Civil marriage - for and against

With the concept of "civil marriage" we are all more common in today's society.It inherits the European form relationships and treated as people of different sexes living together in one living space, built on love and the oral agreement.Psychologists pay much attention to this type of marriage, argue and dispute its advantages and disadvantages.What arguments has a civil marriage pros and cons?Bad or good to live in a civil marriage?

majority of women living in a civil marriage, consider that they are married.Men who have such a relationship, consider themselves to be blank.Here's how to share the view of men and women in this matter.Men want to stay longer free, without burdening the knot.While women prefer the stability and social security.What are the arguments of civil marriage for and against each side expresses?

argument for civil marriage

As such, the relationship has many advantages:

  1. Cohabitation allows you to "get used" and get to know each other.Indeed, during the period of candy bu
    ketnogo meetings each couple wants to please his partner, showing only the dignity and hide flaws.
  2. negative aspects of personality begin to emerge during the period of cohabitation.And loved one can not justify your expectations.A little after living in a civil union, you can learn the elect and decide the best way - is to communicate with them their lives or to leave better.
  3. Many couples delay a decision about what to do next, getting stuck in a marriage.Psychologists have calculated that the "critical age" civil marriage is four years.After this time, it is necessary to solve something.
  4. Many young people feel that their love is stronger than if they remain unmarried.Their relationship - equal and free.That is, they are together for love, and not because they share a household, children and other reasons, connecting people who are married.There is a possibility to leave at any time, without wasting time on paper questions.
  5. If the relationship failed, without the benefit of marriage painting is that it is not necessary to divide the property between themselves, experiencing additional stress and frustration.
  6. Some couples so save your budget, not wanting to spend money on a celebration, and putting them in a more practical things.

argument against civil marriage

Along with the advantages, there are disadvantages of cohabitation without marriage certificate:

  • All the girls want to wear a wedding dress and have an official status.But if a young person is not going in the near future to make an offer, and she continues to live in illusions, having this kind of marriage.This gives rise to scandals, both domestic and sexual level of girls and uncertainty in itself.
  • Brought up on moral principles of the Soviet period, parents and the older generation can condemn such attitudes and did not take them.Result - conflicts and disagreements with loved ones.
  • legally married as a woman and a man feel more confident.This is especially true of boys.At the official husband, as a rule, there is a feeling of responsibility for his wife and family, only when there is a stamp in the passport.

  • If you have children, to break the relationship of man to achieve maintenance will be easier, being legally married.Civil marriage does not impose any obligation on it and on the maintenance of registration procedures will need more time and effort.
  • man who can not be solved for a long time to make a proposal to his beloved, not sure he wanted to live with her all her life.In most cases, it is still eyeing his partner and is in search of.
  • Being in a marriage for a long time, relations are becoming obsolete, and people become interested together.There comes a time when it is required for further development and the transition to a new stage.

More about civil marriage is told in this video:

joint property

Civil marriage is a marriage only in words.Legally, it is in no way fixed.In most cases, the partners believe that it will end the wedding and to share with one another will have nothing.It is simply a co-existence, and the division of property can not be made, even if it's all been acquired by both partners.Law and Family Code does not provide for such a partition, if it is recorded on one of the cohabitants.

should behave reasonably, living in such a marriage, and did not execute all the property to one of the cohabitants.As in the case of a partition, all will go to those on whom it is drawn up.

Yet in judicial practice is the way that allows to divide the marital property between the two sides, even if the woman - a homemaker.To do this, the claim is made, in which to:

  • describe in detail all about living together and conduct joint management;
  • specify the relevant documents and persons who can confirm the purchase of valuable things at your residence together;
  • specify the property that you consider jointly acquired, persons and documents proving it.

procedure will take several months, but can lead to positive results, and you will judge its share of the former common-law partner.

child cohabiting

If a child is born into a family where the parents do not have a stamp in the passport, with registration of the newborn special difficulties arise.Information about the parents are entered in the medical certificate is still in the hospital.And if Daddy newly confirmed his paternity, then write its data in the appropriate box.

After that the parents within one month provide this certificate together with their passports to the registrar, where they are given the child's birth certificate.Men need to write a statement of paternity.But do not forget - the birth of a child is not a reason to drag a favorite to the registrar.It can and it does not mind.


By law, child support from men are collected, regardless of whether a passport stamp of official registration of marriage with a woman (if it is confirmed the paternity and the child is recorded onthe name of a man).Upon confirmation of this fact is the child automatically becomes the heir and receives the appropriate rights.

woman has the right to go to court with a claim for alimony, even if they are not divorced.In this procedure it spends more time than if the marriage was between a mother and a father.But agreeing amicably and concluding an agreement on the payment of alimony, notarized, the court is not necessary and handle.

ratio Church

The term "civil marriage" - a registered union.In recent years, this phrase has a different application.Such registered Union Church respects and regards it as a full-fledged family.A kind of relationship, which is now referred to this phrase, the Church does not recognize, said the prodigal cohabitation and sin.

From her point of view, the basis of such a marriage is distrust and uncertainty, and the relationship must be based only on love.This calculation, in which there is no place for love and understanding.People and remain strangers to each other.The priests say they can not end good that began with sin, and can not admit to the communion of people who have such a relationship.

Sociological studies of civil marriage, statistics

The study of civil marriage is not confined to psychologists and sociologists.As a result of their questioning and experimentation, there was a trend increase in the number of such unions at the present stage.According to studies, these relationships are typical for people under thirty years of age.An interesting position of both sides, living in the marriage to the official registration:

  • 19% of women are going to register a marriage compulsory, even in the absence of pregnancy.
  • 30% - categorically refused to change their status, if not expecting a baby.
  • 5,2% - are going to do it if get pregnant.
  • 3% - are willing to register their marriage, give birth if the child.
  • men are from these surveys prefer to abstain.

Half of the respondents, regardless of gender, believe that the law of marriage must necessarily be preceded by cohabitation.41% believe that this is possible only after registration.The reasons for the popularity of such a union, you can see in the photo.

Whatever opinions are not expressed psychologists, church, society - how to live and how to build their relationship to you.Relationships built on trust, understanding and love will be strong in any case, regardless of whether they are legally secured or not.

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