How to classmates learn Invisibility

With the development of technology, social networks denser part of our lives, more and more drawing us into the virtual space.But we like to hang out for hours and days on the Internet, communicating with friends, sharing some information.Services offered by the developers of social networks is growing, today we will tell you about one of them.

Many users known site "Odnoklassniki" certainly know that the site provides a special service, which was called "Invisible."Paid service, and for the different countries, it has a different price.You can pay in several ways - the terminal, electronic purse, sms.Become unrecognizable, you can use the "Enable invisibility" button.After clicking it, you can see how, where and how much to pay.The service connects to the 10, 20, 30, 60 or 90 days, to enable or disable mode is endless.

How to recognize invisible

The main issue of concern to users is how to recognize and classmates secret guests.Let's find out how it works.By accessing someone else's

account at this time, under your photo is not blinking beacon "on the website," you do not appear as "Friends Online", and instead of your photos to see the standard picture.From the section "guests" such a picture is deleted after 30 days, it may disappear, if you go to someone else's profile is already in the usual way.So if you went to the site anonymously, and then once again, but this time as a normal user, in the category of "guests" iz-za failure pictures and the appearance of your photo, one can guess who was unrecognized visitors, especially if you have guestsit slightly.You also need to pay attention to the fact that it is impossible to enter the opponent's anonymous account closed (unless, of course, you are with this profile is not "Friends").Mode also allows the guest to visit the secret accounts of people, where it is in the "black list".

So, is there a reliable way to find the one who is hiding under such a status?If you close your account, and you came to visit someone anonymously, so that someone from the list of your "friends".If you open an account, learn visitor impossible.An exception may be a situation where a person in invisible mode appeared again in your "guests", but already in the usual way.In this case, in place of standard pictures secret visitor comes true picture "Guest."