How to get out of a deep depression alone

emotional state can affect not only behavior but also on the whole organism.For this reason it is particularly important to monitor their condition and take measures in time.Modern man is increasingly interested in the question of how to get out of a deep depression on their own and without the help of professionals when no longer do.To answer these questions, you need to understand what depression is and what methods to eliminate it there.

What is depression?

Depression - is a special condition of the person in which there is the realization that he did not need anyone.Exit from it rather difficult.For most people, there is sadness, apathy, fatigue, causeless anxiety.When aggravation of the doldrums, some people can go on suicide.

itself leads to depression, low self-esteem, a sign of weakness of character, and also changes the perception of the man of the world.Since this condition can be dangerous for the patient's life, it is important to understand quickly how to get out of depression.

Struggling with their own depressive state

begin to deal with depression alone is necessary to set the mood.Also it is necessary to establish the correct power system.There should be only what you want.This is half the battle.Vary your diet foods that help to cope with the problem.

Drinking coffee helps activate the processes that occur in the brain release of serotonin and dopamine.These substances contribute to the mood and contribute to the emergence of positive thoughts.If you are dieting, eat soy, to get out of the doldrums.

Substances contained in almonds, are involved in the production of serotonin and tryptophan processing.It has a lot of vitamin B6, activating the brain.The very same serotonin is produced under the influence of substances, which in large quantities contained in the cheese.

Orange has only one color is his optimistic mood and can relieve stress.Bananas are recommended to eat early in the morning that will provide you with vivacity and optimism for the whole day.The beans contain large amounts of folic acid, which has anti-depressant properties.The same applies to spinach.

But especially in terms of healing from depression proved popular chocolate.By drinking chocolate endorphins released.It is not that other, as the hormone of happiness.

next step in fighting depression alone will be the selection of compound exercises.Even light jogging in the morning will provide you a good mood.Sport simulates the work of all organs.Appears to realize that you will look attractive and as a result, formed self-esteem and increased self-esteem.Excess energy is still no one interfered.In his system of exercises you can use running, dancing, cycling, tennis, yoga, aerobics.

More often walk around in the fresh air.Find the points once again to get out into the fresh air.Try once a week, go on nature.Walk away from the highways and factories and always ventilate the room in which there is a long time.Think for yourself hobby and dedicate most of the time work.

Do not forget that you need to continue to live, and it is important to build a plan to improve their existence.Plan all the details: where to go tomorrow, what clothes you need to buy products or with whom you want to go for a walk, someone make a call.So your head is occupied with positive thoughts.

Try not to be alone, meet friends.During walks in anything does not deny, indulge yourself as long as the condition does not improve.Do not try to find the cause of what is happening, better think about how quickly to get out of depression.Smile more often.Smile and laugh infect others a good mood, which is sure to be passed to you.

out of depression helps restful sleep.For he must leave at least 7 hours per day.The only way the body can recover from the day's work and gather for the next activity.Look at the world around us optimistic.Eliminate the experiences associated with brutality of the world, and to make so that the memories were only joy.

Treating depression

If self-help methods do not beat depression, improve mood, it is necessary to address to the psychologist.In the initial stages of the doctor will talk with you, will determine the cause of the condition and make a conclusion about the methods of treatment.

First of all, you need to try to improve the state of health, to overcome insomnia and raise the spirits with herbs (valerian, Leonurus).You can try tools that will improve the functioning of the brain.This Siberian ginseng and ginseng.The increase will help to tone and adequate nutrition.

You may be able to visit some trainings or use alternative methods of treatment.Only in the absence of the effect of the doctor goes to medicines and pills for depression.

Tablet funds from depression

The most common treatments for depression - frenolon, trazodone and clomipramine.Actively used antidepressants.It is recommended to use the drug, which is not formed addictive.

Treatment with oral preparations is carried out under medical supervision.Use your own medicines banned - they have a large number of contraindications and side effects.In some cases, the course can lead to poor health, if you do not consult a doctor.

Types of Depression

There are several types of depression, depending on the reasons leading to this state:

  • Endogenous depression develops in certain diseases or manifest as a result of mental disorders.Always require medical intervention.
  • Postpartum depression is a form of misuse of mother with the child, apathy towards life.
  • Spring or circular depression - in most cases due to a lack of vitamins and substances that are responsible for the production of serotonin and dopamine.Treatable with proper diet.
  • Clinical depression is accompanied by a loss of meaning in life, loss of strength, as well as anxiety and nervous breakdowns.
  • Chronic depression is formed in the absence of any other form of treatment.It is accompanied by disturbances in the internal organs.Observed problems with stomach work intestine degrades skin and hair structure.
  • Alcohol depression is accompanied by changes in the perception of the world.Similarly, the state takes any breach caused by the action of toxic substances, drugs, nicotine.
  • neurotic depression develops after suffering stress.It is accompanied by tearfulness, apathy, self-pity.Similarly develop depression after a divorce or her husband's infidelity.

Tips psychologists

Defeat Depression is real, if you stick to the treatment regimen, and the recommendation of doctors.Maintain an active lifestyle, take your head only positive thoughts.Focus on self-development: invent for themselves a class, sign up for fitness, get a kitten.You simply will not have time to concentrate on the negative.

particularly important activity.Sitting at home, you will dooming themselves to a dead end, so try to go out every day for at least 15 minutes.Call, go to friends or relatives.You should always feel that people need.

House finds a lesson.Make a delicious salad, lift your spirits find recipes for it, go to the grocery store.After that you will be able to enjoy his culinary creations while watching pleasant and always cheerful film.

If you have a difficult situation immediately take action.Do not delve into thoughts, chase away negativity.If you lost a dear person for themselves, move for a while his photo to remember it often.Drink of soothing herbs or herbal pills.

Video: How to get out of depression?

Watch a video tutorial that will help you understand how to deal with depression itself.

How to identify predisposition to depression?

To understand whether you are depressed, go easy test.All existing methods are based on an assessment of the status and your relationship to the current situation.Create test, you can own.To do this, write on a piece of paper questions concerning your mood.Here are some examples:

  • Do you feel panic?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Do you worrying lack of appetite?
  • whether to change in recent times your weight?
  • Want to Do you cry?
  • Do you scream at those around you?

such issues you can write about 15-20.If half of the questions you answered yes, you have a higher risk of developing depression.Start to take steps to combat depression with which we have already decided.

Perhaps you have your own experience to get out of depression or a bright example among friends, share your opinion in the comments.Your advice will help someone cope with the problem and to save from rash acts.