Educational mats for babies

preparing for the birth of a baby, many parents become expensive entertainment venues for leisure of his child.We are talking about all kinds of sun loungers, rocking mobile and baby swing.However, in practice, not every child to taste such fun, because just lie in a comfortable chair bored.Educational mats for babies - the best deal from the manufacturers of children's products.They guarantee mothers minute rest, and kiddies - interesting pastime.

wide range of models developing rugs Baby allows you to purchase items of any size, shape and filling.It may be, for example, soft and ergonomic mats made of natural materials for children younger than 4 months, or play surface with a plurality of parts for a child up to 2 years.What criteria govern the purchase of the carpet, know the specialists in the field of interactive children's toys.We recommend that you familiarize yourself with their recommendations before going to the store.

main differences developing rugs

key consideration when s

electing a developmental mat baby is the child's age.It determines the size, shape, grade product: the smaller the child, the easier and safer to be the design of the game pad.The presence of the musical accompaniment, rustling pockets and shoots soft springs can scare the kid, you get used to the outside world.Bing variegated pattern - this should be abandoned immediately, taking care of the child's comfort.

to operate the game pad brings only positive emotions, when buying pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. size.Babe to six months will be more convenient to the small pads with protection in the form of solid skirting along the perimeter of the product.You can leave a baby for long, without fear that it will roll on the floor and kick.Large mats should buy if the child already starts to creep: this activity on a soft surface will proceed safely as possible.
  2. form.Educational mats for babies generally have a round or oval shape.Children under six months do not need a lot of space for movement, so there is no need to buy products of traditional square shape.Also popular are rectangular mats, covering almost the entire floor area.If you are a happy mother of twins, the game pad of this size - is what you need!
  3. material.Natural fabrics and the quality of used dyes - the basic requirements for material of children's rugs.Their surface may be completely smooth or embossed with a plurality of decorative elements.For the baby, to avoid skin irritation, it is better to buy a product from a flat fabric.The child is older to develop tactile sensitivity recommended contact with the textured surfaces.
  4. Availability arcs for attaching toys.Soft printed arc, came with developing rugs, perform basic interactive features.They are hung at different levels of the group of toys, musical modules rattles.Trying to reach the handles hanging objects, the child grasping reflexes trains and develops attention.

Components developing pads

newborn addition to removable arcs designed for mounting of soft toys, packaging developing mats for babies includes a number of additional details.Their amount depends on the length and quality of the gameplay: the more items included, the more interesting the child spends time.Carpets for babies, available for sale, are completed with details such as:

  1. Rattles.Cubes of soft material, filled with jingling balls, will contribute to the development of hearing and the child's attention.Unlike the old heavy rattles, new products are safe and can not harm the baby.
  2. Mirror.A small mirror in a soft rim, sewn to the pad surface or embedded in the pocket will cause the child's higher interest.Looking at his reflection, the kid quickly get used to it, and will not be afraid of the mirror surface in the future.
  3. Cutters.Toys made of solid rubber, will become a real salvation during the eruption of primary teeth.The child will be able to chew on the soft rubber Circuits toys - they just do not raskroshatsya and not get into the respiratory tract.Cutters with the liquid inside to be hold in the refrigerator before use: they will cool and remove the gum inflammation.
  4. Interactive toys.Glowing and music modules can distract a crying baby and switch his attention to a particular object.You can also include a quiet classical music and leave the baby for a short time of one - soon he will fall asleep without any motion sickness.
  5. Toys transformers.The combination of the soft parts in a simple substantive composition will allow to develop imagination and thinking of your baby.During the shifting elements from one place to another will also hone grasping reflex.
  6. books.Cloth books on stickers with the image of animals, numbers, letters - a great opportunity for early learning.The child will be able to leaf through the pages, soft, training fine motor skills fingers, teach colors and put the letters in his first words.If you want to wash a book or take it with you - simply unclip it from the game mat.

Educational mats for babies with their hands

Design rugs developing baby is diverse, but to choose a model that is suitable for all parameters at once is difficult.In such cases, the aid comes imagination and desire to do for your child is really unique and functional product.Sew develops mat for babies with their hands easily, the main thing to enlist all the necessary materials and detailed instructions:

  • Make a diagrammatic sketch of your product, mark the desired size.
  • Prepare different trim fabrics.Use only natural and pure materials.
  • If you want to make the application of animals, cut them from the tissue in which they are depicted.Try to choose materials of different textures: smooth, rough, soft, fleecy.

  • To fill the mat you will need foam or any synthetic filler (padding polyester, hollofayber).
  • Dougie usually made of cut in half the children's hoop.They should be easy and safe for the baby, so the preference is better to give the products of plastic.
  • Nasheyte the surface mat Various accessories (buttons, zippers, balls, rustling pockets on the padlock).You can also make double-sided game mat: one side is smooth for recreation, and other relief for games and training.

Master-class on making developmental mat baby look in the video.

Mats transformers

organize a playground for your baby in a flat is not easy, because it must be not only safe, but also functional.Acquisition usually develops mat for babies sometimes do not solve all the problems - the child quickly get bored of the same toys, and he begins to act up.The product is capable of taking many forms, will always look fresh and new, and thus never bored your daze!

Mats transformers - a real salvation for parents: they are easy to fold into a bag for storage of toys fit in the playpen, easy to travel.This playing field easily transported from place to place and easy to use.The absence of sharp edges and small parts crumbling - another plus rugs, Transformers for children from 0-18 months.

What is one of the models of rugs, Transformers, see in the video.

Developmental mat Tiny Love

brand Tiny Love - is a company with 30 years of experience in the production of children's entertainment market.It creates high-quality educational toys for children, contributing to the formation of mental and emotional qualities of a full-fledged personality.

brand Tiny Love, always striving for perfection, developing its products according to a 7-speed system development of children up to 3 years.This means that any toys from this manufacturer created not only for entertainment but also for integrated development.

Game Tiny Love mats are made from high quality materials, so do not lose their appearance even after numerous washings.All are equipped with music panels Kick Play, worse off quiet classical music at an acceptable volume level for the baby.Funny little animals, suspended from the arches at different heights, will stimulate the development of grasping reflex and emotional child.

In addition, using the playground Tiny Lovemalysh learn to establish cause-effect relationships, vocabulary and quickly adapts to the world.Games products from Tiny Love - the best buy for your child!

Developing rug "Zoo┬╗

The package playground "Zoo" by Tiny Love enters a soft surface with two arcs, teethers in the form of butterflies and three hanging rattles (lion, a giraffe and a duck).The mat is made in the form of an island surrounded by water, which are painted animals: bear, lamb, a lion, a giraffe.Above the island of the sun is depicted, the birds, the bees and the kite.To present the design of this product, take a look at the photo below:

Most of the images on the playing mat "Zoo" by volume and is made of textured materials:

  • squirrels with rustling tails
  • sun with a crispy surface, closing poultry
  • kite hiding bees
  • giraffe with rustling velvet neck
  • mouse with long sprawling tails
  • lamb, make sounds when

pressed As you can see, the game "Zoo" field is multifunctional and capablecaptivate the child for the whole day.If you notice that the baby began to play and wants to take a nap, turn on a calm soothing melody to Kick Play pane to his dream became even sweeter!

Acquire educational mats for babies in stores or over the Internet and share their impressions from buying at the bottom of the page.Playgrounds by Tiny Love and other manufacturers will make your child's childhood really happy!

If you have already purchased a developing pad for your child, share your impressions in the comments.