How to disable all paid services MTS

MTS, as well as all other mobile operators have paid a lot of options that can be connected by default to every user.It is not always about this caller informed and sometimes did not even have time to replenish their account, without knowing why leave money with him.But the fact that these same additional applications are not cheap subscription fee and the user learn the truth, begin to think about the fact, and not whether or not to change the operator.To not come to this - just disable all paid services MTS and your balance will not suffer from the endless costs.

How do I know which services are connected

Before you try something disconnect, it is important to know what specifically connected MTS additional company applications that subscribers never uses, but regularlyIt pays for them.There are several simple methods.Next, check out how to check what commercial services on the MTS are connected to your phone:

  • Try to ask a question test MTS paid services to the operator hotline, t
    yping on his mobile number: 0890.
  • can cause personal visit your nearestcompany and contact one of the employees of the center.Here you may be required to present a passport, then you get all the necessary information.
  • One of the fastest ways to learn and operating independently - a message with a specific content to the number 8111. In case the subscriber sends the message to one (1), then get the complete list of paid services that are connected to his phone, and if a zero (0)- free.If the message text will be absent altogether, he will receive comprehensive information about all services completely, which enjoys.
  • Use the simple combination of the following keys on your mobile device: * 152 * 2 # call button plus.
  • possible to use an online resource through which is necessary to go to the official website of the company (mts. Ru).Here, look for the option "Internet Assistant", which may be found in the following order: in the tab "Facilities and services" go to "Service Management".The screen will show you all the apps that are connected to your phone.

codes to disconnect from paid services MTS

When the user has received and read the complete list of paid services MTS - you can immediately proceed to suppress all unwanted services.It is necessary to carefully examine each item to not inadvertently remove that option, which is often used by the subscriber, for example, access to the Internet.Next, check out a detailed list of codes that tell you how to disable the paid services at MTS yourself:

  • Disabling paid service definition number that is calling you ( "ANI") - type on the phone keypad the following figures: 21130, send the call.
  • If you have a feature called "Who Called" - dial 211 410 paid and details of all incoming calls while your phone is out of range, will be canceled.
  • Dial to dial your mobile * 111 * 868 #, plus give a call to turn off the "Call free on 100 MTS Russia".
  • The ability to communicate with several people on the phone at the same time hiding under the title "Conference Call."If it is absolutely useless to you - enter 21150.
  • refuse options "Everywhere at home", that provides a favorable tariff (3 rubles per minute) for long-distance calls within Russia, you must dial 21500.
  • service "Favorite number", thankswherein the selected number, the user can send SMS, MMS, calls with 50% pay, to cancel the dialing 21410.
  • Disable high-speed Internet across Russia with unlimited access ( "Super bit») - 2520.
  • Off "call Forwarding" canthanks to a combination of numbers: 2110.
  • providing daily weather forecast disconnect dialing 4751.
  • use communication function with a negative balance to -300 rubles ( "In full trust") disables code 21180.
  • If you do not need the option of free international calls( "Zero without borders"), then remove it by using the number 330.
  • Another paid service that blocks unwanted calls and messages to your room ( "blacklist") is turned off by means of the key: * 111 * 442 * 2#
  • if you type on your mobile * 999 * 0 * 1 #, then give up the mobile TV.
  • USSD-command * 111 * 1 212 * 2 # disable a service called "News".
  • code * 111 * 4752 # will make it possible to abandon the paid app, called "Horoscope".
  • If you are interested in off MTS paid services - simply dial * 152 * 2 # and press the call button.

How to deactivate the service "Beep»

application titled "Beep" - this is an additional service that turns off the traditional call dial tone when calling you any subscriber, instead of whathe hears the melody you selected.Its price is about 50 rubles and lasts one month.And then back to you will need to pay to play your favorite music, otherwise the operator will put your music instead of any other, but the beeps will still be disabled.Below, learn a few ways in which it will be possible to deactivate the service dial tone.

  • Dial on a mobile combination of digits - * 111 * 29 # and call key.
  • Go to the official website - and disable applications, using the Dashboard.
  • in your mobile free application works "MTS Service" - go back and follow these recommendations, turn off "Beep".

Other ways to disable a subscription tariff Super MTS

Tariff Super MTS package contains a lot of paid apps, which are gradually activated without the user's demand or are paid over time.If you choose to disable such options, but the above methods do not help, there are several viable options that will help to successfully switch off once and forever beating afford useless services.Discover ways below:

  • To delete from the list of "BIT Smart» service, enter the following code: * 111 * 8649 # and the call button.
  • Disable "Superb Smart», use cipher * 111 * 8650 #, plus the call.
  • Remove "MINIB", dial * 111 * 62 #, give a call, and then press 1.
  • GOOD'OK and "Music Box" are disabled with the help of USSD-code * 111 * 29 #.
  • application that provides information, who the caller when the phone has been switched off ( "Called") is turned off, thanks to the code * 111 * 38 #.
  • Delete "News" that endlessly float on the screen: * 111 * 1 212 * 2 #.Or more reliable method: delete all incoming messages using the phone menu.To do so, MTS Services - MTS News - obtained.In the same menu in the settings MTS news get an extra tab "broadcasting" and put a sign in front of shut down.

Using Personal Area - service "Internet Assistant»

If you want to always be aware of which applications are connected at this point to your number, use the personaloffice.To do this, go to the website of MTS:, on top of that page find the button "My Account".You will have to register to get a password to access and use its Internet Assistant.Here you will always have the ability to constantly monitor what new services and joined recently as unnecessary to remove them, like all the other unnecessary.This can be done by using the key "Delete" next to each option.

Call operator support

clock support service MTS subscribers will certainly help you in any matter, including the shutdown of a service.To do this, simply dial a short number 0890 and follow the voice mailbox.When the operator picks up the phone, explain the purpose of your treatment.You will have to answer a few test questions to help verify your identity, and then the operator will remove any objectionable option you want without any problems.After a while, most likely, will receive a message notifying you about how to disable a particular application.

Visit MTS Russia office

You can always visit your nearest MTS Russian staff will certainly help you in the decision of a question, but first you have to prove their identity using a passport.Here you will not only turn off unnecessary applications, but to figure out which ones are important to you and should not be removed.In addition, you can submit any claim to the operator in writing.If it turns out that the company was wrong - you are entitled to claim compensation for damages imposed without your consent services.