How to learn to write well

How to learn how to write beautiful handwriting, and even if you can all learn to write beautifully?It argued that the beautiful handwriting of the person is given by nature.And whoever wrote ugly and illegible in any way can not learn to write in a different way, he did not even recognize his own handwriting.In fact, in calligraphy, as well as in the other any business, success depends on regular exercise and an urgent desire.That's why your favorite website Sovets useful will tell you today about how to learn to write beautifully.

instruction, learning how to write beautifully

Step 1

simplest and most effective way to help you learn how to write well - is to train the correct spelling of each letter or symbol separately.Of course, it is quite time-consuming and complicated process, but the results are sure to please.Take a piece of paper and a pen and methodically prescribed one letter.Write until such time as you do not like it, how do you teach her to write.You may need to spend a l

eaf, and sometimes more than one, to finally write a beautiful letter.But it is such a class train beautiful handwriting.And so you should set each letter of the alphabet.

Step 2

You can use the method of first-graders.That is the usual prescription buy such for some children learn to write an elementary school.It is in these prescriptions prescribed all the letters as required by the rules of calligraphy.Step 3

Note also that the letter should be involved arm and shoulder, not the wrist, as many mistakenly do.It is the use arm muscles helps make handwriting a uniform, smooth and beautiful.Remember also that beautiful handwriting directly depends on your posture.If you write, bent double, you are unlikely to get beautiful letters in writing.When training calligraphic handwriting must sit with your back flat.

Step 4

You can start to practice writing letters in the air.Prescribe it for certain lines and outlines, and only after a workout image transfer from the air to the paper.According to experts, this exercise will help your letters on a sheet to make a more clear and smooth.Of course, at first it will be difficult to hold the elbow is constantly in tension.But over time, you get almost perfect handwriting.

And remember, only your wish and constant on calligraphy exercise will help you improve your writing and make it legible, smooth and beautiful.That's it, now you know how to improve your handwriting.

How to teach your child to write beautifully

accustom the baby to calligraphy can be a very early age - as soon as he will be able to take pen in hand.This is possible since the fifth year of life.Of course, writing pen such a young child is very difficult, so it is best to start with the letter a pencil.To begin with let the child try to outline figures paint sticks and a straight line.Anyone who has learned to write, knows that the first step is to learn how to properly and carefully write the elements of the letters, then to the letter as a whole, and only then words.

Step 1

First you need to teach a child to hold a pen.Classes with the baby to start with three or four years.Fine motor skills can be developed with the help of games with plasticine, cubes, pyramids, as well as colorings.Let the kid learns to shade the figures, drawings trace the contour.It is important to ensure that it is done accurately.You also need to ensure that the child took a pencil correctly - middle finger and thumb and forefinger should hold the pencil on top.

Step 2

After learning the skills to hold a pencil and a pen, you can begin to learn to write letters.Usually it begins with learning writing skills of printed letters.Familiarity with print gives the child a lot - it can read its surrounding inscriptions, books, and captions for pictures.A little getting used to in block letters, and learning to read, the child can begin to learn the capital letters.Step 3

start learning capital letters.Teach the child lowercase letters can be by means of special formulations in which the letters, as well as elements of the letters are indicated by dotted lines.Typically, at this stage, the child learns very willingly, because trace the letters for them - a pleasure.In addition to the letters, the child is invited to trace the outlines of patterns, geometric shapes, pictures, sticks, etc.After a while, the child will be able to easily write letters and lines without the dashes.

Step 4

After the child learning writing skills by using a pencil, you can start to learn writing with a fountain pen.According to some teachers, an ink pen is the key to generating a beautiful handwriting, and have the opportunity to correct the existing defects letters.

Step 5

start learning better with the letters on lined sheets, in the so-calledNotebooks in "oblique line".After the letter will be smooth, with the same slope, you can work out in the letter on clean sheets.If writing skill is mastered completely, the child is able to write exactly the same as lined, and the clean sheet.Exercise is necessary as long as the child is not the same as good writing lined, and the clean sheet.

Very effective following exercise.Let the child try to write the sentence "Eat more of these soft fresh French rolls, and then drink a cup of tea."This short sentence contains all the letters of the Russian alphabet.Let the child learns to write this sentence as the capital, and in block letters.Even if the child has already learned how to write well, to train in the letter need to constantly to avoid missing a skill, then even in the school your child will write an essay properly and beautiful lyrics.

Step 6

generating correct beautiful handwriting is largely dependent on how the child is sitting at the time of writing.Table or party desired height, a comfortable chair and proper lighting - a pledge of beautiful handwriting.We must also ensure correct posture - can not lean low over the notebook.Elbows should not hang off the table, and should be on it.

You must consider that some people write with his left hand, or if the child wrote to you unintelligible - a child's handwriting, do not scold him severely for it.Experienced people can write calligraphy - it's very good looking.Finally watch the video tutorial: