What talk to a guy

Even the most sociable girls sometimes feel uncomfortable in the moments of silence while interacting with the opposite sex.Such situations often arise when communication has only just begun, and has not yet found common ground.At this point, the girl is very important to know what to talk about with the guy, because it affects their future communication.Especially carefully it is necessary to choose the topic of conversation with the pleasant young man with whom want to take a closer look.

Secrets communication Man

If the girls together easily find a common language, even when the views are completely different, the guys a little more complicated.It is important to pay attention not only on the topic of conversation, but also on the manner of communication.Some girls with good all-round development may scare young man, and he will cease to communicate with them, will begin to avoid them, ignore.How, then, to communicate with the guys?

By phone

Most guys do not like to spend hours

on the phone to talk about anything.Do not keep ringing every half hour to tell that missed again, especially if you're still just friends.SMS messages - also not an option.Frequent cell phone calls can be annoying and cause a feeling of Man that girl just bored and have nothing to do.But you might want your favorite guy or good morning sweet dreams, it will be nice to him.

In rare cases, young guys like to talk for a long time on the phone with his girlfriend.Learn simply - these people themselves will often call and write.As for the rest, stick to these rules of communication by phone:

  • report only specific information.
  • To interest male in the beginning of the conversation.The theme of communication should be very interesting for the young man.
  • To present all in clear language and avoid complex sentences and metaphors.

by correspondence in VC

Social networks greatly simplify communication, start a conversation on the Internet much easier.It all began with a simple message is "Hello."Pages in VK, Odnoklassniki, Facebook or other services prompt the interests of Man and will help to find a suitable topic of conversation.Sometimes View profile tells about a young man so that the desire to communicate with him no longer.

If you decide to start a conversation, it is better to start gently theme, based on the interests of Man, will be win-win theme of cinema and music, even if the taste did not match.Discussing films (live action, interesting moments), it is possible to get to know the person, to the point, what girls like a guy.Communication in social networks is good that there is the possibility to transfer their emotions or make conversation brighter and more interesting with the help of emoticons, pictures, photos, audio recordings.

on Skype

Communication on Skype is more powerful.Service allows you to not be limited to simple correspondence and talking, looking at him.Such communication more emotional, and you can see how the second call participant responds to those or other things during the meeting.Man's reaction will tell you what topics should be avoided and are not affected.Video chat on skype a lot better than on the phone or in FaceBook correspondence, but nothing replaces a live conversation at the meeting.

Topics to communicate with a guy

The conversation should be of interest for Man.Young people will not talk for hours about how best to choose a nail polish that outfit or a new guy your girlfriend.In conversation, avoid gossip and unintelligible or uninteresting topics.Especially difficult to find the topic at the first meeting.In such cases it is better to give him a chance to tell about yourself: about school, work, friends, interesting moments of life.Excessive talk about his biography for a girl to be unnecessary, it is always a mystery must remain, it is not necessary to talk about the details of his personal life.

There are many topics that will be of interest to both the guy and the girl.You can start a conversation, and that what is not know much about.It is important to avoid disputes in such matters.It is not only laugh knowledgeable guy, but you do not put up in the best light.It sets out the conversation on unfamiliar topics, make the person concerned, sometimes nod your head and ask questions.This will help you learn more about the young man, and broaden their horizons.

If you do not know what it is necessary to talk to the man, it is better to discuss:

  1. relationship.At the beginning of communication to find out what type of girls prefer a guy.If the couple have together, even for a short time, she can start a conversation about what to expect from this relationship and what is not tolerated.Speaking on this subject, do not let memories of ex-partners.In an interview you can address the problems that exist in pairs, if any.Sooner or later they will have to decide why such conversations do not tighten and resolve a problem immediately.Talk to the guy on the relationship succeed only when he is set to this conversation.
  2. Cinema.Now a lot of interesting films, so it's easy to start a conversation about the movies or shows.This conversation, for sure, will entice both parties, especially if the film is really exciting.It will be interesting to learn about what's new has happened, and you can see.
  3. hobby or sport.This is another topic that will be an interesting young man.Discuss this conversation that the guy likes to do in their spare time than interested in, what team is sick.The girl does not have to be a fan of a sports club, which is like the guy, but show respect for the interests of the interlocutor would be superfluous.
  4. Literature.Recently, talk about the books is interesting not every guy, but still there are some who like to read.The conversation can use phrases or quotes from well-known works.But do not bother the subject of Man, that he is not interested.If a young man is not interested in literature, do not bother him such stories.
  5. Museums and memorial sites.Every city has attractions.Not bad is it to talk to the guy for a walk, to visit these places.The meeting will be interesting and exciting, and that she remembered, you can take some photos.
  6. Computers.Young people like to talk about all kinds of gadgets and technology, and discuss not only the software, but also the inside of the PC.Such conversations can help find the girl why the computer sometimes freezes, where do viruses and how they affect the performance of "machine".
  7. Recreation and Travel.Discussion of plans and wishes for the coming weekend will be not only interesting, but useful topic for couples.This conversation will help you plan the rest time and avoid any conflict or unpleasant situations.Tell us that you want to visit and describe in detail what you expect from a joint holiday.
  8. Cars.This topic is interesting almost all the guys, but unknown to most women.If a woman show little interest in cars and start asking pertinent questions, the young man gladly support the conversation and tell all that he knows.The guy will appreciate a girl and feel that she interested in his hobbies.In these conversations develop trust in each other.
  9. work or study.Here the young man spends most of his time.Other interesting situations occur in moments of activity.Ask the Man, how was your day.Through such conversations, the young people share what worries him, and will feel concern on your part.

What else guys like to talk

conversation with a guy is not limited to these topics.Different conversations promote familiarity with the interests of Man, preferences and plans for the future (self-development, obtaining additional education).Also during the conversation it is possible to touch on the shortcomings of the partner, to express their views, but do not be too critical.It is better to present your this in comic form, with a smile on his face.You can ask a young man to advise something important to you.

What topics should not affect when speaking on

date To date went well and there were only a good impression, do not affect communication with the following topics:

  • past relationships;
  • intimate details of life;
  • own failures, complaints;
  • discussion of the details of his personal life friends, friends (gossip);
  • policy, sometimes religion;
  • health problems.

How to behave when talking

During a conversation with a guy, do not behave arrogantly and obsessive - young people do not really like these girls.The interviewee should be of interest, not a desire to end the conversation quickly.The girl must be a welcoming, friendly, interested in the conversation.Talk to a Man in plain language - avoid allusions, especially controversial.Young people must understand you correctly.Only the mutual interest in a conversation will make communication enjoyable.If the topic is unpleasant guy, close it and is no longer affected.