Bondage for pregnant women - which one is best to choose

Pregnancy - the long-awaited and exciting moment for every woman.Everyone is waiting, when it begins to show his tummy, changing shape and making it more attractive.But with the growth of the abdomen increases the load on the spine and internal organs.To facilitate "burden" and to prevent the appearance of striae (stretch marks) will belt for pregnant women.How to choose the accessory, which is better to buy, and what is the difference of each?

What bandage

What is the band for pregnant, what it is and whether it is necessary?This is a special medical belt, used to maintain the front walls of the abdominal muscles and reduce the load on the spine.Bondage for pregnant women, as a rule, apply to 25 weeks (in the case of a multiple pregnancy - earlier), when the child begins to actively grow, and with it the tummy.Increasing the load on the back, especially with the active lifestyle of the pregnant woman, and to facilitate the load applied bandage.

addition to medical purpose, the use of t

he belt and has cosmetic "subtext" - reduces the risk of stretch marks, invisible under clothes and looks very aesthetically pleasing.

Before choosing and buying products should consult with their physician.Often obstetricians do recommend wearing a bandage for pregnant women, but there are times when its use is strictly prohibited due to contraindications.

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Video: how to wear a bandage for pregnant and what to choose?

Indications for wearing

buy or not bandage - a private matter of each woman, but there are certain indications for its use.These include:

  • pregnancy over 25 weeks, especially if it is not the first, and the second and subsequent;
  • active lifestyle pregnant when she continues to work, or a large amount of time (4 hours or more) in an upright position;
  • predisposition to the appearance of stretch marks;
  • weak pelvic floor muscles and abdominals;
  • increase spinal bending due to the load on his back as a result of fetal growth;
  • low back pain, curvature of the spine;
  • pain;
  • obstetric pathology (the scar on the uterus, abortion threat, large fetus, polyhydramnios, low position of the fetus).

If you experience back pain, or there is other evidence, then wear a bandage for pregnant women is to preserve the well-being, mood and maintain the health of the unborn baby.

Types of tires - what are they?

are several types of bandages for pregnant women:

  • Prenatal - used with 25 weeks and helps reduce back pain, intelligently distributing weight.
  • Postpartum - used after childbirth, often doctors are allowed to be worn in the day of the birth of the baby.Using such a belt after delivery helps to restore muscle tone in the abdominal and quickly get back into shape, getting rid of postpartum sagging tummy.
  • Combined - Universal bandage for pregnant women, which is due to adjustable fasteners woman can be used both before birth and after.

Prenatal products of this type, in turn, are classified into:

  • Bondage pants for pregnant women who look like lingerie with elastic insert.The product is worn as a rule, over the panties in the morning without getting up from bed.This accessory is perfectly supports the growing uterus and fetus.Not recommended for women, gaining a lot of weight, because the product will soon "become small" and begin to cut into the skin, bringing discomfort.
  • Bondage Belt - elastic band with Velcro fasteners or multilevel.It is popular because it is possible to adjust the dimensions.Can be worn and wear, both horizontally and vertically.

Postnatal bandages are also several varieties.The most popular are:

  • postpartum waist band;
  • bandage pants (they have overestimated the waist, thereby retracts the stomach);
  • postpartum bandage-grace (a kind of corset, which reduces the load);
  • special bandage after cesarean section (postoperative), which supports joint and abdominal muscles.

Popular models bandages look at the photo below.

How to choose

Choosing a bandage for pregnant women, should take into account several important points:

  • size should be one size larger than your regular clothes (if you buy a bandage-panties)if times get - is to measure the volume of the abdomen and thighs.
  • better to buy one that is made of high-quality, breathable materials.So you can not worry about the possibility of allergic reactions and irritation.The best option - made from 100% natural materials (eg, thick cotton).This accessory allows the skin to "breathe" and does not cause irritation.
  • you need to feel comfortable wearing a bandage (therefore better to try on everything in the store).
  • If worn only in a horizontal position - it would be inconvenient if you lead an active lifestyle.
  • Choose a bandage on his ability and budget.
  • Excellent proven producers from Italy, Portugal, England.In Russia, popular product Fest brand.Among foreign known bandages for pregnant orlett.

If you are difficult to choose a similar product, then be guided only by their individual sensations - the main thing that you and your child feel comfortable and safe.

How to wear

bandages for pregnant women are divided into two types: the ones worn only in a horizontal position, others - can be worn both in supine position and in the standing.In the prone position, put on a bandage panties belt may consolidate and vertical.The main thing - correctly fasten fasteners (which is not always out to do without assistance).

right to wear a bandage will help guide where in pictures all described in detail, or you can view the video:

How to wear

If you properly put on a bandage, then wear it, you will be easy and no any discomfort this is notcause.The main thing that he was well fixed and firmly maintained the stomach.It is necessary every 3 hours to remove the belt for 20 minutes - 40 to give the muscles and skin to relax and breathe.You should also take care of the shroud - erase it, to not breed bacteria that can adversely affect your health.

Contraindications to wear

As such contraindications to the use of bandages for pregnant women - no.If the pregnancy is without complications, your gynecologist may not mention such a device.Want to try?Try the bandage.In the absence of unpleasant, uncomfortable feeling can buy it and use it.

Prices bandages for pregnant

pricing policy on bandages for pregnant depends on the manufacturer, and the type of manufacturing materials.Thus, imported tires (from Portugal, America, England) from well-known companies will cost you 800 - 2000 rubles, and domestic producers are in the zone within 500 rubles, but slightly inferior to them on the quality of materials and workmanship.

Choosing a bandage for pregnant women should not be guided by the principle "the more - the better."Sometimes expensive versions use artificial, synthetic materials, and the price of "growing" by design or color.Navigate need to naturalness and comfort.

If our information has helped you choose the band or you have your own experience with - leave your comments and feedback.