How to take pictures of the screen

explain some questions easier with the help of images.For example, using a computer screen shot.How to do it, having a computer at the level of the minimum required skills?

How to take a picture of the screen?This question will sooner or later asks themselves majority of PC users.Let's see how to do it the easiest way.

This need can occur if you are sure you can not formulate any problem for the service tech support or the programmer, which is far away from you.Agree, as an image problem will be much clearer than in the format of your inconsistent descriptions.It is worth
screen shot, if you need to prove something.For example, in correspondence or in addressing any important issues.

How to Photograph

monitor better learn how to make pictures of the monitor screen before they are needed urgently.Especially that perform such manipulations with the computer is not very difficult.In another image from the screen called "screenshots".

PrtScr key, which is necessary for creating screens

hots, located at the top right of the keyboard.To clipboard preserved picture of your screen, simply press PrtScr.Use the Alt + PrtScr, if you have multiple windows open, and you want to capture only the active window.

way to extract a picture from the clipboard

Editor Paint

After pressing the print screen button, open the Paint program.This simple image editor allows you to easily edit the captured images.Another undeniable plus Paint utility lies in the fact that it is completely free and included in the list of standard Windows operating system software.

  • To take full advantage of the program, open Paint.Make it very simple: go to Start, select the path Programs-Accessories-Paint.
  • Once the window is open at the top left, click on the button "Insert" or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V.As a result of simple manipulations in the main window Paint should see a screen shot.
  • To save the results achieved, in the upper left corner of the image editor, select the "File" button and click "Save" or "Save as".In the first case, the screenshot will need to look in the "Images" folder, and in the second, you can choose where it is more convenient to save the image.It remains only to give the file a name and assign JPEG format.
  • If you need to edit an image, take it in Paint before saving.

Photoshop and Word

These programs also help to remove the screenshot from the clipboard on the second stage of the answer to the question "how to photograph the screen."
If you choose to use Photoshop, open the program and create a new document.This requires a team that is implemented using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + N.Insert an image (by pressing Ctrl + V) and save it to JPEG.If you need to edit the image in Photoshop, use the additional features.

When you save the screenshot into Word procedure is identical to: create a new document, insert an image into it (Ctrl + V), reserve.The difference compared with the previous program is that your image is saved in the format of the document.doc also will not allow you to edit the screenshot.

Editing a photo in the program Microsoft Office Picture Manager

If stored in JPEG format you require screenshot editing, use simple and intuitive software Picture Manager.It is standard for the Windows operating system software to work with images.

  • Open the screenshot image in MO Picture Manager.To do this, place the cursor on the screen shot, press the right mouse button and select "Open with" - Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
  • To edit a photo open, use an impressive array of software functions, such as cropping, brightness changing, color, image size, etc.
  • After obtaining acceptable results, save the file using the already familiar to us action "Save" or "Save as".If you select "Save", an edited version of a picture takes the place of your source code.

Working in Picture Manager is easier than editing an image in Photoshop.When comparing photo editing capabilities in Picture Manager programs and Paint, the last of them is clearly losing the first.

Learn how to create screenshots you can see in the video.