Fashion Phones 2016

Of course, as soon as we hear the phrase "fashion phone" Among those who came to mind - is the legendary Apple iPhone, satellite glamorous and modern.But we will not be limited to the most expensive and technically perfect, because the beauty of the world in its diversity, is not it?
Hardly anyone would argue with the assertion that the mobile phone - an integral component of the style, as well as any accessory.What distinguishes a trendy cell phone from his mediocre "neimidzhevyh" fellow?

From luxury to simplicity

When the choice in the market was small, was a defining indicator form factor: clamshell popularity in the early 2000s, when they were almost there, and the only substitute for rigorous monoblock, later fashion for sliders.Apart form
attention of all lovers of unusual tried to bring exclusive material body.So, in 2016 it is still quite successfully marketed trendy phones silver, aircraft-grade aluminum, with leather elements, rare wood, precious metals.

separate group of phones - models that have on themselves proud "branded" foreign brand.Phones, decorated in the style of cars (Ferrari, Porshe), or simply fashion brands (D & amp; G, Versace, Giorgio Armani) enjoyed unfading popularity.However, with the advent I had to move in 2007, the first iPhone this motley diversity: in the first days of sales smartphone broke all records, but the world is large on the iPhone has not converged devices, and progress does not stand still.

The paradox is that the need for a regular phone will not go away.This means that it's time to take a stand for ordinary cell phones.They are reliable, convenient and primitive (rather, their dignity).

But those who think that "simple" means "ordinary" or "cheap", is deeply mistaken.Confirmation of this, for example, John's Phone: the housing has an angular shape, resembling a box, at the upper end is a microscopic screen, and on the rear panel is a paper notebook (!).

worth it as the miracle is quite decent Samsung or Nokia with all the options.Unusually, right?

He is one!

If you do not want to change the usual phone to another, and the desire to stand out overwhelms you, add an irresistible touch of fashion to the old pipe.A small engraving will cost you a mere penny, but it will be wonderful to look at the glass or metal apparatus.

As a result, you get a unique thing, because in contrast to the "iPhone", your handset is one such, exists only in one copy.