How to transfer money to WebMoney QIWI

Electronic money - our present and future, and so it is important to learn how to work with them.If you have to deal with systems QIWI and WebMoney, here's a step by step instructions on how to transfer money from one system to another.

In this age of internet money are becoming more popular every day.They pay for mobile communications, online shopping, software, games, and even pay the debt for utility services.Electronic purses are popular in many countries, which in turn facilitates the trading process through the Internet.Since different sites work with different payment systems, sometimes it is necessary to do the conversion of money.Let's look at how to transfer money to QIWI WebMoney?Earlier, we told how to create kiwi purse.

binding to WebMoney QIWI

to share resources between the two payment systems, their purses ruble need to bind to each other.The binding process can be performed either through the official website of WM, and on QIWI website.After linking, you can exchange t

he tools in both systems, taking into account the commission of 3%.

How to withdraw money on QIWI WebMoney: step by step instructions

If you need to transfer the money once, go to your QIWI Wallet.On the left you will see the "Providers" section.Find WebMoney and click on it.

Attention!Transfer fee is 5%.The minimum amount for the exchange of the ruble is 2, maximum 14 999 rubles.Translation is carried out within 2 hours.

Enter the desired amount, then reduce the amount given commission appears.In the following line copy or dial manually currency purse, together with the letter R. Then click "pay".Open the window to confirm the information you entered.Confirm it, if you are correct.

for a few seconds on your phone, which is registered in the system will receive an SMS confirmation.Now enter the code in the box to confirm and click "confirm".After a few minutes (sometimes there are delays of up to 2 hours), the money will be credited to your account.

More information about the translation process, see the video.

WM Replenishment of electronic purse via QIWI

terminal is one of the best ways of payment, due to the fact that the means for charging the commission is only 2%.To update your account you need to sign in to your personal account and register.To do this, select the tab "loan repayments", follow the instructions and wait for the confirmation code sent to your phone.SMS processing can be done in 1 day, and so you have to visit the terminal 2 times.

After receiving the code, you can log in as a registered user.Enter the number and PIN.Again, select the tab "loan repayments", hereinafter - the "electronic payments┬╗, WebMoney.Dial your ruble account, enter a comment.Select your payment and enter the desired amount.Click on "cash" and send money to the terminal.

If you've never done the operation with the help of QIWI, look closely at the video below terminal.At the end of any operation do not forget to log out.