Massage for babies

for proper development of the child is important not only to carry out all the recommendations of doctors, but also to carry out the procedure at home independently.For example, to carry out this kind of healing massage for infants.What actions are part of it and learn how to massage your baby?

massage features for

actively massaging newborn infants are permitted from the age of 20 days.Until that time, you can simply stroking the skin surface and gently knead the joints.

newborn body responds quickly to stimulation, so that even light strokes will give an excellent effect.Massaging is necessary nearly all of the body, including the hands, feet, fingers and earlobes.This will help your child develop much faster and more harmonious.To the child is not capricious, you can give him a toy.

How useful baby massage?

Doctors say that by massaging baby sit a lot faster, begin to crawl and walk.Besides improving blood circulation, muscles develop evenly and hypertonicity reduced, which is part

icularly important for infants.During the procedure, there is an acceleration of the biological processes.Auditory, visual and emotional centers will reach full maturity.

Daily massage, which conducts mom helps to establish an emotional connection between her and the child, which also affects the development.Especially it concerns situations where the procedure is like the kid.

Massage for newborn rarely limited stroking and kneading.In most cases, the procedure is combined with exercises - exercises, age-matched.

massage techniques

The baby accustomed to your hands, first of all, spend stroking.All you need to iron the body, arms and legs, do not forget about the crown.

Next gentle grinding conducted all these areas with greater intensity.Gradually move on to kneading.Note that in the abdomen, groin and head this technique is particularly needed to use carefully.

After that the effleurage, which is placed on the skin areas with plenty of muscle or adipose tissue, and is also used in children with high weight.Complete massage of the newborn in the reverse order.

Types of massage

In medicine, massage can be divided into local and general.A newborn baby is a general massage.But if conditions do local massage - for any part of the body.For example, to the back, chest, legs, handles, necks, and so on.This procedure is done at elevated tone.

There are techniques used under certain conditions.So, moms can independently use massage for colic, bloating, to calm the kids in nervous overexcitation.


peculiarity of relaxing massage is considered to be a relaxing and no sudden movements.It is recommended to use only the stroking and rubbing.If at the beginning of the procedure the baby began to cry, the kneading should calm him down.It is not necessary to do it rapidly and intensely, then the skin after the procedure does not turn red, but will get a nice pink color.

Perform relaxing manipulation newborn is recommended before going to bed.When done properly, the baby should sleep afterwards.

cope with colic

Get rid of colic that bother the kids the first three months, you need to massage your hands warm and when the room temperature is at least 25 degrees.Place the newborn on his tummy and patting on the sacrum, calm him.Next, turn the crumbs back and knead tummy.

normalize bowel function to help a circular motion clockwise strokes on the edges of the line to the groin, and the light tapping her fingers on the tummy or back.

Massage for constipation

If the newborn emerged constipation, massage can help relieve the problem.It must be carried out at least five times a day, for five minutes.A good massage has the effect on the first day.In the first stage of a stroke in a clockwise direction in the abdominal area.Then mash the skin around the navel, gradually moving to the sides.

At the second stage you can go to the back.Running skin rubbing in a circular motion on both sides of the spine.The third stage involves stroking and end the conversation.

Massage with umbilical hernia in a child

Place your baby on his side for a few minutes and stroking his back.Then turn to the other side and repeat the procedure.After that you can make raising a newborn body of the handle from a position lying on the back.

will be effective and of turning from back to stomach and back.Excellent help putting some baby on her stomach and crawling stimulation attempts.All procedures are carried out twice, and the entire session does not take more than five minutes.Carry it to the newborn is recommended 2-3 times a day.

Contraindications to massage

Massage is only permitted if the newborn is healthy and is in a great mood, otherwise it develop into a negative reflex to the procedure.With regard to health, contraindications may be fever, diseases of the skin, joints, congenital heart disease, infectious processes, severe malnutrition, diathesis, with hernia symptom infringement or falling bodies.

best effect will only be subject to the proper conduct of all procedures.Long massage weary child, and therefore do not tighten it too much.During the massage, talk with the baby, for example, count fingers when kneading knobs or praise when stroking the shoulder.The main task is considered to be the elimination of unpleasant sensations in the child.

Tips masseurs

  • Conduct massage for children you can use the oils, creams or order special formulations.The only requirement is to use only those means that are appropriate for age.
  • Perform massage on a hard surface, every day, at one and the same time.
  • Do not massage a certain point, without knowing their precise location.
  • If you are unsure of the action, visit a specialist and remember all his movements.

General massage is capable of performing any mother, but a local little harder.You can buy the book at an affordable price in the store, or get acquainted with the technology for video tutorial below.

If you have already massage your baby, and you know the secrets of its performance?Share your experiences by leaving a review in the comments box at the bottom of the page.