How to choose a pillow for pregnant women

Pregnancy - a remarkable period when a woman acquires a rounded shape, nurturing a heart of a new life.This is a difficult process, because women who are expecting a child in need of maximum comfort, the quality of sleep at night.Growing belly often causes discomfort, due to which it is difficult to find a comfortable position.Here come to the aid special pillows, and becomes the main question - how to choose a pillow for pregnant women.

Forms pillows for pregnant

Manufacturers offer a wide variety of pillows for pregnant women, which differ in form, material used for "pillowcase" filler, as well as the price and the producer.Having come into the store, the future mom lost what products to choose form?Let's look at the advantages, disadvantages of species, we define - what form is best for pregnant women and how to choose the best product.


«bagel» allows you to conveniently get a pregnant woman, grasping, supporting the entire body.On a pillow to sleep comfortably at night,

read your favorite book or watch TV series.With it, any woman would be in a position to feel as comfortable as possible, because the pillow will support the lower back, abdomen, head.How does this kind of pillow, you can see in the photo below.

U - shaped

high demand cushion for pregnant women as a «U» the letter.You are going to buy it is not himself, but as a gift to girl friend, and you are haunted by the question, "how to choose a pillow for pregnant women"?Feel free to choose the product of this form - not lose.

This is a great option as well supports the growing belly, spine, back, tired from the stress.Turning the night (or during the day of rest), the pillow does not need to shift from one side to the other, it completely surrounds you.The product can be useful to you then, for example, for feeding the baby.

day you, too, can use the accessory by applying it on the couch while watching TV, talking with my friends, or surfing the Internet.

downside of this model is considered to be a large size and volume.It is hardly suitable for small-size bed.Think about this before you select it.

G - shaped

This model has some similarities with a pillow, made in the form of "bagel".It is considered a very convenient, popular, although went on sale recently.Use this accessory, you can relieve stress, fatigue, take a break from a long walk.

T - shaped

This pillow has a distinct advantage - does not take up much space, but its drawback is considered to be a constant rearrangement product when turning from one side to the other.It looks simple - like a long cylinder with a rounded tail.

I - shaped

simple version, which is a long roll.It will help to relax by taking a comfortable position during rest.It does not take up much space.


choose clothes and accessories for the mother (and child) is made from natural, hypoallergenic materials, rejecting synthetics peel.Filler - is no exception.How to choose a filler?First of all, check the product quality certificate, which you must provide in the store, ask the filler composition and fabric cushion.As a general rule, apply hollofayber or polystyrene, rarely used sintepon.

advantages of these fillers:

  • resistant to moisture, absorb odors;
  • not susceptible to microorganisms and mold;
  • not cause allergies;
  • erased in the machine;
  • retain their shape, regardless of folding options.


Hollofayber - small hollow fibers which are connected at high temperatures.The advantages of a pillow with beads hollofayber considered easy care of it, the ability to wash at home, and that it will last long.

Styrofoam Styrofoam - small balls with a diameter of 1 mm.Absolutely safe filler, it does not threaten the mold, mites, and other small organisms.Pillow for pregnant women, filled with this material, not springy and takes the contours of the body, making it possible to get comfortable.

Dimensions Dimensions pillows

pillows in most cases depend on the type of pillow.Here are the basic sizes:

  • «bagel" - dimensions are 300 × 35 cm;
  • U-shaped - 340 × 35 and 280 × 35 cm;
  • G-like - 300 × 35 cm;
  • D-like - length is usually 230 cm;
  • in «I» form - depending on the growth of the expectant mother may be 190 × 30 or 170 × 30 cm

How to choose the size of a pillow for pregnant women.?It should build on the size of the bed, growth, and women figures.

material covers

best option is considered to be natural cotton cover - it is pleasant to the body, does not cause allergic reactions and hygienic.You can choose the cover of calico or satin - but is you look closely at the fabric density, so that it does not permit the rubbish and dust to the "based on" the pillow.Please note, you should not slide on a cushion.

How to choose a coloring pillows for pregnant women?It all depends on the preferences and taste of the future mother.But it is not recommended to take too bright or causing - is better to choose something most suitable under the bed set.

should pay attention to the zipper that closes the case - it can be a zipper or Velcro.

cost price of accessories is also dependent on the shape of pillows and producer.Thus, U-shaped pillow and a product in the form of "Bagel" is sold at 3,000 rubles;the average cost of the product are in the form of a letter G;"Economy" option considered forms of "G" and «I».

Affordable pricing for similar products have established the company Theraline, Red Castle, «Fest", "BioSon" and Mothercare products and Farla will cost you a bit more expensive.

To save a little, try to make a pillow at home on their own.You will need to choose the material, design, and create a pattern simply and quickly.Therefore, if you want the object hand-made, nothing is impossible.See video masterclass to understand the principle of cutting and gathering a pillow:

How to use

How to choose and use a pillow for pregnant, a woman should decide on their own.To understand what are the options for the use of pillows how to do this, watch the video below:

Who else suitable cushion for pregnant

pillows for pregnant women - universal accessories that can come in handy and help women in the state, as well asother family members.This pillow is perfect for people who like to sleep in an embrace with a pillow or blanket.Accessory help relieve tension from the back of a man who worked all day for the good of the family.

provides an indispensable become like pillow for children, especially for the little ones, who are just starting to sit.Or for older kids, as entertainment.

If you ever use this object to select it, or you are willing to share their experiences from using it - leave your review or comment at the bottom of the page.