How to quickly clear the wall in the VC

personal pages on social networks sometimes resemble garbage dump (spam).How quickly release the wall in the VC of this stuff?

Almost every Internet user has a page on the social networking site VKontakte.Spam of the games, repost with citations, recording from friends, video and photos - all this is on your wall in countless.How to quickly clear the wall in the VC?

site itself does not involve the removal of this information with a single click of the mouse.To clear the page from spam, you'll have to step by step remove every unnecessary message with his own hands.

  • Point the cursor to the desired position.
  • In the upper right corner you can see a cross and pencil.To delete a message, use the cross.
  • Further, instead of the post on the wall of the VC, you will have a small window where it will be written that the message is deleted.
  • There you will be prompted to restore the message or send it to spam.You can use both functions until the first page is updated.

This method is very time consuming and it is suitable only to those users who have a lot of spare time and patience.But, such purification wall VC has its advantages - you delete only those positions that you really do not need.This is the main difference from the script methods.

Scripts Formal browsers

How quickly clean the wall in the VC through the Google Chrome browser?

  • To do this, you do not need any additional software.Just open your wall, you flip through it completely.You press the right mouse button and choose - Inspect Element.Then go to the tab - Concole.
  • If you have more than 530 posts, a figure you need to change and add to it 1.That is, if you put 3,000 messages 3001. If less posts, do not change anything.
  • insert messages: for (var i = 1; i
  • cleans walls Minus that cleared the wall of VC fully However, after complete removal, you can restore some of the messages, but to do so you still have to manually
  • ...

second way - Greasemonkey

This extension for Mozilla Firefox browser, it must be downloaded from the official site to use Greasemonkey to remove unnecessary VC posts, you need to write a perfect script can not do this by yourself, it is best not to use this program.

to master this extension will help you a video.

program vkbot

  • Visit the official script site-
  • download software.
  • enters into it, enter your data.
  • Choose a profile, and cleaning.
  • delete messages.

Vkbot simple and easy to use, does not depend on the browser.If you wish to have the opportunity again to restore messages even if you removed them in other ways.Everything is working.If you are afraid that if you use this program, your password theft VC may occur after cleaning the walls, remove the program and change your password.

Purification by VkOPT

  • Come on vkopt
  • choose - Download page.There has already been marked your browser, click install.
  • link to this page VC.On the side there is an additional tab vkopt and the wall.
  • To delete all the posts, choose: walls - action - clean page.All is ready.

This extension involves not only cleaning the walls, but also download various files and greatly simplifies the work in the social network VK.Look settings by clicking on vkopt side of the page.Select the options you need and use this set of scripts for fun.

Watch video instructions on using vkopt plugin.

Now you know how to quickly and easily clean the wall on his page VKontakte.Use from time to time most convenient for you the instructions so as not to turn the page in the landfill.