How to become a fairy

You like fluttering, charming, magical fairy who have miraculous power?Surely, secretly dream of becoming one of them, at least for a moment.We guessed?But this dream is real.There are ways to become a fairy, but you should seriously consider the rituals described and be very careful if you make up your mind to spend a magical rite.After all, fairies take to itself only those who sincerely believe in the magic.

Proven ways

If someone told the girl that fairies do not exist - it is seriously mistaken.The story describes many examples of ordinary people met the sorceress and even talked to them.About mysterious cases referred to in the books, they retold from generation to generation.If a girl will dare to turn into a witch, you should know that magic for reconversion does not exist.So think carefully before you apply the proposed methods.


Write on a piece of paper the phrase: "I want to be a fairy (and add what - earth, water, nature).Depending on what you choose, put the paper in the water,

a kiss and let in the wind, bury it in the ground.After that, you can not talk, otherwise the magic will not work, so lie down immediately to sleep.The next morning you wake up beautiful fairy.Just leave a window slightly open - so magical creatures will be able to fly into the room.


Are there any other ways to become a fairy?For the second method, you will need cool water.Take a bowl, a mirror, a candle and a sheet of colored paper.Bear in mind that the color of the paper should correspond to the one in which you want to turn into a fairy.For example, the sorceress love loves red and pink, nature - green, water - blue and blue.Light a candle and its flame set fire to the paper.Immediately put down the sheet in a bowl with water and reflected in a mirror.Then look itself in the mirror and say to himself: "I am a magician."Hold the wet sheet to a candle flame when the flame goes out immediately - you should be congratulated with the transformation into a fairy!


method for diabetes will need an empty bottle of perfume.Fill it with water, add a little liquid soap, three pinches of salt and the same amount of sugar.Then leave a jar with a magic solution to the windowsill, let stand up for two weeks.When time passes, every day should be throttled this miraculous solution, imagining transformed into a beautiful fairy.Three days later, the desire to be fulfilled, and there will be magic power!

How to become a fairy Winx

to turn into a fairy-tale witch, you need to become a good friend to the surrounding people, plants, animals.You can not swear much less fight, or fairy wings to be seen.Fairy - a force for good, do not forget about it.If during the month you will be able to fulfill this requirement, begin to prepare for the ritual transformation.Choose which specific fairy Winx you want to be.

  1. to turn into a Bloom - sorceress, which is subject to the magic of the Fire Dragon, you need to do a few simple steps.Take these items: a sheet of paper in red, black felt-tip pen or marker, a magnifying glass.Summer sunny day go to the nearest park (but do not go deep into the landing, fairies never expose themselves to danger), write on a piece of felt-tip pen his name and the words: "I become a fairy Bloom."Then with the help of a magnifying glass Lead ray of sun on paper and set fire to it.After a few days you will feel that has changed.
  2. to convert into a beautiful Stella, wielding the magic of the sun, moon and stars, perform a special ritual at the full moon.Bear in mind that it is necessary to make an ordinary day, not at night.Take a glass or a cup of dark color, fill with water and look into it.You should see his own reflection, and say: "I'm fine, Stella.I help the sun, moon and stars. "Then a few hours put a container of water on the window sill so that it fell in the moonlight, the sun's rays, stars.When the water will absorb their magic wash it.After completing the ritual correctly, you will become a full-fledged fairy.To become
  3. Flora, it is necessary to cooperate with the forces of nature.The ritual should be the first of March, when the witch was born.Prepare in advance a beautiful flowerpot green and earth.On that day plant the seeds of any plant that is like.Do not forget to take care of him, just watered, saying: "My assistants - the forces of nature."When will sprout, you should know that you have found the magic itself and become a fairy Flora.
  4. need to use the easiest to convert to spell Leila.You will naparnitsa fairies - Pixie Piff.Find a pillow with the image of butterflies.Going to bed, call the sorceress, which three times in a voice utter: "Pixie Piff, come.Get me Leyla help. "Go to sleep and wait, soon had a dream with Leila.In the morning, look at your reflection, if on the face otyschesh few sequins, one night wonders visited here.Congratulations, you've become a beautiful fairy!
  5. To become a sorceress named Muse, write a favorite song from the movie Winx.The box with the disc marker write: "Muse of (your name).I want to be a magician. "After that you need to drive to hang on a tree branch from the higher ground, and it will be gone in a few days.This means that the muse has visited here and took the message.Expect a speedy transformation, which will begin when you feel that you hear even the soft music.
  6. Become sorceress Techno you can do it, if you have as much knowledge.We'll have to spend effort to make friends with a computer and find the right component for the conversion - a little dust from the system unit.But it is not necessary to disassemble the father's computer, or crawl under the cover.Suitable only the dust collected on.It must be mixed with sequins and stored in a small box.When the weather is windy, go out to the balcony and dunuv this magic powder, developed it in the wind.Will you do the ritual properly, will become transformed into a computer fairy.Soon noticed that the play on the computer easier, you will thirst for knowledge, and school grades will be higher.
  7. How to become a fairy Roxy?Apply imagination, draw on a piece of paper invented by a dog or a cat.Let the figures will be believable.Then fasten drawing on the wall with the button or magnet to the fridge.Go for a walk, look out on the street like an animal.When you find, mentally say: "Thank you, Roxie, she heard me.I want to be on you like. "After a short time you will feel that it has become closer to the animals.

You already know how to become a fairy.Some methods for converting complex, but by doing it, is not difficult to gain magical powers.Do not break the rules and do exactly as it is written, then the forces of good will give you magical abilities.But remember, if you quarrel with someone or fight the magical power disappears, and it is necessary to begin the ritual again.

How to become a fairy water

This method of converting some of the other more difficult, but the most effective.Wait for the full moon, try to dismiss superfluous thoughts.You're smart, so do it!In advance, prepare a note with the name of the fairies, where you want to be.Then lower the paper into a glass filled with water, but become so that the moon reflected in the water.It is necessary to drink this water and go to bed.When morning comes, and the moon will replace the sun, you turn into a magical fairy.

How to become a fairy fire

If desired, you can become a fairy fire.It is necessary to go to the fire, and imagine that acquires the ability to glow.Mentally utter that you want to be a spark, try to feel it, but do not touch!If you feel uncomfortable by the fire, set fire to a candle and did the same beside her.Now you know how to become a beautiful fairy fire.

How to turn into a fairy with wings 1 second

wait until the parents will not be home, sit in front of a mirror.Carefully peered at his reflection and represents that already have magical powers.Whisper: "I - a fairy."Let to you will be based on some object color enchantress, who would like to become.A week after the ritual realm of beautiful winged fairies will take you into their ranks.

How to become a real fairy: Video

Becoming a fairy of snow and ice

How to become a fairy of snow and ice?Prepare magical essence: Mix in a beautiful jar pinch of ground, a pair of flower petals, a handful of snow and a little sugar to bring the sorceress.Touch the miraculous mixture of finger every night, without saying anything.Presents itself that a fairy, which you want to be.When will take place the night of the seventh day, the desire to be fulfilled.

Video: Watch how to become a fairy in real life

Can you become a witch?Only those who sincerely believes in miracles can feel them.Learn to see the magic in the most ordinary things, Dari joy to others, smile, speak kind words to others - it is necessary for each person.No magic rituals do not help you become a great magical creature until nuchishsya kindness.Magic is already in your hands.Right now begin to do good, to surprise others and to please parents.The video below will help you to become a beautiful fairy.