How to return a loved one

Breaking up is always difficult.Especially if you love a person, and you had a falling out of the blue.In such a situation will only clear plan of action.Use this step by step directions.

Sometimes life is such that even a strong family units break down.The separation takes place on various occasions.Passed love, I was disappointed in a partner, and feelings are not the same - over the years, people are bored with each other.They begin to feel that there is no point in staying together.To decide how to return a loved one, you should understand the reason why the gap occurred.
man and a woman begin a serious relationship because of the presence of needs that they want to meet.This is not necessarily a need for sex.People besides him need love, respect, care.Do not forget about the financial and housing.If a loved one is deprived of what he expects from the partner, begin disorders.
As soon as you realize that you start to lose a loved one, immediately proceed to solve the problem.Otherwise,

the chance of success will be missed.We need to make sure that the person you really close.Did you really better to leave.

How to return a loved one - is it possible?

Yeah, maybe.The main thing - to understand the situation, to draw correct conclusions and take a decision.We offer the following algorithm to determine the cause of quarrels:

  • first step is to determine who is actually the initiator of parting.
  • Next you need to be honest to admit that what causes become an obstacle between you and your loved one.
  • For further discussion required a clear mind - will have to completely calm and without unnecessary emotions ponder whether to throw you people really loved you.
  • Try to identify the tipping point, and remember, that was the reason for changing attitudes.Determine where you made a mistake.
  • Consider methods of eliminating the causes of separation, make a plan of their actions.

According to psychologists, if relations break has already occurred, the chances of recovery are not very large.The fact that the gap is simply not the case.Before making a decision, the person carefully considering all the "pros" and "cons."To turn everything back, serious efforts are needed.
chances for rapprochement great in the event that the pair had common interests and needs and or partners are able to take into account each other's interests.In other cases, the relationship is sure to be broken.

Should I return it?

you have already analyzed the situation, identified the cause or causes of separation and made a plan to return a loved one.Then the following question arises: whether to restore your relationship need?It all depends on why you end the relationship.If your partner is constantly changing, he shows aggression, and even beat, in every way showed disrespect - why should restore such a relationship?
But more often it is different: you are suddenly parted due to the usual argument, and there was no time or opportunity to resolve the conflict.In this case, the desire to settle the conflict will be quite natural.

What to do to revive the love

  • First Council - need to calm down, pull yourself together.Down with tears, prayers, groans - you need to show firmness and fortitude.Implementation of this rule - the key to success.
  • Do not show the former partner as you find it hard to endure the separation.We need at least outwardly show that you care.If not all the same, it is not enough to go on his mind.
  • If your partner suggests that the time for you to leave, it is better to say: "Let it be so, then let us part friends."No need to tantrums and "burning" of bridges, better to leave the chance to return.
  • More to go there, where there is a person with whom you have left.Do not stop contacts with mutual friends, and do not forget to him occasionally tinkled.Assertive exercise is not necessary - it is better to comply with the measure.

psychologist Tips

Not all women have friends or relatives who can listen and give good advice.Then there is another option - to seek help from a psychologist.We advise you to pay attention to the recommendations of psychologists - they really help.
Calm down, try to quickly get out of stress.Get rid of heavy thoughts, girls do it easily - just weep, take a bath or a shower, go to bed early.Do not try to deal with stress by using alcohol - it will only temporarily.
Before proceeding to action, reflect on the history of their relationship - you need to find your mistakes and try to correct them.Even if you do not return a loved one, you will know what you'd be wrong.
you already know where to make a mistake, then just have to act.Trust in the power of his feelings on love, sexuality, intellect.Avoid molestation, make a plan for the return of a loved one and clearly conceived Perform.

How to return a lover, if he went to rival

reason for your breakup - his leaving her for another woman?Then the problem of the return of a loved one is greatly complicated.Here you need a special psychological approach.Use your entire arsenal of feminine charm, all the facilities are good.Find out your opponent.
If she's smart, be even smarter if beautiful, have become more attractive if she is sexy - be more candid and sexy.Do not forget to use its drawbacks.Do not try to get it back right now - even if initially forgotten story of your breakup.

change ourselves in order to return a loved

The changes need not only your appearance, but also the world.We must not only look attractive, feminine and sensual, but also to feel like that.Everything looks bored and unacceptable, it is necessary to remove ruthlessly.Hairstyle, manicure, make-up - everything has to be on top.
should not prematurely disclose to him his new image - even for him it will be an absolute surprise!Think about where you'd better meet.Ideally, he should be with his new passion.You should look at this as a chance encounter would be much better than the opponent.In any case, it will compare it too.And if the comparison will be not in favor of the opponent, your lover will understand that obviously a fool, parting with such a wonderful girl like you.
During the meeting, try to be calm and confident, let him feel your attraction to him.It is likely that he will respond to you in return.After a while, arrange other meetings, but without a rival.If he comes in contact, try to talk in a relaxed form to express their point of view on your relationship, let him tell her.Do you have all the chances to return the beloved.Good luck!

In this video you will learn what are the things you should not do in the process of rapprochement: