How to become a vampire at home

How to become a vampire in the home care of many young people.Vampires have always attracted people with its mystery, unrecognized, and their capabilities.Due to the abundance of the screens movies about werewolves, vampires, zombies, and so on, in particular, the Twilight saga, many young people, inspired by the heroes of the film, also want to live the night life to be immortal Nosferatu and drink the blood of humans.

Life Vampire

Before becoming a modern Dracula, should be considered a feature of life these individuals and see if you are ready to make such sacrifices only to become a vampire.Each person before turning into a creature - waiting for death, that is, you must die, and then the body turns into a blood-sucker.Note that they do not need human food, everything, what they eat - it was blood.Since this is an immortal being that - do not experience emotions, they can not love, can not become attached to another person, so the vampires do not have any family relationship and int
eractions.Many young people dream about it, to radically change their lives.Of course, Hollywood films about vampires life Neskuchniy predict a life full of adventures and new acquaintances.In addition, each such picture of the protagonist vampire certainly there is a great companion, with whom he has a tempestuous passion and love.Accordingly, insecure teenagers, watching movies, believe that the only way out of their dull life can be just turning into a vampire.


Conditionally all vampires can be divided into two groups: those that feed on blood, and the so-called energy vampires.Also, there are those who are extremely bloodthirsty and may not be close to the people, and have a special ability to restrain their impulses, they are quieter.Energy bloodsuckers fit more closely to the choice of the victim, choosing itself as a "recharge" the talented person, clever.

Another way: via the bite

most faithful and effective way that appeals to the bloodsucker - it is to be bitten by a real vampire.To do this, we calculate the habitat of these creatures (such as the cemetery, looking for a fresh grave), and try to reach them.If you can convince one of these creatures, so much like to be one of them, then maybe they will accept in your group of another vampire.But anyone who knows at least a little about the life of bloodsuckers will understand that this is not so simple.The fact that they are by nature rather fastidious choice and his victim they fit very well.Therefore, weak-willed and weak-willed individuals are not interested in vampires as the object of food, not to mention the fact that in the future such a sacrifice to turn in members of their community.In this regard, the vampire will bite more healthy strong man in the prime of life, watching over your body and health than insecure whiner, pleading to turn himself into one of them.Before you go in search of vampires accumulation places, try to change yourself alone, that in the future you would than be interested in a possible vampire, and it was something to offer him.

How to become a ghoul now by curses

This method is considered to be not as effective, but also efficient.If you ever got very angry and hurt your loved one, this man with a heart can curse you.We cursed the person will no longer zalazhivaetsya life, he did not get, and then, perhaps, such a person gradually begins to move toward the vampire.

Some researchers of Slavic mythology claim that there is a certain group of people who by the nature destined to become the ghoul.
  • fifth boy in a row in the family, in which only the sons are born.
  • in this category includes children whose birth is not ruptured bag of waters, and they were born, as the saying goes in common, in a shirt.
  • well as in children who are born with teeth more likely to become a vampire, than anyone else.

strong desire

Remember, too, that all thoughts are material.Therefore, if very much want something, it is bound to happen.The only question is whether it will need you then.In the meantime, you just dream about, can try in real life and live reincarnated vampire life.Here are some tips for that:
  • necessary to restructure your daily routine, because vampires are awake at night and sleep during the day and hide from sunlight.
  • go outside on a sunny day, use sunscreen, the vampire must not be tanned.Conversely vampires differ morbid pallor, so powdered white face powder should be the basis of your daily makeup.
  • Remember that these bloodsuckers can not be overweight.All immortals seem overly lean and emaciated, and nothing in this surprising, because to get better at the same blood, it does not work.So if you have problems with excess weight, they immediately must be removed.
  • They never smile and having fun.Their eternal associates - is sadness, longing and reverie.
  • Change your wardrobe, now he should be composed exclusively of black gloomy things.
  • Vampires are no beds, they sleep and rest they are in their graves, so far as possible to throw his house bed and replace it with a coffin.
  • Watch movies about Dracula, read a variety of literature ( Levkievskaya EE "Vampire", Barber, Paul: Vampires, Burial and Death: Folklore and Reality ), to gain more knowledge aboutthe lives of those whom you want to be.
  • Finally, contact your dentist asking you to build real vampire fangs with which you in the future will be easier and more convenient to bite their victims.

In folklore states that vampires originated from bats, that way there was the first human infection.Vampires characterized by pale skin, they are not subject to disease, and they have no family.To kill the vampire you need to drive a stake through the chest, it cut off his head or take advantage of the cross of the church, the holy water.

Someone once said: "Fear of their desires, they tend to come true."So think more than once about whether you need this vampire life and this communion with otherworldly forces.It may be that much easier to realize themselves and their potential in real life, and learn to enjoy the ordinary things that surround you, and love live gay people who are close to you, something to dream about something unreal?