How to drink rum

Rum to associate with pirates.But he was also drunk and in everyday life.If you are interested in how to use it, read on.

Rum belongs to the category of spirits.The raw material - sugar cane waste products, syrup from sugar cane and molasses, mixed in certain proportions, is fermented and distilled into rum raw.Absolutely transparent liquid is aged in oak barrels for 3-4 years and is bottled.The drink we went on sale recently, so, how to drink rum, known not for everyone.

Rum is produced mainly in the Caribbean, South and Central America and Cuba.Also a quality drink is made or produced in other countries - Australia, the Soviet Union.Among the famous brands of the present brands such as "Captain Morgan" (Barbados, bottling United Kingdom), "Bacardi", "Havana Club" (Puerto Rico), "Ron Varadero", "Havana Club" (Cuba), "Ron Rico", "Old Pascas" (Trinidad and Tobago), "Malecon" (Panama), as well as a number of other brands.

Classification Roma

In every country in which the rum is a traditi

onal drink has its own classification and the manner of its use.Often alcohol is classified by color, the fortress and endurance.There are three main categories of spirits in color - white (clear), amber (golden, honey) and dark.The color has a certain dependence on the exposure.Thus, the white liquor is aged 8-12 months, amber - from 2 to 5 years, dark - 5 or more years.

Fortress beverage varieties also varies significantly - from 25% to 70% of the content of pure alcohol.Alcohol Production Colombia is the fortress at least 50%, Venezuela - 40%.In the US, demand is a good rum liqueur with reduced strength and increased sugar content.In Europe, there are following types of rum:

  • Light - Transparent drink with a small delay.Taste is poorly expressed, is used mainly as a component of cocktails.
  • Amber - drink an average exposure (2-4 years) with a pronounced flavor and aroma.Color Alcohol gives a long aging in oak barrels, and the addition of spices and caramel.
  • Dark - a drink with an exposure of 5 years or more.It has a unique rich flavor with hints of caramel and molasses.The characteristic color of alcohol takes on as a result of long aging in oak barrels, the inner surface of which is exposed to fire (charred).
  • Strong - the fortress is 50% or more.It used as undiluted, or in combination with other ingredients.
  • Flavored - a part of this type of rum include fruit flavors of tropical fruits.It is used both undiluted as well as a component for cocktails.
  • Elite, having a long exposure (over 5 years) - a drink with luxurious taste and aroma.

How to drink rum: general rules

In ancient times, the rum was a drink of pirates, who did not hesitate to have used it right "from the throat" of the bottle.This custom is preserved to our times - some rock stars do not hesitate to drink "pirate" alcohol "from the throat" chat live.This manner of beverage consumption can not be regarded as a reference, but in the aristocratic circles has remained similar manner drinking.

order to feel involved in the aristocracy, it is necessary to buy a small silver flask capacity and tiny glasses of the same material.Rum, infused in a silver container, acquires a special taste.Drink from a flask made to entertain friends, acquaintances or business partners during meetings or walks on air.If binge friends refuse will not be bad manners alone from time to time "applied" to the flask.

But most of the alcohol consumed in the traditional way - from glasses, wine glasses or wine glasses.Suitable any thick-walled glass.Glass is filled by two thirds and the contents consumed several visits - 1-2 throats, drinking in one fell swoop is not accepted.Glass need to hold in your hand, warming her with his warmth.Generally cooled rum or drink (except for cocktails) - it should be at room temperature.A glass of ice and lemon is added - a drink is drunk from glasses in a pure form.

Except of glasses, drinking rum from a thin-walled glasses high and wide wine glasses without adding ice and lemon.Wine glasses and wine glasses made to fill one-third.Thin vessel walls better transfer heat to the hands, warming drink.Cocktails and punches are served in thick glasses with ice, lemon, ornaments.

How to drink white rum

drink this drink varieties are not accepted in its pure form - it is intended for use in cocktails and punches.

How to drink rum amber beverage

This variety has a distinctive taste, so it is necessary to drink in its purest form.Cooling it does not need - a warm caramel flavor will be ruined.Amber rum is used in combination with ice, fruit, cola, snacks of low-fat meats, cheese.

How to drink black rum

Black beverage grade has a pronounced taste and flavor, do not mix it with other components, you need to experience all of its excellent taste.Black rum goes well with hot coffee, chocolate, tobacco and good cigars.For starters used fruit - papaya, cherry, orange.Cool drink or ice is not recommended to add.

How to drink rum

In its pure form.Lovers of high-quality alcoholic beverages prefer this method of use.As an aperitif drink served in a glass with thick walls.Also it is consumed after eating.Since the beverage strength is high enough, the amount of rum consumed in pure form, should not exceed 150-200 grams.Then taste buds no longer feel its true taste.The drink made relish, sipping one sip.

With ice.Adding ice to a drink like the fair half of mankind, in this case, its strength decreases slightly.Very cool rum is not accepted, it should be warm, then it will feel its true taste.

in cocktails.The drink is used for the preparation of cocktails.For mixing with the other components used white rum, specifically for this purpose.This kind of drink has restrained taste and aroma, and will not be abruptly released his taste in cocktails.

Coke.We should also mention the cocktail with cola.Especially popular cocktail "Cuba Libre" - the ratio of alcohol and cola 1 to 2.

with juice or water.Another famous worldwide consumer version - mixing with fresh juices or Frechet.As used ingredient of lemon juice, orange or coconut milk.

Malibu.Under this name means a cocktail of rum, cream and other ingredients.Cocktail is used as an aperitif.

How to drink rum «Bacardi»

Proper intake of Roma depends on the its varieties, of which there are many.

  • "Superior" - of a sort of clear rum, used for the preparation of cocktails.In its pure form it is not accepted to use.
  • "Reserva" - refers to amber varieties.Extract - 5 years, 40% of the fortress.This "classic" brand.Drink in pure form, sometimes with the addition of lemon and ice.There are also some options with the variety of cocktails.
  • "Black" - a dark sort of alcohol.It is preferable to use it in its pure form, it is sometimes mixed with cola or fresh.
  • "Bacardi 151" - very strong (75.5% alcohol) drink for tough men.Those who have such a fortress seems excessive, it is diluted with cola or fresh.
  • "Gold" - golden rum, a beverage extract is 2 years and more.It is used in pure form and, together with juices or colas.
  • "Mojito", "Daiquiri", "Pina Colada" - ready-made cocktails based on rum Superior.
  • 1873 Solera - Amber variety delayed by 3 years.It is used in pure form.
  • "Anejo" - an elite cultivar delayed by 6 years.It is used only in its pure form.

How to drink rum "Captain Morgan»

brand "Captain Morgan" produces several varieties of alcohol, consumption of each variety has its own characteristics.

  • "Captain Morgan Silver Spiced" - a clear rum, is used exclusively for the preparation of cocktails.Feature: pure alcohol content - 35%.
  • "Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold" - light golden variety with hints of vanilla and exotic spices.It is drunk mainly in its pure form, as well as with cola, ice and fresh.
  • "Captain Morgan 100 Proof Spiced" - a strong (50% of the content of pure alcohol) grade with a taste of vanilla and tropical fruits.Is used in its pure form, it is sometimes included in the cocktails.
  • "Captain Morgan Black" - a unique black blended grade, designed for 3-5 years.The drink should be consumed in its pure form, as permitted consumption with ice and lemon.
  • "Captain Morgan Tattoo" - a special kind, designed for lovers of good rum tart.Drunk extremely neat.

After reviewing all the wisdom of the Roma the proper use, you naturally will be enrolled in any party where the alcohol is respected.