How do you know that the guy likes you

How do you know that you like the guy, the issue under discussion between friends.Only hardly inexperienced girls will be able to give an accurate assessment of the behavior of Man.Sometimes ordinary politeness on the part of men, they tend to think of as tokens.When man learns phone, address women through mutual friends, it is impossible to explain the activity in two ways, his intentions are clear.But it also happens that say about their feelings interfere guy shyness, indecision, his love, he can be silent and a year or two.A woman "in focus" Man does not notice the love and treats him as a friend.How not to lose his fortune and time to understand that next to you is not just a friend, and a man in love, you know right now.

How do you know that the guy likes you by his behavior

Lover Man gives his behavior, the girl need to take a closer look in order to understand it.Behavioural motives depend on the age, character, and good breeding of Man.For example, teens tend to show their love
is not customary for an adult way.Constant ridicule against his lover, tugging his hair, frank flirting with another girl (in fairness it should be noted that this method is often used and quite mature men), and much more, which will draw attention to themselves.

Enamored guy is trying increasingly to catch the eye of the girl.The class and the audience - not in the bill, refers to the place in which it was strange to see a guy, for example, the library, the park, or "accidentally" on the street, at the bus stop (and so every day).If a guy is sympathetic girl, she can smile, a gesture, a friendly remark to make it clear to him that he is not indifferent to her, too.And maybe the next time an "accidental" meeting, he asked her out.

the seriousness of Man can be understood in the way it relates to the girl.It wakes up in a purely masculine qualities that nature gave him.He wants to take care of the girl, to protect and preserve it.Some girls without feeling empathy for the guy, these qualities are used for their own benefit.The girl is convenient when there are people who do it for a test, will run to the pharmacy, screw a light bulb, a vacuum cleaner repair.And if it does not complete egoist, she needs to ask himself: "Why does he do it?".Having dealt with his feelings and intentions with this question should refer to the guy.This will help him overcome shyness and talk about their feelings.

Pay attention to the behavior of the guy in the company.Prior to the meeting with you, he was known as a sociable, witty man, and now sits and says nothing?So he is not indifferent to you.See this help some women's tricks.Ask your girlfriend to watch the guy when you leave the room.If he held you for a long moment, and then continuously looked at the door, be sure that he likes you.Check his feelings are as follows: sit down beside him, and during the conversation, as if involuntarily, forced against his hand or foot.If he went on contact, which means you do not care about him.

Nonverbal communication may speak louder than words.During a call, it delays the look on the girl's face, or, on the contrary, self-consciously takes him aside, it speaks of his feelings for her.Loving people is usually repeated gestures and facial expressions of those who they like.Carefully look at the guy, if he follows your movements?About interest Man say his movements.He tries to get closer to the girl, stooping slightly to look into her eyes, will not turn our backs to it.

How do you know that you like the guy in his conversations

The fact that the guy is not indifferent to the girl, you can judge by his conversations.Openness in communication - a sure sign of sympathy for the girl.A man does not become the first counter to talk about his childhood, family.On a personal he will only talk to the girl he likes.In his testimony the girl should reciprocate and also talk about interesting cases of life, their hobbies, friends.If he will listen with interest to the stories of the girl and ask her questions along the way, then he is interested in it.People in love want to know more about each other, they are interested in everything - about the kindergarten, and about school, and about the first love, and about privacy.Such communication is possible only when meeting face-to-face.Among enamored guy can talk about anything or even be silent depending on the character.Do not be surprised if the guy all night talks about his successes in work, school, sports, numerous fans, who terminated his phone.Such boasting is caused only in order to show his girlfriend that he is the best, the most worthy.Girls-fan invented in order to get jealous of his chosen one.For these purposes, the guy openly flirts with other girls who are in the company.But interest in them is lost immediately when his girlfriend is leaving the company.

slightest change in the appearance of the girl will not escape from a careful look enamored guy.New blouse, hairstyle or makeup will not be ignored, if the guy is really in love with the girl.He will celebrate the change, make the girl a compliment, or just say, "What are you today an unusual".

Sometimes the feelings Man can prompt behavior of his friends.Men, no less than women like to talk about their personal friends.It is no wonder that friends before she learned of his sympathies.See this help friends reaction to the girl.If they smile warmly to her sly look at each other and openly considering a Woman, be sure they are "in the loop".

guy who just wants to seduce the girl because of sporting interest or simply a bet with friends, can use many of the methods described.Distinguish love with the guy from Playboy will only time.Give the guy understand that he, too, like you, but do not hurry "hard" approach with him (do not allow intimacy).If his intentions are pure, it will remain a woman, and they definitely will develop a great relationship.