How to Become a Notary Public

In law there are a lot of ways.One of them - a notarial deed.If you want to become a notary public, use this guide.

There is a man whose name was a notary whose signature can make a normal piece of paper a serious document.The people of this profession have a certain weight in society, working for the benefit of every citizen and they know all the legal subtleties that help them conduct complex cases.How to become a notary public, and understand all the privileges of the notarial deeds, we will understand more.

How to get an education

to become a great man in the world notarial issues need to get a proper education.But in fact such profession as a notary, is not present in our country's universities.Let's see why.

fact that the notary profession is based on the general legal knowledge.Occupation as such can be obtained starting from the third year of study on a standard law school.Besides, that's not all, the future of the notary and the employees need to be defined with a focus for it

s future work.It can be administrative, criminal or civil.In some universities there is an additional specialization - international law.

But above this does not mean that you will work in these areas.The choice of specialization - is the choice of more specialized courses.The direction of your profession will be determined during the site selection for an internship.So pay heed to this issue in the future.

Internships can take place both in private and in public notary offices.Special difference between them, except in the course of private practice, you will learn more entrepreneurial subtleties (payment of rent, registration fee, etc.).

What knowledge and skills are needed

To become a specialist in demand in the notary field, should be well versed in all areas of law, the more your knowledge about the intricacies and nuances of the system, the more qualified your candidacy.Some notaries operate only in certain areas, for example, questions of inheritance or execution of powers of attorney.But in most cases, such a profession requires competence in many areas.

main task worker notary sphere - to prevent civil disputes.If the past is still there, the notary must help to resolve them without bringing the situation to the court proceedings.Because of this, any employee of the notarial deeds should be responsible, honest, executive, stress and ability to hold in mind a lot of information.Knowledge of psychological nature.

Labour notary is constantly aligned with the skills and knowledge of investigators, lawyers, judges and so on.Have knowledge in all these areas is appreciated at the highest level.

How are notaries

first requirement, compliance with which is strictly - a Russian citizenship.The second - related skills.No notary's activity can not be in the absence of a diploma of higher legal education and training with a practicing notary.The minimum internship period is established the Chamber of Notaries and Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, it usually is 1 year.

Every notary must pass a qualifying exam.It allowed him to any person with a legal background.When a failed delivery, the next test can be assigned to only one year.It takes a set-off special commission attached to the university.Competition for a place is very big, so many future notaries take an exam in a few years.

Next, you need to take an oath and receive a license, which is issued within one month from the date of the exam.If after 3 years of notary practice, will not, by law, the license will be void.Qualification will need to re-confirm.

But even after all these manipulations, to become an employee of the notary business is not easy.The number of notaries is strictly limited, you need to pass the competition, which will take the vacant place in this area.And as the notarial deed - this profession prestigious and highly paid, all positions are usually occupied.

But do not worry, the main thing - it is the right motivation and persistence.If you will constantly improve their skills and expand knowledge base, you will achieve your goal.Competent specialists are always in price.

This video will help you understand the profession of notary.