pairs of pots and ladles.

Participants include several pairs of players.One of them is tied to the belt much rope, and the other - the ladle.The winner is the pair that manages to extract the most high-profile and rhythmic beats "chimes".

«Make a wish for the New Year»

Props: vouchers, pens or pencils, a box.

Each festival participant writes on a piece of desire for the next year.Next, add up all the pieces of the box.Then at random contestants take out sheets one by one with the wishes and read out aloud.Of course, everyone has different wishes, the funnier will hear the desire to lose weight or to get married by the man or the desire to meet a girl from buhgaltershi.

«declaration of love" should not

No props, competition is conducted at the table, which is very handy when the guests were tired.Each participant of the game is to take turns to come up with a declaration of love.For example, recognition may be: "I love you for your beautiful eyes" or "I love your smile."Those who can not come up with acceptance within 5 seconds out of the game.The winners are awarded prizes.

«Christmas fun starts»

Props: cardboard rings glued foil prizes.

as prizes in this fun are the bottles with various drinks.The player's task - to 3 attempts to try to throw a ring on the bonus bottle of champagne or other alcohol.Not far from the place of the cast set the bottle of beer, a bit further - with wine and champagne, as well as the main prize at the Long-range set of valuable bottle skate.Win a prize, participants take home to your New Year's table.

«Santa Claus»

Props: costumes of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, SOUND, prizes.

This music and dance competition.Presenter includes incendiary rhythmic music, and all the participants show what they can do in the dance.Best dancer appoint honorary "Santa Claus", and dancer - "Snow Maiden".The winners will receive prizes.

«Mountain slalom»

Props: two pairs of children's plastic skis and poles, two blindfolds, cans of beverage.

participate in the fun on two members of each "race".Participants blindfolded must overcome the "ski" track with obstacles in the form of pyramids of empty cans.Viewers have the right to suggest the direction of movement, to cheer the participants.The winner is the "skier", which will be able to quickly overcome all the track.Each obstacle knocked down punishable by a fine of 3-5 seconds.Ideally, you want to go so as not to bring down barriers.The winners are awarded medals.

«Mr. Snowman»

Props: sheets, buckets, carrot, broom.

The participants are divided into two teams, each team is selected from the participant to the role of a snowman.The goal of each team - as quickly as possible to dress up a snowman.

«Snowy towns»

Props: snow or paper, tin cans of drinks.

If there is snow contest is held in the yard, and if there is no snow, then in the room.The problem of participants - to get snowballs or paper rolled up in balls with 3-5 attempts built of cans pieces.

«Gallop around the Christmas tree»

Props: bags (canvas, plastic, garbage).

Players become in a bag and jumping race around the Christmas tree, table, chairs, etc.The first to reach the finish line is the winner and gets a prize.

«Draw the symbol of 2016»

Props: paper, pencils, pens, a valuable prize.

Since competition and creativity to win you need to make an effort, the prize has to be really valuable.The problem of participants - to draw a symbol of the year on the eastern calendar.2016 - Year of the Horse, so the contestants will draw a horse.Precious gift received by the participant, to draw a beautiful picture or funny.This competition is better to tell in advance, before the event, the participants to work out in the drawing.Drawing winner placed on the wall in the office of the chief until the next New Year corporate party.A few original ideas of Christmas contests presented in the video.