How to make video greetings

Standard presents stale.Create an original video greeting for a loved one, colleague or superior, using our guide!You'll see, they will be delighted with such a present.

How to make a video greeting?This question probably asked yourself many.The video or slideshow will be truly original present, in which were invested warmest thoughts, warm feelings and a lot of creativity.Create a beautiful video greeting is simple: you need to understand a little bit with your camera, your computer, and also to have something original, such as an idea or a script.

Ideas video greetings

If you choose to congratulate dear and loved one with the help of a video, try the following excellent and creative ideas.

perfect gift would be a video with tablets or a collage.To implement such an idea you need the participation of several people.Come up with a cheerful greeting and post it on the plates.Give these cards to each participant shooting.After installation, you will have the effect of dividing the scre

en for a maximum of four clips.

Why do not you try yourself in the profession of journalism and not to make a video greeting in the form of an interview?For example, ask family and friends birthday to answer the following questions: "How would they describe the hero of the festivities?", "What they love him?".The original and fun will be answers, the better.

If you are preparing a video birthday or any other holiday, design it as a biography, ie,show gradual maturing birthday.To carry out such an idea is much easier than it might seem at first glance.

use baby pictures of man, from infancy to the present day.The bigger picture is in the slide show, the better.Dilute photos music, reflecting each period of life birthday.Please classmates, teachers and fellow institute.Believe me, such a gift your loved one will never forget!

Continuing the theme of journalism in the form to video greetings as a news release.Tell us about an event such as a wedding, birthday or a declaration of love, how about an event of planetary scale.

Congratulating the child or the person who has the idol, show your wit.You will need to cut out some time from his favorite cartoon or music video, and then overdubbed the fragment.Thus an elementary way to easily achieve the effect, when your dear person congratulates pop star or a cartoon hero.

If you can at least somewhat in tune and do not hesitate to speak in front of the camera would be fun to sing any song known all over the world to an entirely new way.Who knows, maybe your song will be even better than the original?

video or slide show?

choosing between the two options congratulations, be guided not only its taste but also its strength.Note that to make a great slide show is much easier than to make a film.

for slideshows you need to process photographs, some files, such as a picture or card, the ability to work with special effects and the presence of at least a minimum of talent linker.

As regards the creation of the film, in which case you should at least be able to use the camera, select the desired angles, and learn to work special programs to the creation of the video ran smoothly.

But in that and in other case, technical aspects manages to master, but the lack of creative view of things, moods and fantasies can not be replaced by anything.

What programs will help to create an original gift?

In fact, there are plenty of programs that will help you make the perfect gift for a loved one with their own hands.

So if you have decided to try himself as clipmaker you keep the following tools to create video clips:

  • Sony Vegas Pro.This program encouraged users of the presence of Russian interface, as well as the simple and intuitive feature set despite the fact that belongs to the category of professional.Sony Vegas Pro allows you to edit and to carry out the installation of video and audio files.
  • Movie Maker.This free of charge software available for download and installation on your PC (test mode - 30 days).Russian interface is also present, and the Internet is easy to find a huge number of step by step instructions that tell about how to make video greetings.

For video editing you can get help, such as the free programs:

  • VirtualDubMod - by which is very easy to cut videos into pieces of desired size.
  • Blender3D, which allows you to convert video to 3D format.
  • SUPER ©, is perhaps the most versatile and user-friendly media converter, easy to use.

When creating a slide show are sure to help you the following programs:

  • Photo Slideshow - an excellent free program in Russian.It will transform the process of creating creative gifts in a fun activity.Simple and intuitive website where you can download the program contains a large number of instructions for working with it.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint - the most popular standard software on your PC to create stunning slideshows.Instructions detailing the entire process of creating a masterpiece, a huge amount to help in its development.

Create a video postcard in Movie Maker

Before you learn how to create movies, it is advisable to practice on something more simple.For example, to create a video card using the Movie Maker program.No special skills are not required for this purpose, the development of the program is available to any PC user.

  1. The first thing you need to choose the right music to your holiday.To do this, simply download your favorite song.Fortunately, the free sites with the possibility of missing.
  2. Select the photos or pictures suitable for celebrations.
  3. After the music and the images are ready, open the Windows Movie Maker program.In some systems a part of the set of standard programs.If your computer is it not - do not despair, the program is very easy to download and install.
  4. In Movie Maker, click "Import Media" (a button in the upper left corner of the program window) and upload files.Pay attention to the operation of Windows Movie Maker (in the bottom left corner of the label to be "Timeline").
  5. Click on the audio file and drag it to the "Sound and Music" at the bottom of the program.In the section "Video" drag and drop your photos or images in the sequence, which was conceived.
  6. you will need to set the optimum masterpiece for the duration of each frame.It must be done as follows: select the frame (picture or photo), wait until the red arrow and drag its borders to the left or the right.By doing so, you can either reduce the standard frame duration (5 seconds), or to increase it.
  7. If you think that the hero of the occasion deserves more, refer to the special effects (Menu-Service-effects).Vending effect of drag to the desired frame.
  8. Do not forget the "Storyboard" mode (in the category of "Transitions" menu).You need to drag and drop the transition icon and put it between the frames to the video card looked holistically and photos switched smoothly.
  9. If desired, add a caption at the end or at the beginning of the name of your little clip (category in the "Names and titles").
  10. sure to check out your masterpiece, and if you are satisfied, save the result.To do this, record a video in WMV (top of the window, select "File" and click "Publish Movie") format.

Step master class on creating video greetings for 1 minute, refer to the video.