How to hang a horseshoe over the door

Not only in ancient times believed that charms possess magical powers.Today, in order to preserve the harmony and happiness in the house over the door hung a horseshoe.How correctly to do this is to bring good luck?

Since ancient times was considered a kind of horseshoe talisman talisman.It is believed that hung over the front metal door talisman to bring good luck and happiness, protects the house from evil spirits, misfortunes and troubles.But how to hang a horseshoe over the door, they do not know everything.

This belief about the successful discovery

tale that found horseshoe brings happiness and success, come to us from ancient Egypt.Then, in the days of the Pharaohs horses shod hoof products from gold.Sometimes that whiz through the streets of the city, the horse of Pharaoh crew lost a shoe.A local resident, found such a precious discovery, getting rich, and with prosperity came to success in business, happiness.

In countries with well-developed horse breeding particularly valuab

le discovery was considered a horseshoe with the hind legs stallion.Even if a person is not inclined to believe in superstitions, he took home the find out of respect for the horses, but also because of the reverent attitude toward them.

In modern times no one shoeing their horses with gold, but still found a metal horseshoe was still becoming a talisman for its owner, a symbol of change rather well.This tradition was adopted, many nations meet Ward nailed over the front door can be in homes around the world.

How to hang a horseshoe - User:

  1. According to the Oriental teachings of Feng Shui, it should be nailed over the front door up branches.Thus, it creates a semblance of a full bowl, which is filled with success and not let the positive out of the house.As a result, all of the positive energy will accumulate and accumulate in the housing.According to the principle of "horns up" hung a talisman in Russia.
  2. As for the height, at which place nailed a talisman, it is individual to each nation.Italians prefer to beat Ward at such a height that leaving home in the morning, to touch it by hand.This ritual supposedly brings success for the whole day ahead.Mexicans, on the other hand, hang the product on the height to which no one could get to someone else's hand accidentally touched home a talisman and not violated its energetic force.
  3. Another option mounting - ends down.In this position, the product is recommended to fix the outside of the home or over the gate.Talisman will protect the home from evil spirits and intruders.
  4. Attach a horseshoe over the door must be the owner of the house together with the hostess.We need a positive attitude, think about the good, the successes in affairs and secret desires.
  5. horseshoe nailed only one nail.Keep close to the place of its location was not in the other hammer a nail.

If the shoe does not appear in your way, it can, for example, forged to order.And with good intentions hang over the front door of the house, or even your own shop.